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Quacker Factory Queen Ties The Knot

November 21, 2015

Congrats to Angel Smedley, the face of Quacker Factory on QVC, on her nuptials Friday to her beau Glen.

Smedley, a former QVC model until she took over Jeanne Bice’s role after her tragic demise, looked stunning in a flouncy, layered gown by Dennis Basso, a QVC vendor.


The female members of the wedding party wore black, which we thought was an unusual choice, but what the heck.

Smedley, who recently said she had lost weight and went down from a 1X to a large, looked lovely. There are loads of great photos of the nuptials and festivities on her Facebook page. Congrats to her and her new hubby.

QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t

September 16, 2014

We’ve been so busy at our day job, and covering the sad passing of Joan Rivers, that we hadn’t seen QVC’s “Courtney Says I Do” promotion.

We know people will disagree with us, but we find it a tad tacky to be discussing every detail of your impending nuptials the way host Courtney Cason is.

But then again, if the deal included getting our wedding dress designed by Mark Zunino, maybe we would change our tune.

The wedding is this Saturday, by the way. And Cason’s groom-to-be is adorable.

Here is what she blogged on last week:

I can’t believe my wedding is just one week away. It’s weird to even type that out. It’s crazy to think that almost a year ago I wasn’t sure that I was going to be engaged anytime soon. Now it’s full on crunch time to marry the man of my dreams!

As an ex-QVC host pointed out, it’s a little risky to promote a host’s wedding. What if the marriage goes sour?

You may recall when then-QVC host Judy Crowell wed a fellow host, whose names escapes us now. It was a very short marriage, let’s put it that way.

We’re glad Crowell finally found the man of HER dreams, fellow QVC alum Paul Deasy (now on SHopHQ).

We also remember when one of our favorite bloggers wrote a lot about her coming fancy wedding to “Mr. Wonderful,” as she called him. Two years later, she was blogging about going on a date.

Needless to say, all her readers were asking her what the heck was up. She sounded a bit annoyed when she explained that she and Mr. Wonderful had divorced, and would people stop asking about her personal life.

Girlfriend, when you put your personal life out there, people are going to ask about it.

Any way, best of luck, Courtney. Seriously, God bless.

QVC Host Shawn Killinger Married Beau Joe Today

April 14, 2013

QVC host Shawn Killinger tied the knot today with her beau Joe.

At least, that’s the word on Facebook. Shawn has certainly created her own brand and persona on QVC, we’ll give that to her.

Shawn Killinger getting ready for her nuptials

Shawn Killinger getting ready for her nuptials

She posted a photo on Facebook of her getting her hair teased for the big shindig. We wonder if Isaac Mizrahi gave her away.

Anyway, best wishes to her and her new hubby.

After Allegedly Jilting His Bride, HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Spotted ‘Sucking Face’ With Leggy Chick, New York Post’s Page Six Spy Says

November 23, 2009

The New York Post’s Page Six must have someone tailing HSN celebrity chef Todd English. We’re even starting to feel sorry for the guy, even though he allegedly jilted his bride-to-be and left her at the altar the day of their wedding.

Monday’s Page Six, in an item headlined “Face Time,” reports that English, who was on HSN last week with his green cookware, was rebounding well after leaving Erica Lang, his former fiancee.

Page Six says that English was spotted “sucking serious face” with a pretty young thing at the Brass Monkey Bar in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

The Post broke the story about English dumping Wang, who got her revenge by giving the tabloid an exclusive about how he was a cad who dumped her on their would-be wedding day.

English responded by filing domestic abuse charges against Wang, whe he claims hit him in the head with his own watch.

HSN fans don’t seem to be holding any of this against him.

HSN Chef Todd English Files Assault Charges Against His Jilted Bride, Claims She Beaned Him With His Own Watch

October 17, 2009

HSN celebrity chef Todd English has struck back, figuratively, against the bride he allegedly jilted and left at the altar.

English, a restaurateur who owns Olives in New York, has filed assault charges against his ex-fiancee Erica Wang. English, who sells a line of cookware on HSN, charges that Wang hit him upside the head with his own heavy watch Sept. 14.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that English decided to press charges after Wang gave a detailed exclusive interview to the New York Post that ran last Sunday.

It painted English as a lout who called Wang the day they were to be married at the St. Regis Hotel in New York to break it off, according to the would-be bride’s version of events.

English claims he had told Wang that their Oct. 3 nuptials were off days before the wedding.

As to why English was pressing criminal charges against Wang now, the chef’s lawyer said that the celeb had to “protect his credibility.”

The Boston Herald broke the story about English filing the charges against Wang. The article even has a photo of English taken after the alleged assault, and he does indeed have a cut or bruise by his eye.

The Post picked up on The Herald’s story Saturday, saying that Todd had his ex-fiancee arrested on the assault charges after the tabloid’s exclusive interview with her.

And we thought we have had some bad break-ups.

New York Post Offers Exclusive From Todd English’s Jilted Bride, And How The Cad Called Wedding Off

October 11, 2009

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English essentially left his fiancee at the altar, in fact, they didn’t even get to the altar, and she offered up all the nasty details in The New York Post Sunday.

It is a sad ending to a fairy tale romance, where English gave Wang a 6-carat diamond engagement ring.

In the exclusive story, Erica Wang paints English as a pretty nasty guy. She claims that English not only called off their wedding the day it was to take place, but that the chef stiffed her for $12,000 in bills for their canceled nuptials.

The $150,000 wedding was set for the St. Regis in Manhattan, and Wang did go forward with the reception, entertaining 150 guests.

Wang had planned to to wear a wedding dress designed by red-carpet fashion house Bagley Mischka, which, by the way, last week cut a deal to create a line for HSN, English’s home shopping venue.

The Post’s story says that at one point English was down in Tampa, Fla., “on business.” We presume he was actually in St. Petersburg, where HSN is located, and that the “business” was an appearance on the Southern Channel.

The Post has all the details in its scoop, which is headlined in the print paper “Chef Turned Up the Heat, Then Put Me On Ice: ‘Bride.’

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Makes Page One News For Jilting His Bride-To-Be Days Before Wedding

October 4, 2009

It’s not often that a home shopping star/vendor makes the front page of the New York Post, but that’s what celebrity chef  Todd English did Sunday morning. The headline reads “Star Chef Jilts Bride: She Parties at St. Regis With 150!”

The tabloid reported that English, who sells his pots and pans on HSN, broke up with his fiancee, Erica Wang,  just days before they were to be wed.  But Wang decided to go ahead and have a party, instead of what would have been her wedding reception, at the ritzy St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan.

English, 48, was once on People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list.  According to the Post, English is divorced and has been engaged twice before. 

In a statement to the Post, English said, “No wedding took place over the weekend. I appreciate your respect for my privacy in this difficult time.”