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Designer Isaac Mizrahi Criticized By Talmudic Law ‘Experts’ Rush & Molloy, Tabloid Gossip Columnists, For Appearing On QVC On Passover

April 4, 2010

We recently dinged designer Isaac Mizrahi for the uninspired apparel and accessory line that he’s created for QVC. Sunday curly-topped Mizrahi took another shot, in the Rush & Molloy gossip column in the New York Daily News.

The column took Mizrahi to task for violating a Jewish holiday.

“So why was designer Isaac Mizrahi, who spent eight years at Yeshiva Flatbush, hawking his wares on QVC on the first night of Passover?” the gossip column asks.

How about this, gossip mongers George Rush and Joanna Molloy: Since when did you become the arbiters of Judaic religious law? We could be wrong, but we doubt any of you ever attended yeshiva or studied the Talmud.

Here’s some Easter advice for you two, straight from the Bible: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.