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Got A Foot Fetish? Footwear News Names HSN Retailer Of The Year

November 30, 2011

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman should go out and treat herself to a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes: HSN was just named retailer of the year by Footwear News.

The trade paper wrote that Grossman turned HSN “upside down” when she arrived five years ago and that the home shopping network “has the fashion world buzzing.”

Footwear News talked to a number of high-end shoe designers who have come to HSN, such as Sam Edelman and Vince Camuto, all because of Grossman, who used to work for Nike.

The paper even quoted one of the celebs that Grossman has lured, Mariah Carey.

“HSN’s reach is massive,” Carey told Footwear News. “I love being part of it all…People love feeling close to designers and celebrities and hearing them talk about their products firsthand. It’s been a real learning experience [for me].”

Congrats Mindy.

Diva Mariah Carey Gets Skewered Again For Her HSN Appearance

November 29, 2011

Sorry that we haven’t posted in the past few days, but frankly we’ve been bored to tears with what’s been on HSN, QVC and ShopNBC.

We no doubt will be getting press releases shortly about how well everyone did gangbusters selling consumer electronics during Black Friday, Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. But a new TV or laptop does not float our boat like a pretty diamond pendant would.

Mariah mocked Gawker for mocking her HSN appearance, and then Gawker mocked her again

OK, we did order Diane Gilman’s $35 Today’s Special skinny jeans, in indigo and winter white.

The best home shopping gossip we can dish is about diva Mariah Carey referencing the video — edited by snarky from clips of her last HSN appearance — that went viral. Carey joked about taking brief pauses so people could edit her most recent HSN appearance and “mock” her.

And she complained about not being able to hear with her earpiece, and joked about not knowing what camera to look at.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter wrote a story about her appearance. But you can never get the last word in on the Internet, Mariah.

It turns out Gawker went back and did a video of her second HSN appearance to mock that. Here’s the link:

Home Shopping Drinking Game: Have A Shot Every Time ShopNBC Has An Invicta Watch Show

November 23, 2011

The holidays are upon us, so we’ve come up with a home-shopping drinking game to celebrate the festive season.

So take a swig of liquor any time that:

* QVC has a show hawking B. Makowsky handbags. Get them at half the price at TJ Maxx instead.

* HSN offers a Signature A or Serious Skincare segment. We’re sick of hearing Adrienne Arpel’s story about her vitamin C capsules.

* ShopNBC has an Invicta show, five shots when it has an Invicta Day. As one skeptic asked, does ShopNBC own a stake in Invicta? Is that why its watches are always on the air?

* Jewelry Television features chrome diopside. You can tell us it comes from Siberia and is more beautiful than priceless emeralds, but we don’t like it.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Jewelry Television Launches Black Friday Week, Thanks For the Press Release A Day Late, Dudes

November 23, 2011

Jewelry Television isn’t fooling around, kicking off the holiday season with Black Friday Week, or so the home shopping network said Tuesday.

The deals continue through this Sunday. The whole shebang started Monday, but we just got the press release today.

“We decided to give holiday shoppers a Black Friday Week to remember,” Randy Sadler, JTV vice president of marketing, said in a canned statement. “The network is introducing three-tiered pricing for the event — our everyday low prices, Black Friday countdown week prices, Cyber Monday specials and door-buster deals. JTV will feature jewelry in price ranges to fit everyone’s budget.”

How about getting your press release out on time, dude?

Black Friday Week specials include a sterling silver pink sapphire heart pendant for $23.99, a sterling silver London Blue Topaz ring for $39.99, and a 0.5 carot white diamond ring for $119.99. Colored diamonds, pearls, tanzanite, and watches are on the roster this week.

“We’ve used our international buying power to negotiate and bring our customers the absolute best prices,” Sadler said. “Customers can shop from the comfort of their living rooms and save up to 50 percent on fine jewelry and gemstones for everyone on their holiday list.”

Black Friday Week promotions will be available in limited quantities for a limited time.

Singer Mary J. Blige Returns To Peform Live On HSN Nov. 30

November 22, 2011

Grammy-winning singer Mary J. Blige will be back in the house at HSN Nov. 30 to perform a live concert and hawk her perfume.

Blige has been on HSN before, when she launched her fragrance. But now she will be singing at 12:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST, promoting her new album “My Life II … The Journey Continues (Act 1).”

She will also be selling her My Life Blossom Fragrance Holiday Gift Sets as a part of HSN’s 24 Hour Beauty Gift Event.

Debuting on HSN in 2010, the record-breaking, award-winning fragrance My Life was inspired by Mary J. Blige’s life experiences.

“The fragrance is a lyrical composition of heady florals with undertones of woodsy warmth,” or so says HSN’s flowery press release. “My Life Blossom, Blige’s second fragrance, is a continuation of the My Life spirit in a softer, white floral accord with a warm vanilla heart. This line is the first celebrity fragrance collection from Mary J. Blige and the first celebrity fragrance to be developed by Carol’s Daughter.”

Here is Blige’s canned quote.

“I’m excited to bring you ‘My Life II … The Journey Continues (Act I)’ with my beautiful fragrance My Life Blossom,” the press release quotes Blige as saying. “They both are two very personal projects of mine and pure gifts from my heart.”

Fans will have a chance to purchase two limited-edition holiday gift sets from Blige.

The My Life Holiday Gift Set includes the My Life Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion and Shower Cream.

The My Life Blossom Holiday Gift Set includes the My Life Blossom Eau de Parfum and Body Cream plus the HSN-Exclusive My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act 1) CD, along with an exclusive download card including: “You Gotta Believe”, “You Are Everything”, “You Bring Me Joy”, “I’m The Only Woman” and “No More Drama.”

HSN’s 24 Hour Beauty Event will feature the best beauty gifts of the season from favorite brands including, Benefit, Phillip B, Wei East, Korres, Deborah Lippmann, Lancome and more.

HSN, Self Magazine and ProForm Will Whip You Into Shape In 60 Days

November 19, 2011

HSN has forged yet another partnership with a magazine, this time with Self Magazine.

The home shopping network, Self Magazine, and exercise equipment experts ProForm Friday announced a new healthy lifestyle program, “60 Days to Healthier Ways.”

You — yes you — can enter now through Dec. 9 to be one of 10 people selected to follow the “60 Days to Healthier Ways” program. As part of the program, winners will be given the proper tools and guidance they need to succeed, including: ProForm exercise equipment with iFit technology; a personalized fitness routine; a balanced diet plan; and a weekly “touch-base” training session with a Self expert for the entire duration of the contest.

Each participant’s progress will be tracked and evaluated and the transformations will be revealed during a special primetime ProForm fitness event live on HSN next May, when all HSN customers will be able to take part in the program themselves at home.

Self Magazine will also feature the results in its June issue next year.

“Millions of women have improved their health, and been happier overall using Self’s unique fitness and diet programs,” Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of Self, said in a canned statement. “We can’t wait to see how these ‘Self-inspired’ women achieve their personal and physical goals with this exciting new plan. Their accomplishments will motivate us all to live healthier and, as we like to say, tap into our best selves!”

And from our favorite HSN suit, Bill Brand, executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development:

“HSN’s strategy is focused on delivering entertaining and engaging content through trusted names and authorities. Self Magazine and ProForm exemplify this approach. New Year’s resolutions often revolve around becoming a healthier, stronger version of ourselves and the ’60 Days to Healthier Ways’ program is a great way to kick off 2012.”

Focusing on health, fitness and nutrition, the program conveys the message that small changes make a difference in your quality of life and will not only make you look better but feel better into the New Year. This program is part of a successful ongoing relationship with Self Magazine, its parent company Conde Nast and HSN that began in 2008.

“ProForm is excited to partner with HSN and SELF to improve these women’s lives,” Colleen Logan, ProForm ice president of marketing, said in a canned statement. “One of the quickest ways to a healthier daily routine is the convenience of having quality fitness equipment in the home. The combination of ProForm’s innovative fitness products with guidance and motivation from SELF and HSN will inspire these women to achieve their goals.”

Jewelry Television Joins In The Home Shopping Concert Craze: Christian Singer Michael W. Smith To Appear Sunday

November 19, 2011

Grammy Award-winning artist Michael W. Smith will perform live on Jewelry Television this Sunday to promote his new instrumental CD release, “Glory,” the home shopping network said Friday.

The Christian singer will appear at 11:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST to “share holiday cheer with JTV viewers,” according to the folks in Knoxville. “Glory” is currently available pre-release at and will be available in stores next Tuesday.

JTV's Holiday CD

Of course, we have never heard of Smith, but what do we know. We’re from Jersey.

The JTV-Smith partnership, facilitated by AMG-Media, Inc., is the culmination of Smith’s participation in JTV’s Comfort & Joy Collector’s Edition Holiday CD.

Designed as a gift with purchase for JTV customers, Smith included the bonus track, ‘Forever’ from ‘Glory.’ Comfort and Joy is an interactive CD with holiday music performed by JTV hosts and employees and includes exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and special offers.

“Michael W. Smith exemplifies the character, moral values and spirit of Jewelry Television,” JTV CEO Tim Matthews said in a canned statement. “So this partnership is a way of expressing those values to our customers. We are honored Michael is lending his talent to the Comfort & Joy Collector’s Edition Holiday CD. He is making our holiday gift to customers even more special.”

“Glory” is Smith’s 23rd career album.

“I grew up watching blockbuster movies with scores by John Williams,” we’re sure Smith said, cause that’s what the press release says. “I find myself writing cinematic pieces. ‘Glory’ feels like a soundtrack and all the movies are in my head. It’s exciting to share this work with JTV’s loyal customers.”

JTV is doing what HSN, QVC and even ShopNBC have done: brought live talent on to hawk their new releases.

Get Your $900 Fake Fur Coat At HSN, Sucker

November 18, 2011

We’re sure they are gorgeous, but what’s up with HSN selling faux fur coats for $900?

The home shopping network Thursday had a show featuring faux fur coats by top designer Naeem Khan. They were done in Tissavel fake fur, which is something ShopNBC used to sell.

The price tags were eye-popping. A long fake chinchilla coat was a whopping $700. Other coats in the collection ranged from $450 to $800.

Are you kidding us?

‘Disappointing Setback’ For ShopNBC, As Sales Only Rise 2 Percent To $135 Million In Third Quarter

November 16, 2011

ValueVision Media, ShopNBC’s parent, reported disappointing third-quarter results Wednesday, with net sales increasing 2 percent to $135 million.

Gross profit at the No. 3 home shopping network rose 6.8 percent to $50 million; gross margin rose to 37.2 percent; and Internet-sales penetration increased to 44.1 percent.

ShopNBC had previewed these results earlier this month.

“As previously reported, lower than expected Q3 net sales and adjusted EBITDA is a disappointing setback in our progress toward rebuilding the business,” ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart said in a canned statement.

“Third-quarter sales were principally impacted by a sales shortfall of 20 percent in consumer electronics along with a greater than anticipated decline of 13 percent in sales of watches, which off-set double-digit sales gains and strong margins in our jewelry, home, health and beauty and fashion and accessories categories.”

Here is the rest of Stewart’s excuses.

“We are focused on improving the consumer electronics business with specific action plans under way,” he said. “This includes recruiting new talent and expanding its merchandising team as well as improving product and brand assortment. The number of new vendors across our other categories continues to grow, as our multichannel retail business presents an attractive sales platform to expand their business and brand visibility. We expect to further reinforce that trend with additional prominent brands, such as Brooks Brothers and Hartmann luggage, that will delight the customer and further differentiate ShopNBC.”

ShopNBC reported an Adjusted EBITDA loss of $0.5 million on lower than anticipated sales. In addition, Adjusted EBITDA was impacted by additional TV distribution costs related to a 5 percent increase in average homes and improved channel position in certain markets. It is important to note that investments in distribution help drive increased customer penetration and can take several quarters before they become fully productive.

ShopNBC CFO William McGrath chimed in.

“Our balance sheet remains solid with cash and cash equivalents, including restricted cash, of $32.7 million in Q3 ’11 versus $42.5 million in Q2 ’11,” McGrath said. “The decrease in cash reflects planned increases in inventories in advance of the holiday season, continued use of ValuePay as a cost-effective promotional tool, and normal IT-related investments in capital expenditures.”

Jersey Girl Lesley Ann Machado Joins HSN Host Roster

November 12, 2011

Well, we’re starting to see who HSN has hired to replace Chris Scanlon and Alicia Perez. They’ve brought on a Jersey Girl, among others.

We fell asleep on the couch after an exhausting week with HSN on, and woke up at 5 a.m. Saturday to see new host Lesley Ann Machado on with designer Antthony Mark Hankins.

They were both chattering away, and Hankins said they had just met and found out each one was from Jersey. Hankins is from Elizabeth, N.J.

He mentioned they had done some “Jersey talk,” as we all do, and that Machado was from a place “one town over” from where he grew up. Machado is Cuban American, and Union City, N.J., has a large Cuban population.

Here is her bio:

Born into a loving and very Cuban home, Lesley hails from New Jersey but has spent most of her adult life in Los Angeles, CA. She recently moved to Florida to be part of the HSN family! As a busy first time mom, feeling prepared and looking the part is always important to Lesley Ann. She even wore false eyelashes during the delivery of her baby. “I wanted to look fabulous throughout!”

We all know that Brett Chukerman, of the racy movies, is also an addition to HSN’s host roster. But we also saw another two names that looked new.

Those were Carrie Smith and Anji Corley.

On Smith:

Although she can claim roots in Phoenix, Nashville and Los Angeles, there’s a good chance Carrie Smith has been to your town. Carrie began her career working as an emcee on various country music tours before transitioning her talents to in front of the camera. In 2011 she set her sites on her favorite network, HSN. Combining her love for shopping and passion for the latest products with her positive presence on screen, Carrie now feels she is right at home.

On Corley:

A New York native, Anji, debuted on HSN in 2011 and is thrilled to help viewers with their shopping experience with flash and flavor! She brings an expertise ranging from interviewing A-list celebrities on TV & radio to transforming the lives of young people through mentoring. This “foodie” savors unique eateries, laughing, traveling and spending time with loved ones.