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Actress Kate Walsh Sold Out Her ‘Boyfriend’ On HSN

November 18, 2010

Actress Kate Walsh, a “Grey’s Anatomy” alum and now the star of “Private Practice, apparently picked the right venue to launch her women’s fragrance “Boyfriend.”

Flame-haired Walsh’s fragrance train case, including Boyfriend eau de parfum, pulse point oil and votive candle, sold out on Day One, Nov. 11, of her HSN appearance, exceeding sales expectations, so we are told.

“The success of launch day sales of the Boyfriend Fragrance train case, which offers a collection of fine fragrance and bath and body products, occurred in just 50 minutes of air time,” HSN said in a press release Wednesday.

“Walsh began selling the single pulse point roller ball, solid perfume and body creme on Day Two. The pulse point oil and body cream both sold out by day’s end. The launch day sales of Boyfriend, further reinforces the success that HSN has achieved with celebrity fragrances.”

Here is some more hype from the release:

Walsh describes her inspiration for the fragrance coming from a mysterious ex-boyfriend whose scent she missed. She wanted to be able to recreate the scent of that shirt he left behind. “A warm, nuzzly scent, this fragrance embraces you like a big hug. I really wanted women to have that delicious feeling of romance whether ‘he’s’ in the picture or not,” says Walsh. “I was thrilled to launch on HSN and to share my vision of the Boyfriend story with HSN viewers.”

And HSN honchos managed to get their two cents in.

“Boyfriend’s success further reinforces our role in changing the paradigm for a prestige fragrance launch and our commitment to continue to innovate in the retail space,” Lynne Ronon, HSN’s executive vice president of merchandising, said in a canned statement.

But here is some interesting dope on the social-media marketing of the scent.

Leading up to the launch of Boyfriend, Walsh released eight webimercials that she wrote and direcred, “relaying the sentiments the Boyfriend scent was developed to evoke,” HSN said.

Launched via various social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube and select blogs, the Boyfriend webimercials have been viewed more than 200,000 times to date and were released by Walsh prior to her appearance on HSN to drive excitement and anticipation.

Actress Kate Walsh, Touting Her HSN Perfume, And Ellen DeGeneres Sniff Bare-Chested Men Looking For ‘Boyfriend’

November 10, 2010

Show us four young shirtless men with impeccable pecs, being nuzzled on the chest by Ellen DeGeneres and actress Kate Walsh, and you’ve got our attention. We likey, as Carrie Bradshaw would say. And that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon.

Flame-haired Walsh appeared on “Ellen” to flog her new fragrance for women, Boyfriend, which will debut on HSN later this month.

Kate Walsh by Roberto D'Este

Walsh, who made her name on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. McDreamy’s wife and is now stars on “Private Practice,” had a tough act to follow on “Ellen.” The perky, usually hilarious blonde comedian had just finished interviewing super star Madonna by satellite, with Madge making a poignant plea against the bullying of young gay people.

The tone of the talk show got a lot lighter when Walsh, who just turned 43, came on. Walsh is utterly likeable and charming, and we predict she will be well-received by HSN shoppers.

The Boyfriend Kit

She told Ellen that she came up with the idea for Boyfriend after she had broken up with a boyfriend, and missed his scent. Ellen showed one of the promos that Walsh shot for HSN, which shows her bouncing up and down on her own bed in her bedroom. The cat in the spot, by the way, is not really Walsh’s pet feline.

Then Ellen arranged a test for Walsh, which gets back to the shirtless beefcake. Ellen made Walsh smell each one of the guys to see if she would recognize which one was wearing her fragrance, Boyfriend. Ellen also did some sniffing.

And Walsh did well, correctly stating that studmuffin No. 3 was wearing Boyfriend.

Ellen had “The Boyfriend Kit” fragrance grouping, which HSN will be selling, on the set of her show.

At the end of the segment, Ellen finally mentioned that Boyfriend will launch on HSN, and that everyone in her studio audience would be getting the new perfume.

Actually, we’d rather get one of the guys.

Actress/Perfumier Kate Walsh Wants You To Take Your ‘Boyfriend’ Anywhere You Go: What If You Don’t Want To?

October 15, 2010

Another celebrity is jumping on the perfume bandwagon, an unlikely one as far as we’re concerned: Actress Kate Walsh of “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.”

We’ve loved Walsh ever since she blew Meredith’s mind on Season 1 of “Anatomy” when she showed up in Seattle and announced that she was McDreamy’s wife.

Now Walsh will join vendors like Mary J. Blige, Sean “Diddy” Combs and soon Jennifer Stallone who are peddling perfume on HSN, the home shopping network said Friday.

Walsh’s women’s fragrance and product line is named “Boyfriend” and will launch exclusively on HSN and at on Nov. 11 and 12.

The five-piece collection will employ a viral marketing campaign, and photographer Terry Richardson shot the brand advertising campaign.

Kate Walsh, Photo by Roberto D'Este

“For the launch of Boyfriend, Kate sought a partner that understood her creative vision and connected with a broad base of engaged women on a personal level,” the press release says.

“I’m super excited about my launch partnership with HSN,” Walsh said in her canned statement. “They’ve been incredibly enthusiastic about Boyfriend, and particularly supportive of my creative vision.”

And Michael Henry, HSN’s senior vice president of merchandising, got his two cents in.

“As part of our strategy to have a dominant position in the fragrance industry, we are thrilled to take the next step and offer our consumers this new and exciting line of products,” Henry said. “Our partnership with Kate on Boyfriend illustrates both HSN’s role as a retail innovator across all of our market categories, as well as our commitment to delivering unique products that resonate with women.”

We’re not quite sure we follow the logic behind this perfume.

The press release says, “In the fragrance creation process, Kate was inspired by the scent of a ‘guy on a girl,’ and combined notes of amber and woods, with a bright floral scent that women love. The fragrance has a bright muguet floralcy with dark plum and myrrh on top, with night blooming jasmine.”

Mmmmm, you lost us on some of those ingredients.

We are told that to ensure that “women can take their Boyfriend wherever they go,” Kate created “The Boyfriend” kit, a black train case inspired by a classic vintage design retailing for $79.95.

It features Deluxe Miniature Fragrance Spray 15ml, Body Creme 50mlm, Dry Body Oil 30ml, Votive Candle 24 grams and
Pulse Point Oil 5ml.

Following the initial launch, select products from the kit will be offered in individual full-sized packaging featuring the 50ml EDP.

The Boyfriend story will be told through a viral campaign that will consist of branded videos or “webimercials.”

The “webimercials” will feature Walsh and different Boyfriend scenarios.

“Just as you tune in every week to watch your favorite television shows to follow the story line…there will continually be a new boyfriend story to entice the customer,” says Walsh.

Additionally, consumers will have the chance to engage with the brand and tell their own boyfriend stories via uploaded videos. This user-generated content will be integrated into Boyfriend marketing creating a truly unique call to action for the consumer.

Founded in 2010, Boyfriend LLC is a newly launched beauty and lifestyle company, owned by actress Kate Walsh. Boyfriend LLC will launch its first product this November with HSN to be followed by a retail launch in Sephora stores nationwide in January.

Boyfriend LLC will continue to roll-out new Boyfriend fragrances through 2012 with the plan of expanding into the lifestyle market. Givaudan and perfumer MaryPierre Julien created the juice, Consultant Pamela Vaile, worked with Kate to develop the product line, the marketing plan and distribution strategy, Bentley Laboratories LLC created the formulas and Chad Lavigne LLC produced the package design and branding imagery.