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ShopNBC’s Judy Crowell Celebrates A Birthday, And Debuts Spring Collection On The Network

April 1, 2010

It’s April Fool’s Day, and also home-shopping veteran Judy Crowell’s birthday. Later tonight going into Friday, Crowell launches her spring collection on ShopNBC. In fact, her water-resistant pea coat — or swing coat, as ShopNBC describes it — will be Friday’s Top Value.

“I launch early the night of my birthday into the next day — a big celebration all the way around,” she said.

Crowell was speaking to us as she and her husband and fellow ShopNBC vendor, Paul Deasy, were driving from Arizona to Nevada Monday. She and Deasy visited, and shot videos, at five mines, including the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, Ariz. That footage will air when Deasy does his Gem Insider shows in late April.

Crowell and Deasy have worked at all three of the major home shopping outlets – QVC, HSN and ShopNBC. Last year Crowell debuted a line of accessories, mainly handbags, on ShopNBC, while Deasy has been doing a jewelry collection.

Crowell’s spring collection is mainly rain coats, spring outerwear and jackets. She said she was looking to bring clothes with classic lines, but also a twist to stand out in the crowd, to ShopNBC shoppers. Several of her coats have unusual collars af ruffles.

“There’s a lot of interest in the collar treatments,” Crowell said, noting that special collars bring the focus to one’s face.

Paul Deasy, Home Shopping’s Resident Gem Connoisseur, Dishes To Us About The Black Opal He’s Bringing To ShopNBC, And More

February 18, 2010

Paul Deasy

Home shopping veteran and gem expert Paul Deasy told us that he has some surprises coming up on his “Gem Insider” shows tomorrow and Friday on ShopNBC, and for the rest of the year at the No. 3 home shopping channel.

Deasy, who previously worked at HSN and QVC, said Wednesday that he is debuting special Australian black opal on ShopNBC for its Tucson ’10 Sneak Peek event. And the other gemstones he will feature are the now-hot malachite, amazonite and the very rare gaspeite.

“No one’s been able to ever get any kind of affordable, truly affordable, Australian black opal to the customer,” Deasy said. “We’re going to achieve that.”

ShopNBC’s Friday’s Today’s Top Value will be from Deasy’s “Gem Insider” line.

We interviewed Deasy by phone, with him speaking to us from a hotel room in Minneapolis, where ShopNBC is headquartered. He arrived there this morning with his wife Judy Crowell, a fellow ShopNBC vendor and QVC and HSN alum. They flew in from their home in Florida, fresh off a six-day trip to attend the Tucson Gem Shore.

Deasy, who is working on a book on opals, met his business partner, Peter Vajda, when he traveled to the Australian opal mines to film video to air on QVC about a decade ago. They both “shared a passion” for opals, according to Deasy.

Vajda, who is also an expert on turquoise, has been stockpiling opals for years from his camp in Lambina Station in the Outback. He’s perfected a proprietary process – a treatment similar to stabilizing turquoise – to make to the opals more durable. It also enhances their color, so it’s “just absolutely sensational,” according Deasy.

Compared to opal that is now selling for $420 to $500 a carat wholesale, “We’re going to have prices that are just going to blow everybody away, and it’s only available at this point on ShopNBC, because we’re giving them the right of first refusal on it,” according to Deasy.

Now may be the time to grab your black opal, some of which will be set in sterling silver, from ShopNBC. Because of the tough economy and fuel costs, there has been a dramatic decline in opal mining in Australia, Deasy told us.

The upcoming “Gem Insider” show will also feature high-quality amazonite, the bluish-green opaque stone, that Deasy found in Colorado, as well as malachite, the pretty deep green striated stone that’s very “in” this year.

“We found a tremendous source in the Democratic Republic of the Congo…The material is gorgeous,” Deasy said of his malachite, which is a byproduct of copper mining.

Judy Crowell

Finally, the “Gem Insider” show will offer bright green gaspeite from western Australia. We love the vivid color of gaspeite, and we used to often see it featured in jewelry in shops in Scottsdale. But we haven’t spotted it in recent visits. Deasy said that’s because gaspeite isn’t even being mined right now.

“It’s really rare stuff,” he told us.

Deasy has big plans for “Gem Insider” this year. Look for “Mined in America” shows that will feature rubies, sapphires and emeralds from North Carolina; peridot from Colorado; and turquoise from veteran mines.

“We think there’s a lot of stories to be told right here in our own backyard,” he said.

Deasy will also be going to mining sites in the United States and South America to film videos that will air during his “Gem Insider” shows later this year. Both he and Crowell traveled to mines when they were at QVC to give viewers a bird’s eye view of the gem business.

“We found that formula to be very successful in the past because I’ve always felt that people certainly love the gemstones, but they love to find out a lot more about history and culture,” Deasy said. “It’s also a way for them to vicariously enjoy the mining experience without getting their feet dirty.”

Crowell is busy, too. While we were interviewing Deasy, she got her first look at sample of a piece of outerwear – part of her new line for ShopNBC — that she had sent to the hotel in Minnesota.

Crowell has already introduced a collection of handbags and scarves on ShopNBC, and will be premiering the outerwear on the channel next month.

Ex-QVC and HSN Host Judy Crowell Has Her Primetime Premiere On ShopNBC

November 25, 2009

We caught part of Judy Crowell’s second show on ShopNBC Tuesday, at 9 p.m., and she still has it.

Former QVC and HSN host Crowell was well paired with ShopNBC host Melissa Miner, who said that she learned how to be a host by watching Crowell.

“You get around, don’t you?” said caller Carol, referring to Crowell’s stints at all three home shopping networks.

Crowell joked back that Army brats like her “can’t sit still.”

Caller Shirley said of Crowell, “She was my favorite on the other channels…I just can’t tell you how happy I am.”

Shirley even picked up several of Crowell’s new handbags (See Q&A with Crowell).

Crowell looked a little blonder than we remember her. She did a nice job, not too hyper or hard-selling like some other home shopping hosts we know.

Crowell, who is married to ShopNBC “Gem Insider” Paul Deasy, reiterated what she told us in a recent interview: That her accessories collection, which includes faux leather handbags, is meant to add zip to your wardrobe inexpensively.

“You don’t have to break the bank to do it,” said Crowell, who was wearing a sleeveless black sheath dress.

Her purses have a signature leopard print lining, and Crowell claimed that her purses look and feel like distressed leather.

Crowell’s unusual item was a pair of designer-look reading glasses, for those of us who need them.

Crowell’s first show on ShopNBC was at 2 a.m. Tuesday.

QVC And HSN Alum Judy Crowell Returns For Second ShopNBC Show 9 P.M. Tuesday

November 24, 2009

If you missed her 2 a.m. show Tuesday, as we did, former QVC and HSN host Judy Crowell will be back on ShopNBC at 9 p.m. with her new line.

This visit, the Judy Crowell Collection is offering inexpensive handbags and scarves, as well as a pair of reading glasses.

Tonight the merchanise includes a animal print satchel at $67 and a braid-detail shopper bag at $61.

Crowell’s husband Paul Deasy, also an alum of QVC and HSN, has been a jewelry line called The Gem Insider for ShopNBC since earlier this year.

And Crowell will be bringing sportswear and outerwear to ShopNBC when she returns early next year.

Get A Sneak Peek At QVC And HSN Vet Judy Crowell’s New ShopNBC Collection Online

November 23, 2009

Judy Crowell

Former QVC and HSN host Judy Crowell’s new collection on ShopNBC debuts early Tuesday morning, and the items are now up on the home shopping network’s site.

Her first show is on at 2 a.m., too late for us. But Crowell has faux leather handbags ranging in price from $32 to $66, as well as several scarves.

She even has a pair of reading glasses, at $30.

While Crowell is only bringing in accessories this visit, when her Judy Crowell Collection does its full launch next year she will be selling sportswear and outerwear, as well.

Crowell’s husband, fellow QVC and HSN alum Paul Deasy, already hosts a jewelry line for ShopNBC called the Gem Insider.

ShopNBC Gets Back A Husband-And-Wife Team As QVC/HSN Alum Judy Crowell Joins Hubby Paul Deasy On The No. 3 Home Shopping Network

November 18, 2009

Veteran home shopping host Judy Crowell says her return to Minnesota is like Dorothy coming back home from Oz.

Crowell, an Army brat, began her career in home shopping in 1989 at Cable Value Network, CVN, in Minnesota in1989. Later this month, Nov. 24, Crowell will debut a new accessory and clothing line on ShopNBC, which is in Minneapolis.

“It’s almost like Dorothy,” Crowell said. “I clicked my heels and I’m going back home again, full circle.”

Crowell and her husband Paul Deasy, who is guest host for a jewelry line on ShopNBC, both started their gigs as home shopping hosts in 1989. While Crowell was at CVN, Deasy was at Home Shopping Network, now called HSN.

“Ironically, as life would have it, our lives were parallel before we met each other,” Crowell said.

Judy Crowell and Springer Spaniel friend Brie

Crowell had also traveled to places like China so she could discuss jade on the air, while Deasy have been to Africa at tanzanite mines and to Australia to see opals mined, to better describe them.

The husband-and-wife team have a common love of travel and jewelry, as well as “the love of really being able to tell a story about where things come from so that our customer could appreciate the experience and what it takes to get the product into their hands, that it’s not just plucked from a tree,” according to Crowell.

Crowell and Deasy both first worked at QVC and then HSN together, until exiting the No. 2 home shopping channel.

One of our most-asked questions is why did the married couple leave HSN. Deasy exited in December 2007, while Crowell left in April 2008.

After 18 years of each being a host, Crowell said, “We each kind of came to the conclusion that it was just time for a new challenge….That really is the truth. It was just time to move on and do some new things.”

Crowell and Deasy each made the choice to leave HSN themselves, according to Crowell.

“Paul had made the decision to leave first, and I was thinking about it,” she said. “I really had one of these moments, it was actually a long weekend, of sitting in front of the fireplace and staring into the fire and thinking I’ve been a television personality for 28 years, and now I’m thinking about getting out of the business and taking a chance, with no net.”

It was not an easy decision, according to Crowell.

“It was really scary because I really love the business and I loved being on television and I love the interaction with the customers,” she said. “That’s why you do it. …Whenever that phone call would come in, and it was somebody who would say, ‘Hi, I’ve been watching you for so many years. It’s so nice to talk to you. Say hi to Paul.’ That’s the joy in this…and now you’re saying goodbye to it.”

Paul Deasy

Full-year non-compete clauses kept Crowell and Deasy off the air, and gave them time to build their own businesses.

“If you were to ask ‘Why were they gone for so long, that answers part of that question,’” she said.

In addition to planning her ShopNBC line, Crowell has been doing voiceover work. She has also joined the World Fashion Council and is taking classes to be certified a fashion trend forecaster.

Crowell and Deasy approached ShopNBC about doing lines for it, according to Crowell.

“At one point we were talking about, ‘You can to one channel, I can go to another,'” she said. “And we considered that for awhile, but as timing would have it, as the needs of the different channels would have it, it turned out as they say, meant to be.”

Crowell and Deasy are in a way replacements for home-shopping’s other veteran husband-and-wife team, Pam and Wes McCoy. The McCoy’s were let go as hosts from ShopNBC in a cost-cutting measure, but Pam still has a clothing line on ShopNBC. 

The jewelry line Deasy guest hosts, the Gem Insider, debuted in July.

“ShopNBC has treated us like gold,” Crowell said. “They’re thrilled to have us both on board.”

Deasy’s book “Colored Gemstones” is sold on ShopNBC. And he is working on a second book on gems, this one on opals.

“From now on he’s going to be focusing on individual gemstones,” Crowell said. “And then he eventually wants to write another book similar to the one that’s already available, but on another whole series of gems that he didn’t have a chance to touch on in this book. There are hundreds of other ones.”

The night before their 2003 wedding, Crowell and Deasy with Kristen and Kyle

Crowell and Deasy still live in Florida, where their former employer HSN is based. They don’t plan to relocate to Minneapolis, where ShopNBC is located.

First of all, Deasy’s children, Kristen and Kyle, from a prior marriage live in Florida, as do Crowell’s parents.

And Crowell said that she has resided in the Midwest, in states such as Wisconsin, while working for TV before coming to home shopping.

“It’s a great place to live,” Crowell said. “It’s absolutely beautiful. The people are wonderful, but it’s really cold…. There’s something about landing in Tampa. Whenever we come home, it feels like a vacation.”

Crowell accompanies Deasy when he travels to Minneapolis for his ShopNBC shows.

“We’re up there a couple of times a month,” she said.

It looks like Crowell and Deasy have found happiness.

“We’re a great team,” she said. “We’re really lucky. It took a long time to find.”

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QVC And HSN Veteran Judy Crowell Explains What To Expect From Her New Line for ShopNBC On Nov. 24: No Jewelry Yet To Compete With Husband Paul Deasy

November 18, 2009

Veteran QVC and HSN host Judy Crowell will launch her own line on ShopNBC Nov. 24. Crowell’s husband Paul Deasy, who was also a host with Crowell on QVC and HSN, already hosts a jewelry line on ShopNBC called the Gem Insider. Crowell’s shows will be at 2 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Here Crowell tells the Homeshoppingista about the Judy Crowell Collection, which will kick off with accessories and then have a full launch early next year with sportswear and outerwear. This is an edited version of the interview.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the collection that you’re doing for ShopNBC.

JC: It’s a collection really of accessories, outerwear and sportswear.

When somebody is putting together a style for themselves, it’s a matter of so many different elements, especially in this economy when people are really trying to be careful and even consignment shops are saying that their business is down. People are hanging on to their wardrobes longer.

So what do you do when you have this urge to feel new and feel fresh to liven up that wardrobe? Accessories just seems to be such an obvious choice.

So with a collection of great scarves, or a fun little handbag that you throw on, or a great pair of sunglasses or a brand new belt, a hat, whatever it happens to be, it’s sort of that finishing touch that can really make you feel updated.

Judy Crowell

Q: You said also sportswear and outerwear?

JC: That won’t start until next spring. That’s kind of in the works now too. This collection, believe it or not, I’ve been working on, believe it or not, for a year and a half. It’s been a really long time in coming. But I think that makes it that much sweeter.

Q: So I assume on your first shows the end of the month, it’s going to be just the accessories as you were saying.

JC: Exactly.

Q: What is the price point? And there are so many clothing lines and accessory lines, what is your brand going to stand for?

JC: My brand is going to stand really for longevity. I want to say classics but not in the term of old or antique. And I don’t want to use the word trend because it’s so overused, a sort of come-and-go word. So these are things to me that can be investment pieces.

I have a collection of scarves, and they’re so pretty. The beautiful thing about this collection is that, especially for this time of year, they’re at a price point that’s perfect for gift giving, as well as for that personal fix that I talked about – a new little thing for you to carry or buy for yourself.

A scarf is a perfect way to give a gift in that 25 – $35 range. And if you’re buying something that is a great color for you, it’s always going to be a great color for you.

So that’s what I mean about investment. And if you buy a great clutch or a super tote, those things will always be useful. They’re almost basics that don’t go out of style but they’re still fresh and they are still updated.

Q: Handbags is a category that can be very inexpensive, high end, low end, very competitive.

JC: These are going to be faux leather, and the reason I decided to go with that is exactly as I was telling you about being able to have that sense of newness in your wardrobe seasonally. Your wardrobe doesn’t go as far if you’re having to invest in a $1,500 handbag.

What I decided is and what I noticed in my research is there are amazing things that manufacturers are now doing in duplicating leather but in faux. The only thing that doesn’t have the same characteristic almost is the smell.

Believe me, I have a closet full of leather bags, and I covet them. And I think it’s nice to be able to stay in the style of today by being able to say, ‘Gosh, if I can just get something that’s in that $59, $79, $99 range and still feel that I’m going to turn heads and somebody’s going to say, That is such a cute bag, where did you get that?’

Q: For your bags, what are you aiming for?

JC: The neat thing about these is they all have special elements. There’s this beautiful braid-work on some of the bags. Some of them do have the chain detail. Some of them are cross body bags that are great for all ages – the movie goers or the lunch goers or the grandmas who now have new grandchildren they want to pick up and still cart the carriage behind them.

And in the summer, (there are) little clutches that are great for day and evening. And because so many more people are now carrying those, too, they kind of go inside the big tote, too. They’re definitely today’s style, today’s fashion, but I wouldn’t call them necessarily trendier than anything else.

Paul Deasy

Q: I see you’re not treading on your husband’s (Paul Deasy’s) turf, jewelry.

JC: I actually started to go into that arena because I love jewelry. But honestly, jewelry obviously is as important an accessory as a pair of gloves or a scarf or a handbag or a hat or a great pair of boots or a belt. I’m not going to tell you that I’m not eventually going to add in jewelry. That’s another thing I wanted to work out and make sure of before I added that element.

There are a lot of different ways you can go with that (jewelry). You can go high end, you can go sterling and gold, you can go costume and fashion, so I just wanted to make sure that before I forged into that territory, that I was doing something that would coordinate with the other aspects of my line, and that was fulfilling a niche.

Q: So the Nov. 24 ShopNBC show is sort of a preview of what’s to come — the accessories — almost a soft launch, and next year you’ll have the rest of your line. Is it going to be early next year?

JC: It will be very early spring. We’re aiming for end of February, early March.

Q: Next year with the outerwear and the sportswear, what’s going to be your statement with those pieces? And are those for spring or for summer?

JC: They’ll be for spring for sure. That’s why we want to launch those in late February, early March, so that people feel like they can get the most out of the wear-ability while it’s still necessary to throw on a sweater or throw on a great raincoat or throw ona great trench. It will be the March or April season. ”

In addition to a new group of handbags that will be more appropriate to the spring and summer colors. The outerwear and the coats and sportswear pieces will also be suited for more spring season.

Q: What’s your take on the sportswear and the outerwear?

JC: We’re still trying to get you beauty and value for your money. I think you still want a quality product, something that you are wearing more than just this year. It goes back to what I said before. If you invest in a scarf that’s a beautiful color for you, it always will be.

If you invest in a great rain jacket that happens to be this fabulous shade of teal and you got it for a good price but it was well-made, you’re going to look as good in 2011 as you were when you purchased it in 2010.

But just as I mentioned with the handbags, that these elements to them so they’re not just basic, they have the braiding or the chain work or chain mail or a fun little fold-over or a great little handle or strap, these pieces will also be functional, but they also have a twist.

So it might be a really cool collar, or it might be in the pocket detail or in the seaming detail. Everything’s going to have an element that makes it special.

Cause why buy the same trench coat that you bought five years ago if that trench coat is still in good shape and it still fits you. Why not look for something that’s fresh, but still has longevity.

Q: Do you miss being on the air?

JC: I definitely missed being on the air. I can’t wait ‘til the 24th. I think I’m going to have so much fun.

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They’re Running Out Of Home Shopping Networks To Work At: Judy Crowell To Join Husband Paul Deasy On ShopNBC

November 6, 2009


Judy Crowell

We are indebted to the posters on QVC’s forums, who are more on the ball than us. Here’s the scoop they uncovered: Judy Crowell will be joining her husband Paul Deasy on ShopNBC.

We recently wrote a blog about Deasy, a gemstone expert who now has a collection called the Gem Insider on ShopNBC. Deasy met Crowell when they were both hosts on QVC, and they married. They left QVC and both turned up at HSN as hosts.

Then they were gone, until Deasy debuted on ShopNBC. And now the ShopNBC program guide says that The Judy Crowell Collection will debut on ShopNBC Nov. 24 with two shows.

There is no information yet on ShopNBC’s Web site about what Crowell’s products will be, but we think it’s a good bet that it’s jewelry. We’ll see.

Here is the happy couple on Deasy’s Web site, but we saw no info about Crowell’s ShopNBC line.

ShopNBC used to have a husband-and-wife host team, Wes and Pam McCoy. But the two were let go in an apparent cost-cutting measure, although Pam still has a clothing line on the network.

Gem Expert Paul Deasy, A QVC And HSN Veteran, Appears With Jewelry Line On ShopNBC, Sans Wife Judy Crowell

November 3, 2009

Fans of Paul Deasy, a veteran QVC and HSN host who now has a jewelry line at ShopNBC, can tune in to see him Tuesday at noon and 7 p.m. That guy gets around!

Deasy, who wrote a book called “Colored Gemstones,” has a collection called Gem Insider on ShopNBC.

Deasy was first a host on QVC, where he met the woman who later became his wife, QVC host Judy Crowell. Then they both left QVC and turned up at HSN as hosts.

All of a sudden, Deasy was gone from HSN, and Crowell soon followed.

Then Deasy showed up at ShopNBC not as a host, but as a vendor.

Deasy and Crowell weren’t the only husband-and-wife team on a home shopping network. Pam and Wes McCoy were on for many years as ShopNBC hosts, paired on shows together, until they apparently got the ax nearly a year ago in cost-slashing by the financially ailing Minnesota home shopping channel.


Wes McCoy

Now Pam McCoy still appears on ShopNBC, but only as a vendor selling her clothing line, not as a host. It must be difficult appearing on a network that let you and your husband go as hosts.

We know that feeling of being let go, Pam and Wes, as does more than 10 percent of the U.S. population. So you have our sympathy. Don’t worry, karma will kick in for us all at some point.