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Jersey Resident Suze Orman Lands Primetime Show On Oprah Winfrey’s New Cable Network

January 6, 2011

QVC vendor and personal-finance guru Suze Orman will be hosting her own primetime series, “Money Class,” this fall on Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network, the channel said Thursday.

“One home at a time, the primetime series is dedicated to addressing and moving beyond both the circumstantial and personal decisions that have created difficult financial situations for so many people around the country, by going into their lives to help them transform,” said the press release, which was sent out by our acquaintance from our tenure at Multichannel News, veteran cable PR exec Nicole Nichols.

You stepped in some pretty good shit with that Oprah gig, Nicole, even though it took a long time to get off the ground.

Nicole got the appropriate canned quotes into the release.

Suze O

“Nothing can teach you more about who you really are, than your money,” said Suze Orman, who lives in rustic Chester, N.J. (unless she’s moved recently).

Well then, we’ve don’t have much to go by if our money tells us who we really are.

Here’s another canned quote.

“Suze Orman is the rock star of personal finance, and her straight-forward advice will help people that are in need of a financial wake-up call,” said Lisa Erspamer, chief creative officer of OWN: Orpah Winfrey Network.

Per the press release:

The series will feature Orman as she goes into the lives of families, couples and individuals around the country, sets attainable goals and tasks them with specific challenges to impart the ability to make responsible and well-informed decisions. The end goal is for the participants to let go of the past and move toward a more secure financial future.

Orman can be seen as a featured expert on “Ask Oprah’s All Stars,” which is airing on OWN, and as a guest judge on the third episode of “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star,” which runs Jan. 21.

Orman, a two-time Emmy Award winning TV host, has been called “a one-woman financial advice powerhouse” by USA Today. She’s a top motivational speaker, a contributing editor to “O” The Oprah Winfrey Magazine and a New York Times best-selling author.

Orman sells her books and financial planning kits on QVC.

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network Gives Her Hair Stylist, HSN Vendor Andre Walker, A Platform

January 2, 2011

We just saw HSN vendor Andre Walker doing Oprah Winfrey’s hair, putting rollers in it, on a show on her just-launched channel: OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

We’ve been peeking at the network throughout the day, and we are impressed. Its tone was inspirational, reflecting Winfrey’s belief that human nature is basically good.

The program on now is a fly-on-the-wall chronicle about Winfrey’s popular daytime talk show, “Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes.” One of the interesting moments was hearing one of Winfrey’s gay producers complain about doing a show in West Virginia that focuses on people who are as anti-gay today as they were in 1987.

During the day, after the noon launch, we enjoyed a profile of rap impresario, and Beyonce husband, Jay-Z, that was part of “Oprah Presents Master Class.” He came across as a smart, thoughtful, sensitive guy.

One show about adopted people on the hunt for their real parents was very derivative: Cable network have done this before.

Walker, by the way, is selling hair care products on HSN.

Oprah’s Hairstylist To Launch Hair Care Line, Which Is On The Big ‘O’s Favorite List, On HSN

December 14, 2010

Andre Walker, seven-time Emmy winner and hair stylist to Oprah Winfrey for the last 25 years, will launch a hair care collection on HSN Dec. 16 and 17, the home shopping network said Tuesday.

The collection, which was recently added to Oprah’s annual “My Favorite Things” list, is four products formulated for all hair types, including Caucasian, Latin, African-American, bleached, color-treated, fine, coarse, smooth, straight and curly. Walker will join HSN this week fresh off the farewell season ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ tapings in Australia.

Andre Walker's collection is one of Oprah's Favorite Things

Walker’s products were originally modeled after his very own custom formulas, which he has used for years on various clients, including Winfrey. Walker’s formulas include whole leaf aloe vera, virgin Moroccan argan oil, green tea leaf extracts, protein building keratin and other fine natural ingredients that promote overall health, manageability and radiant shine.

“It is very important to me to deliver the results promised by my products, and I consistently see the transformation of my clients’ hair with these unique ingredients,” Walker, who is launching a gift set on HSN just in time for the holidays, said in a canned statement. “HSN customers are savvy, very knowledgeable about beauty and hair care — and they recognize the value HSN will bring to them. It was the perfect fit.”

Andre’s Ultimate Gift Set includes the following beauty products packaged in a perfect ready-to-go bundle. The gift is $65.

It includes:

Keratin Shampoo, a gel that produces very little lather but leaves the hair ultra clean in preparation for the conditioning step

Keratin Conditioner, a formula that deeply strengthens, hydrates and promotes incredible softness and shine

“Q” Oil — a weightless serum that smoothes, adds brilliant shine, nourishes and hydrates every hair type.

Hair Make-Up — available in five shades, a duo applicator wand that dries in seconds leaving a natural looking shine and color that compliments and enhances your current shade

Walker will debut on HSN Thursday next week at 8 p.m. with additional shows next Friday at 6 a.m. and 11 a.m.

A preview of the collection is already posted on

You Can’t Make This Up: Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey And Sandra Bullock Will Star In Film About A Home Shopping Network

October 24, 2010

At first we thought someone was pulling our leg, but it’s true. Sandra Bullock, fellow New Jersey native Meryl Streep (Bernardsville) and Oprah Winfrey are doing a movie set at a home shopping network for Universal Pictures!

Universal put out a press release on the project Friday and, dig this, it will be directed by Michael Patrick King, the mastermind behind “Sex and the City.”

The Hollywood trade press, including Variety and Deadline Hollywood, as well as the consumer press, Entertainment Weekly, all wrote stories about the yet-untitled film.

Jersey Girl Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock warm up for their roles in a new movie set at a home shopping network

Variety said that the comedy will be “set around a home-shopping TV channel.” According to Universal’s statement, the dynamic trio will “make their way through the maze of mania that surrounds marketing, marriages and the media.”

The script is supposed to be ready in January.

Of course, EW’s PopWatch had to make some snide remarks about home shopping channels, circa 1980.

“Today came the announcement via Universal that Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, and Oprah Winfrey would all co-star in Michael Patrick King’s untitled project about a home-shopping channel,” PopWatch wrote.

“Wait a tick — you’re telling me I can get Hollywood’s three wisest women for one easy payment of $12?! (Or, $17, if King decides to go the 3-D route.) Can they come with a bonus Slap Chop too?”

That’s a real knee slapper, you moron. Never mind that even stars like Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Sheryl Crow have appeared on home shopping channels.

But PopWatch ultimately gave the film its due.

“In all seriousness, this is some pretty awesome casting news, even if we have barely any idea of what exactly happens in the film. (But if the plotline is anywhere near as entertaining as the one in the Magic Bullet infomercial, count me in.),” it wrote.

“With these three powerhouses on board, I’m wondering where King can go from here — should he just go ahead and Ocean’s 11 this joint by adding the likes of Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren, and Tina Fey (who’s already co-starring with Streep elsewhere) to the cast too?” PopWatch said. “Who else should come on board? Will Bullock and Streep face-off for Oscar again?”

We first learned of this film when HSN super host Colleen Lopez mentioned it on Facebook, after someone posted the PopWatch story.

“Wow!! I had not heard about this, Kalli,” Colleen wrote “How cool! Now it will be fun to see who their different characters will be ‘based’ on or ‘inspired by’….fun stuff! Thanks for sharing ♥”

We wonder if one of those characters will be a curly-haired, wise-cracking brunette with a Jersey accent who writes a superb blog about home shopping.

Universal and King, we are available.

‘The Insider’ Goes Inside HSN, But Not Too Far

October 20, 2010

Lara Spencer chatted up Wolfgang Puck at HSN's studios

Yippee, as we’ve noted before, the traditional media has finally figured out that home shopping is not still about selling can openers and cubic zirconia anymore. Jeez, even Oprah Winfrey shops on HSN! (We’ll explain later.)

CNN woke up and made it official when it did a segment on QVC’s large role in Fashion Week in Manhattan this year. And this week “The Insider” sent the vapid and extremely annoying Lara Spencer down to HSN’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Fla., to do a story on how celebrities are flocking to sell goods on home shopping networks.

The story was a couple of minutes, which for “The Insider” is like an investigative report, even though it stated the obvious to anyone who knows the home shopping industry. But it was a great plug for HSN, that’s for sure.

The segment showed a clip of Liza Minnelli’s disastrous appearance, and there were also interviews with celebrity chef and pot peddler Wolfgang Puck, as well as Bill Brand, HSN’s executive vice president of programming, marketing and business development.

The segment said that HSN started in 1977 on AM radio selling electronic can openers. While there was once a “stigma” to appear on HSN, now celebs are calling the TV network to get on, we’re told.

“This world had changed and it’s been focused on finding those personalities that are popular, that are interesting but also very credible and authentic and are experts in their field,” Brand said to Spencer.

Spencer noted that Puck would be on the air for 10 hours, “not a single minute of it with a teleprompter,” the day she was in Florida shooting her segment.

“Welcome to a very tasty HSN,” Puck told Spencer.

She noted that as Puck was selling his cookware, HSN producers were watching how many people were calling in and buying, and then they told Puck through his earpiece whether to keep talking or move on.

There was also a clip of Sean “Diddy” Combs from his appearance on the home shopping network to sell his fragrance.

“I made it,” Combs said. “I’m on HSN, Ma.”

His fragrance, “I Am King,” sold out in 14 minutes, product that was meant to last for a two-hour show.

Brand also talked about singer Mary J. Blige debuting her new perfume exclusively on HSN. “That was really a first for the business,” he said.

“The Insider” also showed Oprah Winfrey calling in while Blige was on the air on HSN.

“I am supporting her and waiting on my shower gel,” Winfrey told Blige and HSN host Callie Northagen.

“You even have Oprah shopping on HSN, so it’s no surprise that HSN brings in $2 billion a year in revenue,” somebody whose name we didn’t catch said.

As for Spencer, she told us “it is not your grandmother’s HSN.”

No sh-t.

Oprah, We Found A Cheaper Blouse Than The QVC One You’re Wearing At Target

August 15, 2010

Sorry we’ve been remiss posting, but we were suffering from carpal tunnel and a shooting pain down our neck and legs. It hurt so bad we almost cried when we sat down to write, and we had to take action. Having to wear wrist braces when you sleep doesn’t do much for your love life.

So we bought a new desk (it took BFF Ann and us four hours to do the “easy” assembly yesterday), a new desk chair and an ergonomic keyboard. Hopefully, these we alleviate our agony, but we’re way behind on blogs. We’ll start off on a shortie.

We swiped a copy of the August issue of O: The Oprah Magazine from our gym this week, and on the cover Oprah Winfrey is wearing a white ruffled Isaac Mizrahi QVC blouse. The cover was promoting an “Items Under $100” feature, and the QVC blouse, A209933, is $70.

Thursday, we tried on a nearly identical blouse in Target (which Mizrahi used to design for), part of the in-house Merona label. It was either $30 or $35, and just as nice as Isaac’s — and half the price.

Will Tori Spelling Be The New Oprah? She Has A Daytime Talk Show In the Works

April 21, 2010

Tori and Dean, Courtesy of Oxygen

My mother and sister are big fans of actress/HSN vendor Tori Spelling, and we were talking about her over lunch Tuesday. Spelling was just back on HSN last week.

My mom was saying that Oxygen had just run a day-long marathon of Spelling’s reality show, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood,” and what a great interior designer the thin blonde is. Mom also talked about how emotional Spelling is, often bursting into tears.

During the course of this conversation, we was wondering how “Beverly Hills 90201” alum has the time to do all she does, namely creating fashion jewelry for HSN, doing a reality show, decorating and furnishing a home, writing books, acting, and raising kids.

Now less than 24 hours later, we hear that Spelling, the daughter of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling, is looking for yet another gig: a daytime talk show for ABC.

The Los Angeles Times broke the news and reports Wednesday that the show would pair Spelling with a male co-host. Spelling’s show would angle to be a replacement for the slot left open when Oprah Winfrey’s syndicated program goes off the air next fall.

Let’s see what happens.

Oprah Winfrey Shines In HSN Vendor Badgley Mischka’s Gown In ‘O’ Magazine

April 9, 2010

The red-carpet gown design house Badgley Mischka is designing for HSN, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have celebrity clientele.

The designing duo of Mark Badgley and James Mischka “reinterpreted” one of the gowns from their spring collection — a slinky, shimmery, gorgeous crimson dress — for Oprah Winfrey. She is shown wearing it in a photo on page 53 of O: The Oprah Magazine’s May 10th anniversday issue.

The boys also wrote a note to Winfrey, saying, “On O’s tenth anniversary congratulations. Here is to another ten.”

QVC Vendor Jessica Simpson, Don’t Complain About John Mayer’s Rave Review Of Your Bedroom Skills

March 3, 2010

When you're hot you're hot

So QVC vendor Jessica Simpson appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Wednesday to complain about her ex, that cad John Mayer.

Fatmouth Mayer basically told Playboy recently that Simpson was great in the sack. He claimed she was like a sexual drug, and described her as “sexual napalm.”

That didn’t sit well with Simpson, who complained to Oprah about it, according to the New York Daily News.

“Well, I don’t want people to know how I am in bed,” Simpson told the Big O.

Girlfriend, what are you whining about? We would almost pay someone to say we’re gifted in the boudoir (and it would take a lot of cash, believe us).

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, girl, or something like that.

Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine Salutes QVC And HSN As ‘Stylish’ Boutiques: Girlfriends, We’ve Been Saying That Since September

January 20, 2010

O Magazine gives props to HSN and QVC for attracting red-carpet designers such as Badgley Mischka

Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine in February not only features items from the three major home shopping networks, it also lauds QVC and HSN as among the “100 Things That Are Getting Better.”

We just finished reading the magazine, and No. 47 on the list is “TV Shopping.” Then Oprah’s mag tell readers what we have been saying all along.

“The onetime insomnia cures HSN and QVC have become stylish, nicely priced boutiques for the likes of Badgley Mischka, Naeem Khan, Isaac Mizrahi and Rachel Zoe,” O Magazine says on page 173.

In the front of the magazine, the feature “Great Buys Under $50” spotlights four items from HSN, QVC and ShopNBC. We blogged about that yesterday.