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Will HSN’s Chaco Canyon Malachite Cuff Open Your Heart Chakra?

November 8, 2010


Sunday we wore our Jay King malachite waterfall necklace and a malachite and silver Navaho cuff we bought in Sedona years ago. And at midnight, by happenstance, HSN’s Today’s Special was a malachite and silver bracelet from Chaco Canyon.

We collected quite a bit of malachite — with its deep green striations — about 10 years ago, and then all of a sudden it disappeared from the market. But it’s been back bigtime this year, which is when we picked up our Mine Find’s piece. We also bought a ring with a huge square malachite cabachone at TJ Maxx for some ridiculously cheap price.

The Navaho-made TS is $199, which we found a bit pricey, even though the cuff has a large malachite oval cab.

But we did love the matching ring, which was really long and thin, very finger flattering.

Our Jay King necklace

The folklore on malachite is that it clears and balances the heart chakra, brings good fortune and prosperity, and protects you when you travel. No wonder we were wearing it!

We always enjoy watching Chaco Canyon’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Juan (not sure of spelling of her last name), who explains exactly which Navaho silversmith did each HSN piece.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Coming to HSN This Week: Red-Carpet Designers Badgley Mischka And Arnold Scaasi

November 16, 2009

HSN has a packed schedule this week, with the debut of the hot new apparel and jewelry line from Badgley Mischka, the famous red-carpet designers, Tuesday night.

The No. 2 home shopping network has the Badgley Mischka merchandise online already, and the clothes and jewelry look great.


And one of our favorite HSN jewelry vendors, Chaco Canyon, will be on HSN Thursday. Its Southwestern pieces, made by Native Americans, is fantastic. One new item, a multigem cross, has already almost sold out online. It’s $329, but huge. Just our style.

Also on HSN Thursday is designer Arnold Scaasi. That brings us to the bad and the ugly. Scaasi fashion jewelry pieces are great
looking and ridiculously affordable. But the several times we have seen him on the air, he has been rather nasty and sarcastic to whatever poor host drew the short straw and had to work with him.

Let’s see if he’s more pleasant this visit.

One of his stunning pieces, a clear-stone drop necklace at $100, was prominently featured in HSN’s November jewelry guide.