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Here’s Our Valentine’s Day Couple: HSN Host Colleen Lopez And Hubby Carlos

February 14, 2011

It’s that dreaded time of the year again, Valentine’s Day, so we figured we’d salute a woman who found a great guy.

Just more than a week ago HSN host Colleen Lopez, who somehow looks more beautiful and slender every time we see her, posted a photo of her and her husband Carlos celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary.

Colleen Lopez married her best friend, Carlos, 29 years ago

Their anniversary date is Feb. 6, and the shot is of her and handsome Carlos enjoying an anniversary dinner at the swank Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.

Colleen wrote on Facebook, “I married my best friend 29 year ago…Time flies when you’re having fun ♥♥♥”

Sounds like good advice to us, folks.

Jean Queen Diane Gilman’s Stylist Gets On-Air Marriage Proposal On HSN: We’re Still Waiting

January 18, 2011

Is this a home shopping network first?

We missed this Sunday night, probably because we were knocked out with a bad cold, but there was a wedding proposal made this weekend on the air on HSN. Host Colleen Lopez spread the news on Facebook.

“Surprise wedding proposal live on HSN!,” Lopez wrote. “Check out what happened when we surprised Diane Gilman’s stylist, Sabrina, on Sunday night – her boyfriend, Germain wanted to propose to her on live TV!! (video quality not great – but still a must see!). Love is grand!”

In the posted video clip we see Gilman on-air with Sabrina, lauding her for talent. Suddenly the camera pans and shows Germain, a nattily dressed big dude, walk from backstage over to Sabina, who looks pretty shocked, but happy.

“Well Sabrina, I want just want you and the whole world to know that I love you, and I want you to be my wife,” German said. “Will you marry me?”

With that, the HSN set was flooded with screeching models, employees, etc. who were all congratulating Sabrina.

We assume Sabrina said yes.

Diva Mariah Carey Debuts On HSN, Says Creating Perfume Is Like Writing A Song

November 29, 2010

Well, now we know why Mariah Carey has made butterflies her signature. More on that later.

A very pregnant Carey premiered at midnight Cyber Monday with her collection of fragrances, jewelry and shoes for HSN.

When we first saw Carey, she was laying prone on a couch on the set — all done in cream-colored furniture — that HSN had created for her. Her feet were up on the couch, and she said she needed to be that way to be comfortable in her condition.

“I don’t want them to think I’m being rude,” Carey, with her long straight blonde hair parted in the middle, told host Colleen Lopez.

And she liked the digs. “The living room is gorgeous. I feel very at home.”

Mariah designed the bottle for her HSN TS

At times, Carey did act a bit diva-ish. She said several times that she really shouldn’t even be at HSN, with her pregnancy. Not cool. And at one point Carey was ordering Lopez around a bit, asking that the host walk up and down wearing a pair of the singer’s new HSN boots.

HSN’s Today’s Special Value is Carey’s Luscious Pink Parfum for $65, free shipping.

Carey, clad in a low-cut black top with lace sleeves, told Lopez, “I never liked perfume. I never wore it.”

But she got a kick out of doing perfume and “putting together the notes. It’s like writing a song.”

The notes, by the way, are: Top Notes, Sicilian bergamot, ocean breeze accord and Bellini accord; Mid Notes, pink peony, dewy tiare petals and lily of the valley; and Base Notes, bright blond woods, creamy sandalwood and white musk.

The perfume’s bottle, designed by Carey, is especially pretty. It has a pink metallic pink butterfly cap, and the bottle has an iridescent aurora borealis look. “I really spent a lot of time on the bottle,” the pop singer said, adding that she collects all kinds of perfume bottles.

Carey’s collection also includes butterfly jewelry. She told Lopez that she did her “Butterfly” album in 1997, with the title cut the same name. “A lot of my fans started associating me with that symbol,” Carey said. “It’s a great kind of positive symbol.”

HSN also showed a video clip where Carey said that butterflies also represent freedom and a lack of limits to her.

Along with Carey’s fans, fellow HSN vendor and tennis pro Serena Williams even called in during the show. She had ordered the perfume.

“I loved the packaging,” Williams said. “I thought it was amazing.”

Carey’s husband, Nick Cannon, was supportive. He also called in during the show and said that Carey was doing a great job. “I love you,” he told her.

That’s sweet.

Mariah won't be walking around in these while she's pregnant

Carey has a whole closet dedicated to shoes in LA, and she’s done some hot ones for HSN. Both Carey and Lopez were rocking the high suede peeptoe boots that are part of the singer’s HSN collection.

Carey gushed about the boots, saying that her friends loved them and never suspected they were from her line. “They really look super-expensive,” said Carey, who we know can afford to buy those pricey red-soled shoes.

Lopez described the peeptoe boots as “sexy,” and said her husband Carlos loved them on her.

And although Carey was in no shape to wear them and model them, she also was proud of the platform stilettos she designed.

HSN Host Colleen Lopez, Designer Wayne Scot Lukas Share An Order Of Fries At Fred’s: Next Time Invite Us

October 31, 2010

Wayne Scot Lukas

Here’s a Halloween surprise.

Designer/celebrity stylist Wayne Scot Lukas tipped off his Facebook fans Sunday that some of his leftover merchandise on ShopNBC has popped up on clearance at prices that are a steal.

That includes a Lukastyle techno suede jacket for $43 and a twist top, which we really like, for 15 clams.

Lukas, who was a fixture on HSN before moving briefly to ShopNBC, was hanging with HSN host Colleen Lopez recently in the Big Apple. Jersey native Lukas posted some photos of him with the luscious French fries, our favorite, they were chowing down on at Fred’s in Barneys in Manhattan.

Barney’s is so pricey that we hyperventilate every time we walk in there: We can’t even afford a shopping bag in that joint.

Lukas, who stood us up when we tried to stop by and see him in Monmouth (no worries, Wayne) a few months ago, said that Colleen was good and only had two fries. We guess she does not want to add any girth to that great skinny-minny figure she has now.

The chance of us only eating two French fries at a meal is one in a million: Colleen obviously has more willpower than us.

Lukas, by the way, has found a new home at QVC and is doing collections for several of the home shopping channel’s European networks, including QVC UK.

Yes We Think He’s Sexy: Rod Stewart To Perform Live On HSN

October 4, 2010

Now here is an impressive “get” for HSN: Singer Rod Stewart will be performing live on the home shopping network next Saturday, Oct. 9.

The Stewart reveal came just a week after HSN announced a deal with another pop music talent, Mariah Carey.

HSN super host Colleen Lopez broke the Rod news on Facebook Sunday night.

“I’m over the moon!,” she wrote. “Rod Stewart will be live on HSN… 8:00 pm eastern!! Hope you can make it a date – you’ll see Rod perform live and have a chance to order his new album Fly Me To The Moon…The Great American Song Book Volume V! I ♥ Rod Stewart – any other fans out there?”

More later after we watch “Mad Men.”

…That cad Don Draper just can’t keep his pants zipped! Oh, back to Rod Stewart.

Here is what HSN is saying about its Stewart CD offering, at $15:

Rod Stewart Great American Songbook Vol. 5 Set of 2 CDs

Let Rod do what he does best, and that is to sing and make your heart aflutter. This spectacular CD bundle helps you remind yourself of your obsession with one of the most successful performers of all time. Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook series has been a record-breaking success and this exclusive bundle follows right in the footsteps of its predecessors. Plus, you get the amazing Songbook live CD that will have you searching for concert tickets in no time.

What You Get

“Fly Me to the Moon Great American Songbook Volume 5” CD
“Great American Songbook Live” CD

Rod Stewart Great American Songbook Vol. 5 Track List

That Old Black Magic listen
Beyond the Sea
I’ve Got You Under My Skin listen
What a Difference a Day Makes
I Get a Kick Out of You listen
I’ve Got the World on a String listen
Love Me or Leave Me listen
My Foolish Heart listen
September in the Rain listen
Fly Me to the Moon listen
Sunny Side of the Street listen
Moon River listen

Great American Songbook Live Track List

They Can’t Take That Away From Me
Every Time We Say Goodbye
For All We Know
That Old Feeling
Blue Moon
What a Wonderful World
For Sentimental Reasons

Busty Diva Mariah Carey is Coming To HSN

September 24, 2010

Sheboygan, Wis. — We’re on a business trip to the Heartland, and just saw on Colleen Lopez’s Facebook page that Mariah Carey is coming to HSN!

She will be selling her new XMAS CD, Merry Christmas II, in October, and will also be doing a shoe and jewelry collection later this year.

Lopez met with “Mimi” recently at the singer’s home in Beverly Hills, flying there after HSN’s big birthday event weekend in Vegas.

“She was such a doll — sweet, funny, gorgeous and amazingly talented,” Lopez wrote.

We were wondering what you were up to, Colleen, you little minx!

We bet you see some butterfly jewelry from Carey, since that’s a favorite motif of the rings and necklaces that she wears.

You can preorder the CD on right now.

As always, there is a Jersey connection. We believe that either Carey’s mom or dad are from Lake Hiawatha, N.J., not far from where we grew up.

Former HSN Apparel Vendor Terry Lewis Has Surfaced On Facebook

September 9, 2010

We finally found former HSN vendor Terry Lewis — on Facebook.

Lewis’s name popped up Wednesday on our Facebook page because we have some friends in common, and we e-mailed her asking what she was up to and if her devoted HSN fans could buy her clothing line anyplace anymore.

Lewis, a former HSN host whose own line, Classic Luxuries, was discontinued on the No. 2 home shopping network, e-mailed us back but didn’t spill the beans about what she is up to.

“You may ask your friends to identify themselves as customers and I will friend them,” Lewis wrote us. “I am only now joining facebook…Far too busy before. Thanks for your support.”

That was it.

Like us, Lewis was reluctant to join Facebook.

“All of my friends and family who see this are gonna say Oh my God she did it,” Lewis says on her page. “I said I’d never join a social networking site. Here I go… My line was ‘why hide behind a computer’?

She only has about 20 friends so far, but they include HSN hosts Colleen Lopez, Chris Scanlon, Shivan Sarna and ShopNBC vendor and former HSN host Judy Crowell.

Prior to the Facebook connection, we were going to call a phone number we had found for Lewis’s company, which was based in Tampa.

But Lewis’s Facebook profile says she is now in Greenwood, S.C.

Emmy Winner’s Wife Rocked HSN Necklace At The Awards Ceremony

August 31, 2010

The Emmy necklace

We always enjoy reading HSN host-with-the-most Colleen Lopez’s Facebook posts, and she had a good one Monday.

Colleen said that she had just viewed the time-shifted Emmy Awards, and she was surprised and pleased to see that the wife of one of the Emmy winners was wearing a necklace that is featured on HSN’s Designer Gallery.

“I just finished watching the Emmy Awards – that I TVo’d from last night…..And LO and BEHOLD there was our fabulous Amanda Jaron Designer Gallery Necklace on the wife of Steve Levitan’s wife, Kristen!!” Colleen said on Facebook. “As he gave his funny and touching tribute to his wife…..Check out that fabulous necklace!!! Congrats, Amanda ♥

Steve Levitan who won an Emmy for comedy writing for “Modern Family.” Colleen posted the video clip, as have we.

The necklace had chunky faceted onyx beads with sterling silver flowers on them. We’ve seen Colleen’s presentations on the piece, and she said she had purchased it for herself.

Jaron commented on Facebook that Krista Levitan (that’s how Amanda spelled her name) had purchased her necklace on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The necklace sold for $200 at HSN, but it appears to be sold out now.

Even CEO Mindy Grossman, Along With Criss Angel, Is Live In Vegas For HSN’s 33rd Birthday

August 15, 2010

Criss Angel's HSN Magic Kit

We’ll give credit where credit is due. HSN is really wowing us, first with its “Eat, Pray, Love” event last weekend (more on that later) and this weekend with its live event from Vegas, baby.

We’re watching it now, and illusionist Criss Angel is doing his thing, performing and hawking a magic kit with Callie Northagen.

HSN has transported a host of its hosts — Colleen Lopez, Bill Green, Chris Scanlon, etc. — to Sin City, and its celebrity vendors, like Wolfgang Puck, Jennifer Flavin Stallone to do shows in front of a studio audience. There were 25 celebs doing presentations, and the vibe was fun.

HSN also set up booths in Vegas with its jewelry, apparel, etc. The home shopping network at about 8 p.m. went to a shot of Jean Queen Diane Gilman in her booth, where we saw HSN CEO Mindy Grossman, live and in the flesh.

Lopez gave a shout-out to Grossman as a woman of style (that should ensure a raise, Colleen).

We know that QVC often goes on location, to Italy and Arizona, for example. But HSN’s Vegas event, with sets it built special for the gala and interacting with a live audience, was really creative programming for a home shopping network.

Crabby Designer Arnold Scaasi To Shutter His Couture Business, But Continue His HSN Jewelry Line

July 22, 2010

One of Scaasi's HSN pieces

Mr. Charm and Warmth himself, Arnold Scaasi, is shuttering his apparel business after 55 years of supplying dresses to women like Barbara Bush and Barbra Streisand (he designed the see-through pants she wore to the Oscars in 1969).

But never fear, home shopping queens, Scaasi will continue to do his fashion jewelry line for HSN.

The New York Times had the news Thursday about Scaasi ending his dress line, in a story headlined “No More Flattery From Scaasi,” which we believe was a sarcastic hede. We hadn’t been aware of this, but Scaasi apparently has criticized Michelle Obama’s fashion style. We guess he feels he’s qualified, since he has dressed five First Ladies during his career, according to The Times.

Scaasi, who had been making 20 custom gowns a month, has a glorious jewelry line on HSN. The pieces are gorgeous, and really well-priced.

But he is a nasty jackass on-air, being rude to hosts such as Colleen Lopez, who gave it right back to him — in a nice way. He acts like he is above selling goods on a home shopping channel.

Well, if Badgley Mischka can come to HSN and not be condescending, so can Scaasi. We don’t care how many First Ladies he has dressed.