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Here’s Hoping Wrinkle Cream StriVectin Works, Despite What The New York Times Says

August 20, 2010

We’re slated to go QVC tomorrow for the sterling designer meet-and-greet, and we wanted to look our best. We planned to diet this week, and instead had Pizza Hut breadsticks and personal pan pizza twice this week. Instead of raisin bran, we had a cranberry scone at Starbucks. We inhaled a chocolate milkshake (it was made with nonfat milk) yesterday. As they say, the road to hell is paved with…

We also hoped to look more youthful, so we started using our super-duper improved new formula StriVectin wrinkle cream, ordered from QVC, as soon as it arrived this week. It was a Today’s Special Value last week, with the tagline “More science. less wrinkle.”

Now the face cream and eye treatment are on for $157.

We had high hopes for this cream, but we tempered our expectations when we read The New York Times Thursday and its story about the new StriVectin line, “Debating the Claims Behind Wrinkle Creams.”

The story cites doctors who dispute some of the claims that StriVectin is making, and talks about the two researcherms from the University of Arizona, Elaine and Myron Jacobson, who are behind the cream’s secret sauce: NIA-114, a patented type of niacin, or Vitamin B3.

The Times noted that the Food and Drug Administration warned StrVectin’s former owner, Klein-Becker in 2005 to knock off claiming that the cream was “better than Botox.” The cream line is now owned by Catterton Partners.

The Times story quotes a doctor who says that NIA-114 is not a replacement for the king of wrinkle-cream ingredents, Retin-A.

Anyway, we have 30 days to try it out. But we don’t think it will do us any good tomorrow in Westchester.