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ShopNBC Joins Home-Shopping Musical Bandwagon With Live Concert By Heart

August 26, 2010

Heart, one of our favs, will perform live on ShopNBC this Sunday at 2 p.m. as the group introduces its first new studio album in six years, “Red Velvet Car,” on the network.

The album, which will be officially released Aug. 31 through Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings, will be available exclusively to ShopNBC viewers during the band’s acoustic performance.

We heart Heart

ShopNBC is the third home shopping networks, behind QVC and HSN, to host live concerts of popular artists and sell their new albums. It’s a way for these channels to draw in viewers who ordinarily wouldn’t be caught dead watching QVC or HSN.

QVC recently had Sheryl Crow on for a great concert, and HSN has had Natalie Cole.

During the hour long pre-release show titled “Heart Live!” on ShopNBC, Ann and Nancy Wilson will perform acoustic renditions of songs off their new album as well as a selection of their greatest hits in front of a live in-studio audience.

Included with the pre-release of Heart’s new album, “Red Velvet Car,” will be a 5-track greatest hits live album, exclusive to ShopNBC, and a vintage Heart T-shirt, which until now has only been available on the Heart website and at live performances.

The entire pre-release package will be offered to ShopNBC viewers for $19.83. In addition to the live studio performance, customers may also preview clips of the new album online at ShopNBC (Search Term: Heart).

God, it’s worth it to buy this package just for the T-shirt alone!

Here’s ShopNBC’s hype on Heart, whose “What About Love” is on our all-time favorite list:

Like all Heart albums, ‘Red Velvet Car’ rocks hard, but also has a deep acoustic side. Nancy Wilson has long been known to play her acoustic guitar with rock ferocity. With this album, an abundance of resonant acoustic instruments (guitars, mandolin, dobro, banjo, fiddle, viola, cello, and autoharp), played by Nancy Wilson and the album’s producer, Ben Mink, are showcased in Heart’s unique style.

Nine of the album’s songs were written especially for the album, ‘Red Velvet Car.’ The album’s closer, “Sand,” is a newly recorded version of a song originally written and recorded by the Lovemongers, Ann and Nancy’s 1990’s acoustic side project.

“We are thrilled to bring internationally known music icon Heart to the ShopNBC network and provide our viewers with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience through this live performance,” ShopNBC president Bob Ayd said in a canned statement.

“As a multi-media retailer operating with a premium lifestyle brand, we are highly focused on content, commerce and community to the surprise, delight, and entertainment of our 1 million customers. Establishing a strategic relationship with Sony Music will not only help expand what customers can expect from us, but also open the door for many new and exciting opportunities within the music industry going forward.”

Here’s the hype from the record label.

“The arrival of ‘Red Velvet Car,’ the first new Heart album in six years, is cause for celebration,” said Adam Block, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Legacy Recordings. “We think there’s a great fit here and are excited for Nancy and Ann Wilson to be sharing their new songs live with their fans on this ShopNBC event.”

Ann Wilson and her younger sister, Nancy Wilson, proved that women can rock when their band Heart hit the charts in the ’70s with hits like “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” “Barracuda,” “Straight On,” “Even It Up” and “Kick It Out.”

Not only did the Wilson sisters lead the band, they wrote the songs and played the instruments, making them the first women in rock to do so. Heart continued topping the charts through the ’80s and into the ’90s with huge hits like “These Dreams,” “Alone,” “What About Love,” “If Looks Could Kill” and “Never.”

Heart sold more than 30 million records, had 21 Top 40 hits and sold out arenas worldwide.

We Give Up: QVC’s Response On Sheryl Crow’s Denim, Not Jewelry, Line

July 23, 2010

We finally got a response, the wrong response, from QVC’s PR Department to our question about rocker Sheryl Crow’s new denim line.

On Monday night Crow, during her live performance on the home shopping channel, said she was doing a denim line that would feature low-priced jeans, in the $60 range. That evening, we e-mailed QVC’s PR folk to ask the obvious question: Was QVC going to sell Crow’s denim.

Here is the answer we got back, finally, Wednesday.

“This is Denise Kovalevich with QVC’s PR department. I received your email about Sheryl Crow bringing a jewelry line to QVC and at this time I cannot confirm that this is true.”

Well, we asked about DEMIN, not JEWELRY, so do you know something we don’t know, Denise? Has Crow got a jewelry line in the works? Oh, we forgot, you can’t confirm that it’s true.

Well, how about her denim line, which was actually our question?

In fact, here’s our original question verbatim.

“I just watched the Crow concert, and she said she is doing a low-priced denim line, jeans.
Will those jeans be sold on QVC?

…For nothing.

We’re Still Waiting To Hear Back From QVC’s PR Department About Sheryl Crow’s New Denim Line

July 21, 2010

We sent QVC’s PR department this e-mail on Monday night, right after we watched Sheryl Crow perform and heard her say she was doing a denim line.

Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 11:11 PM
To: Media Relations
Subject: question on Sheryl Crow

I just watched the Crow concert, and she said she is doing a low-priced denim line, jeans.
Will those jeans be sold on QVC?
The Homeshoppingista

We got this e-mail back from QVC at 8:25 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Please provide us with your phone number and deadline. Thank you for contacting QVC.

We supplied our number and deadline. And that was the last we heard from QVC.

So we still don’t know if Crow’s low-cost jeans will be sold on QVC. But don’t say we didn’t try to find out.

As for QVC’s PR department: How about doing your job?

Sheryl Crow Rocks The House, And A Sexy Miniskirt, Live On QVC — She’s Got A Denim Line Coming Out, Too

July 20, 2010

Sheryl Crow

Nine-time Grammy winner Sheryl Crow’s live performance on QVC Monday night was one of the best, most natural performances we’ve seen of a musical artist on a home shopping network. Her whole band was there to perform songs from her new CD, which will be released tomorrow, called “100 Miles From Memphis.”

Crow looked gorgeous, wearing a tiny turquoise sequined miniskirt and a cream sleeveless cowl top. When host Lisa Robertson came over to talk to Crow, she told her, “Don’t bend over in that one.”

Robertson later on made reference to Crow’s sexy mini again, joking, “That skirt is available separately for a very reasonable price.”

Crow mentioned that she had a new denim line coming out, with jeans no more than $60, but it was unclear if that merchandise is for QVC. We’ll check that with QVC’s crack PR department.

What the home shopping network was selling Mondaya was Crow’s “100 Miles from Memphis CD” and a six-track bonus CD for $19.

It’s a bluesy CD, according to Crow, who is a former school teacher. “I grew up 100 miles from Memphis,” Crow told Robertson, explaining the album’s title.

Crow was loose and relaxed. “Can we say ‘kick-ass’ on QVC?” she asked Robertson at one point.

And at another point she joked, “A girl can’t have enough Grammys.”

For a live audience at QVC’s West Chester studios, Crow sang songs from the new CD as well as old favorites such as “All I Want To Do.”

In between numbers, Robertson chatted Crow up. The singer said that she wanted this album to be about ‘vulnerability” and “desire,” as opposed to prior albums that were more political.

Crow is about to go on tour with her new band, and her message to her fans was, “We’re so excited to have a new record out.”

There is a Volume 2 of “100 Miles From Memphis” coming, according to Crow.

We guess Crow’s good looks and her musical talent came from her parents back in Missouri. She said both her parents were musicians who played in a swing band.

And when Robertwon asked Crow how she kept in such great shape, which was something we wanted to know, the singe said, “A large part of it is genetic.”

But Crow also said she is active and likes to do athletic things outdoors.

QVC sold more than 3,500 of the CD sets. At least, that was the last count that Robertson gave during the show.

Here’s what QVC’s website said about the CD:

“Not just a location, ‘100 Miles from Memphis’ reflects a state of mind to Sheryl Crow. Showcased by the first single ‘Summer Day,’ her seventh album displays an impressive range of feeling and performance rooted in her small-town upbringing. If you can’t get enough of this talented singer-songwriter, you’ll enjoy more of your favorite Sheryl Crow tunes on the six-track CD of her greatest hits.”