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The Homeshoppingista Crows About Beating ‘The Bible Of the Cable Industry,’ Her Ex-Employer, And That Other Home Shopping Blog

May 20, 2010

Mother, mother pin a rose on me. That’s what our childhood friend Diane’s mother would say if any of us kids bragged. Well, we’re bragging.

We beat our old employer, the guys that laid us off a year ago, and we beat the other home shopping blog with our blog Wednesday about NBC selling its stake in ShopNBC and the home shopping channel planning to get a new name and rebrand. We took the time to listen to ShopNBC’s first-quarter earnings, while others who claim to cover cable and home shopping, namely Multichannel News and Home Shopping Queen, apparently failed to bother to do.

We had an hour before we put on our makeup, fixed our hair and finished packing Wednesday before our cab picked us up. We were on are way to LaGuardia and Chicago.

But we still took the time to hear the call and frantically write the story, because it’s a pretty big one for the home shopping industry.

Multichannel News, the bible of the cable industry and our home for 16 years, thought the story was pretty big, too. They gave it pretty big play on their website about 24 hours after we wrote it.

Better late than never, guys. No credit to The Homeshoppingista, of course.

Home Shopping Queen wrote it up, we’re pretty sure after us, but she buried the freaking lead when she did. That’s what writers do when they get beat on a big story — they pretend it was not really so big.

But then, Home Shopping Queen says, “I don’t enjoy muddling through dense text filled with financial numbers.”

Well, The Homeshoppingista sure does. That’s where the best stories are. That’s where the real scoop and real news is. But then, our background is journalism.

We also gave our story to our friend Harry Jessell, who published it on TVNewscheck, with competes with B&C magazine, the sister pub to Multichannel News. How sweet it is.

We had to celebrate this little victory, so much so that we are writing this in the lobby of the Hotel Allegro in Chicago, paying $5.95 every 15 minutes on here. But we couldn’t wait until we got back to Jersey late Friday to write this.

At 8 p.m., we’ll be heading out to a fancy restaurant for dinner with our crew here. And we’ll be drinking a Bombay Sapphire martini, with olives, the celebrate Wednesday’s events.

There is a God.

Our next celebration will be when certain people get shit-canned from Multi, like we were. When that happens, we plan to walk to our favorite local watering hole, buy the bar drinks, and get “half a bag on,” as our dad would put it. Karma, we know you will kick in eventually.

NBC To Sell Stake In ShopNBC, Which Plans To Change Its Name And Rebrand

May 19, 2010

NBC plans to sell its nearly 20 percent stake in ShopNBC, which will change its name and rebrand by next February, officials from the home shopping network said Wednesday.

During a first-quarter earnings call, ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart said that NBC, which is being acquired by Comcast, no longer sees TV retailing as a strategic fit. Therefore, NBC plans to sell its 6.5 million shares, a 19.8 percent stake, in the home shopping network. NBC filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last Friday to sell its shares.

ShopNBC has a 10-year licensing agreement with NBC that expires next May, and the home shopping network for the past eight months has “very methodically” been working with a consultant to develop a new brand name, according to Stewart.

“We have a short list of names,” he said.

The home shopping channel had been called ValueVision, and the company’s corporate name remains ValueVision Media, until NBC acquired a stake in it nearly a dozen years ago. With NBC in as an investor-partner, ValueVision changed its network’s name to ShopNBC.

ShopNBC will roll out that new name gradually this summer, starting out on the Web, and will listen to customer feedback and suggestions, he added.

“We will respond to customers,” Stewart said.

The final evolution will be using the new name for the TV network, with that transition to be completed by next February, before the licensing deal with NBC expires, according to Stewart.

“It’s important that we own the brand,” Stewart said.

For example, having control of the network’s name would permit ShopNBC to expand internationally, according to Stewart.

GE Capital still owns 6 million shares of ShopNBC, which is a 15.5 percent stake.