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  1. Wanda Rios Says:

    Hello Homeshoppingista:
    Enjoy your blog very much. I would like to know more about Gems TV. Their format seems interesting. They have familiar hosts. I heard they were going off the air in May. I think they would be interesting to write about. Can you dig and find out more.

    thanks so much.

    your fan,

  2. Susan Brown Says:

    What has happened to Lisa Robertson ? Why is Antonella Nester on
    with Veronese only?

    Another fan

  3. joann lamberti Says:

    just found this site accidently,must say i find it quite interesting.am new on a laptop, so please excuse my many mistakes. am new at all of it.but not new at watching the q, i remember when judy crowell&jeff hewson were an item!! was really something. JOANN LAMBERTI



  5. Linda Houston Says:

    David I can not wait to see the recipe your cooking on november 28 2010 sometime I am going to order Rachel Rays baking dishes because I need some new ones could you please send a gift card on January 18 2011 I will be 48 and am going to make a red velvet cake thank you Linda

  6. Rhonda Says:

    What has happened to EmVee Tv? Suddenly they are off air and their website is down…

  7. Melissa Cox Says:

    Love your blog! Your story was inspirational to me; I was laid off and am looking for an income stream. Keep up the great job!

  8. joann lamberti Says:

    enjoy all the comments, am still wondering what ever happened to JEFF HEWSON???seen Judy Crowell, on shopnbc she has a line of clothing&ect..love keeping up on the host’s?ect. thank’s joann lamberti.

  9. Sandra Reczenski Says:

    Did you know that Judy Crowell will be on JTV starting this week? She is representing 2 lines of JTV jewelry. Also, do you know what happened to the host, Scott, on JTV. Last week another host said he was filling in for Scott because Scott was “under the weather”. Today, Scott’s pic and bio are no longer listed on JTV.

  10. Julia Yarish Says:

    Can you please ask Micheal Oconner if he is going to make another evil eye

  11. Carol Hart Says:

    I am disappointed that QVC is not doing more to celebrate its 25th anniversary this month. I started ordering in 1986, and I would love to see some clips of old shows and some shows dedicated to the anniversary. Do you know if anything is planned? Carol

  12. Lynda Says:

    Wonder what ever happened to Tamra of Tootie days. Any one know. Linda, I just found your site. Luv it….

  13. s peters Says:

    Leave George alone celebrate his success. He likes himself what I hate are women over 40 who refuse to cut their hair and try to be 20

    • s peters Says:

      Women. Reevaluate your hair. Cut it. Get modern. And color appropriately the headstrong platinum of your twenties is not working

      • Tina Says:

        Get out of the 50s, Peter. Women who like and can wear long hair should be able to at any age. And it doesn’t mean they’re “trying to be in their 20s”. It means they like long hair. Short hair does not look good on most women.
        Get over yourself.

  14. Carol connell Says:

    Quite awhile ago I bought a pewter color metallic jacket from Susan graver. Even tho I knew it wld be to small. I loved the jacket and finally lost enough weight to wear it. The first and only time I wore it I was mortified because when I stood up it had shedded metallic all over the seat and left shed marks on the jacket. I think I should be compensated for this.

  15. Carol connell Says:

    Yes qvc said to contact Susan Graver. I can’t seem to get her directly even tho I was told she is good about answering her messages. Can you help me?

  16. Carol connell Says:

    Qvc said to contact Susan Graver. I can’t seem to find a way to tell her my problem even tho I was told she was good about answering all her emails. Can you please help me?

  17. Carol connell Says:

    Sorry to repeat myself didn’t think the first one went thru

  18. Carol connell Says:

    Are you going to help me?

  19. manicshopper@yahoo.com Says:

    Not sure why you think this blog is going to help you? QVC should have information for you on who and how to contact.

  20. Carol connell Says:

    Qvc referred me to Susan graver. Can’t reach her. Obviously you can’t help me either so I will chalk it up to a bad xperience and probably won’t order from her anymore. I can’t remember who referred me to you or how I got you.

  21. Sandra Says:

    Did Judy Crowell leave JTV? She is no longer co-hosting the Stratify jewelry shows and her bio is no longer on the JTV expert list.

  22. homeshoppingista Says:

    I noticed she has not been on. I will ask. thanks

  23. Sandra Says:

    “Treasures with Sue” is a program on the Gem Shopping Network for the past 15 years. Suddenly, the show is off of the schedule without explanation. Could you find out why and if it will return. It is my favorite home shopping program. Thank you.

  24. Mary Laird Says:

    What ever happened to Dave from Alabama on QVC? DH just asked about him and I realized he is off the host page.

  25. Brent Says:

    Wonder how many got the ShopHQ annual survey this year. I took it for the first time and wrote a novel about what I like or don’t like. Perhaps the change in management is receptive about what we like/don’t like?

  26. B E perry Says:

    how do I catch a her show

  27. Jeannine Paire Says:

    Hi there … Love your website. It drives me crazy when something happens on the shopping channels and they never talk about it! Thank God we have you to find out for us! 🙂

    BTW, I haven’t seen Carolyn Strauss on HSN in awhile and I don’t see her clothes on their website. I hope she didn’t leave! Can you find out? Thanks! Happy New Year!

  28. David Anderson Says:

    There’s one person who hates the ‘EVINE Live’ rebranding more than you do, Ms Moss! Either the new management is ridiculously incompetent, or there are corporate shenanigans going on.

  29. Sonia J Williams Says:

    Hi Dawn,
    I like the way you present the jewelry

  30. Paula Says:

    What happened to Dan Dennis at the LC channel?

  31. Jessee Michael Says:


  32. Kristin Says:

    Hi there,

    I enjoy reading your posts. I noticed whenever I click on your page, it opens up to a post from January 2016 (Colleen Lopez breaking her arm). Didn’t know if that was deliberate or not?

  33. Kristin Gennerich Says:

    Did you see the QVC is doing reruns from 2:00-7:00 A.M. starting teh week of 10/9? I don’t know if it’s a cost cutting measure or not. If so, the over night hosts may be in trouble.

    Also, Sloane Glass was let go (she was the QVC beauty correspondent)

  34. Terese Ann Goren Says:

    Enjoy your blog very much. Always look forward to reading more.

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