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Best-Selling Author Suzanne Somers Is Back With Her FaceMaster For ShopNBC’s Beauty Day

January 14, 2011

ShopNBC is holding its first Beauty Day of the New Year Friday, kicking off at 8 p.m.

“Beauty Day on ShopNBC is all about discovering a more beautiful you,” or so the home shopping channel tells us. “It’s a new year, and it’s time to refresh, restore and renew.”

Actress/author/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers is in the house to sell her organic skincare line and her best-selling and her “iconic” FaceMaster.

The' "iconic" FaceMaster

We bought a FaceMaster years ago — when Somers was on HSN — and never took it out of the box. It entails putting two little wands on your face that send out an electrical current, which supposedly makes your facial muscles plump up.

ShopNBC will be premiering on “world-renowned” skincare from Decleor, a natural, active plant ingredient based anti-aging skincare collection.

The No. 3 home shopping network calls its “Beauty Day Must Haves” the Facemaster, the Decleor all Skin Types Starter Kit and the NuBrilliance Micodermabrasion System.

ShopNBC’s Suzanne Somers’ Husband Tells All On Fran Drescher Show: ‘Rolling Off’ Her And Smashing Her Favorite Vase

December 4, 2010

Suzanne Somers' husband dished on her fight tactics

We’re behind on our freelance work and have to run, but here’s our quick takeaway from ex-HSN and current ShopNBC vendor Suzanne Somers appearance on HSN vendor Fran Drescher’s new talk show Friday.

There were two eye-opening moments, and pardon us for paraphrasing. One of the topics that Somers and her husband-business partner Alan Hamel were supposed to address was how you keep your business and romantic relationship separate when you work a spouse.

So Hamel started reciting a business-related chat he was having with Somers, and then said, “And then I rolled off her.”

The audience laughed at this description of business-related pillow talk, and Somers looked rather shocked by her Canadian hubby’s comment. We guess they don’t keep business and romance that separate, from what Hamel said.

Then Drescher, the host of “The Fran Drescher Tawk Show,” noted that Somers has been quite public about the fact that she is from a dysfunctional family. Then Somers and Hamel started describing their marriage, and Hamel said that his blonde wife used to throw things at him when they fought.

Not the most flattering revelation to make about your wife on TV.

But Hamel put a stop to Somers’ bad habit, he said, when during one fight he picked one of Somers’ favorite Chinese vases, threw it and broke it.

A rather sheepish Somers conceded that his husband’s smashing of the vase ended her throwing-things days.

Hmmmmm… We would have loved to have been a fly on the wall with Somers and hubby after their appearance.

Former HSN Vendor Suzanne Somers To Appear On Current HSN Vendor Fran Drescher’s ‘Tawk’ Show Today

December 3, 2010

Actress-author-entrepreneur-ex-HSN vendor Suzanne Somers will be a guest on actress-HSN vendor Fran Drescher’s new daytime talk show today, Friday.

Maybe — not — Somers will dish about why she left HSN after more than a dozen years to join ShopNBC last year. The blonde was part of a wave of vendors who left, or were shown the door, when new HSN CEO Mindy Grossman came on board and started putting her stamp on the home shopping network.

Drescher’s program, which debuted on six Fox stations this week, is called “The Fran Drescher Tawk Show.” It airs on WNYW in New York City.

Drescher “joined the HSN family,” as the network likes to put it, this year with a skincare line, FranBrand. Somers is selling clothing, jewelry and skincare product on ShopNBC.

Lets's see, will Suzanne tell Fran why she left HSN?

Here is a description of today episode from the show’s website:

Fran Drescher’s not only naturally funny, but also a big believer in living a lifestyle that keeps you naturally sexy.

Today’s guests are all about staying lean, healthy and sensuous.

The iconic Suzanne Somers reveals how hormones and a positive attitude have kept her happy and youthful.

Then Fran has a rare in-depth interview with both Suzanne and husband/business partner Alan Hamel, who discuss their four-decade relationship and the challenges of keeping their business lives separate from their romantic lives.

Plus, Suzanne & Alan show Fran how to cook their favorite mushroom soup and the joy of growing their own vegetables.

Will Suzanne Somers’ ShopNBC Styler Get Our Curls Under Control?

November 17, 2010

Maybe she used the Suzanne Styler for this straight do

Best-selling author/actress/ShopNBC vendor Suzanne Somers is moving into the hair-apparatus arena.

Somers is hawking a “Suzanne Styler” that is similar to a gizmo with a rotating barrel that QVC was trying to shove down our throats for several months.

Somers was promoting her styler via her e-mail newsletter this week, timed to her appearance on ShopNBC.

The Suzanne Styler, which is already available on, promises to “straighten, lift, volumize and curl with one extraordinary styling tool.” It is selling for $94.

Here’s what we are promised:

The styler straightens with its rotating barrel, which polishes hair and gives it frizz-free shine.

It adds lift and volume at the hair’s roots.

It can create soft curls or tight spiral curls.

It has a titanium plate that evenly distributes heat.

This is all illustrated with photos of Somers with straight hair and sexy loose curls.

We admit, we are a little intrigued.

Here is the full dope from

The Suzanne Styler adds body and volume as it straightens

This is done in two ways:

-First, the Suzanne Styler straightens with a polishing titanium barrel–it fluffs the hair, creating extra volume
-Secondly, the rotating barrel actually lifts hair from the scalp and creates volume at the root

Even those with short or thin hair can achieve amazing volume with the Suzanne Styler

The barrel is titanium — Titanium is known for its strength and high temperature stability. It is corrosion resistant, conducts heat more evenly and heats up faster than ceramic

Titanium has an ultra-polished surface allowing the hair to glide smoothly through the Suzanne Styler for silky soft, smooth and shiny hair

The advantage of the Suzanne Styler is it doesn’t crush hair between two static plates like a flat iron or curling iron does
The barrel on the Suzanne Styler is rotating and polishing as opposed to two static plates on most hair tools which burn and crease the hair

It has a Floating Styling Plate — the floating plate on the Suzanne Styler allows it to adjust for the varying amounts of hair you want to style

Each time you use the Suzanne Styler, whether you are doing wide, thick sections or thin sections, the floating plate will automatically adjust to make certain there is constant consistent pressure against the rotating cylinder
This ensures that your hair gets the absolute most benefit from the smoothing and straightening effect of the Suzanne Styler

It has Aligned Pin Bristles — The first set of bristles aligns the hair before it passes over the heated plate allowing even styling

The second set of bristles keeps hair in line after it passes over the rotating barrel and heated plate leaving hair smooth, silky and shiny

Promises, promises.

The Wall Street Journal On HSN Honcho Mindy Grossman, Why Home Shopping Is Hot And ‘Pooh-Poohing’ Designers

November 11, 2010

Did you realize it’s “The Golden Age of TV Shopping”?

We know, we’ve been telling you that for more than a year now, but The Wall Street Journal made it official Thursday, with a big feature with that “Golden Age” headline.

It looks like Journal reporter Elizabeth Holmes actually plopped her butt onto a plane and made the trek to St. Petersburg, Fla., to find out exactly why the hell upscale designers such as Reem Acra (who is so high-end we had never heard of her), Mark Badgley and James Mischka, and Naeem Khan are now selling their wares on HSN. In the past, they were selling their duds to celebs like Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

The Journal story mainly focuses on HSN and its evolution (which has some irate customers wanting to start a revolution) under the helm of CEO Mindy Grossman. But it also references the market’s dominant player, QVC, and its hip vendors such as razor-thin celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and “Mad Men” costume designer Janie Bryant.

Your's truly with designing team Mark Badgley and James Mischka, who are a big part of The Journal's home shopping story

As usual in one of these home-shopping-networks-are-no-longer-downscale stories, we have the usual quotes from Acra and Khan (who has designed for First Lady Michelle Obama) knocking electronic home — that is before they swallowed the Kool-Aid.

“I never watched it before,” Acra told The Journal, referring to HSN. “I pooh-poohed it. But now look at it. There are items I would want every single day.”

Ah, a true believer now.

Naeem Khan's $870 bag for HSN

Then the story gets to the obvious: High-end designers have gone to HSN because they can move a hell of a lot of product on it, which is pretty crucial when sales for upsale goods have crashed. Mischka told Rupert Murdoch’s financial rag that Badgley Mischka sold 18,000 units of one particular jacket on HSN. It would take a lot of couture gowns to ring up that kind of revenue. Volume, volume, volume.

We did learn a few things from The Journal, like that HSN keeps track of sales by the minutes, and uses that “intel,” as Jack Bauer would say, to guide hosts. The story says that when HSN host Bobbi Ray Carter mentioned the quality of one of Acra’s jackets, it’s sales shot up. So HSN had Ray talk in more detail about the material in the piece.

HSN chief Mindy Grossman

The article talks quite a bit about Nike veteran Grossman, who came on board to HSN in 2006 and began making it more fashion-forward by courting a host of big-name designers.

Grossman did her research, asking people about HSN, and told The Journal she got three responses, “Some who shopped, some who didn’t, some who did but they whispered that they did.””

We never whispered, Mindy! We were always loud and proud about our HSN and QVC purchases, despite being surrounded by snobby Manhattanites (most of whom where transplants from the Midwest).

The Journal story goes on about Grossman, saying, “The new CEO cleaned house, shedding brands that she didn’t think made sense for the network.”

We guess the “shedding” refers to the exits of vendors like Suzanne Somers, Terry Lewis, Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles and a parade of others. The departure of Terry Lewis and her Classic Luxuries line still has some HSN shoppers calling for Grossman to be drawn and quartered.

We did get a kick out of the anecdote in the story about Mischka “falling off the stage” the first time he and his partner Badgley appeared on HSN. But unfortunately for viewers, the camera wasn’t on him when that little mishap took place.

Beyonce’s Mom Miss Tina, A Former HSN Vendor, Has Landed At Kmart

November 5, 2010

Sorry we’re a month late on this folks, but former HSN vendor Tina Knowles has landed at Kmart.

Knowles, the stylish mother of pop superstar Beyonce, is doing a clothing line for Kmart called Miss Tina for Kmart. The blog Posh On a Budget reported the news in October, when the line debuted.

Miss Tina is now at Kmart

Knowles, co-founder of the House of Dereon, had a line on HSN, Miss Tina by Tina Knowles, that included apparel and accessories. But earlier this year it suddenly disappeared, along with another African-American HSN vendor, Terry Lewis.

HSN CEO Mindy Grossman’s strategy has been to bring name-brand clothing and designers to the home shopping network, and that lead to an exodus of HSN vendors, including Suzanne Somers.

Looking on Knowles, you can see where Beyonce gets her style and class from.

The Miss Tina Kmart line has a lot of soft, drapey knit blouses, which we love, at prices that are just silly, like $15. Everything is under $20 in the collection of 30 pieces. We just may have to venture into our local Kmart to check them out.