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Consumer-Electronics Conscious ShopNBC Offers MyGoTV Pocket TV

February 12, 2010

In keeping with the trend of home shopping channels offering more consumer electronics, ShopNBC Friday is offering a MyGoTV digital LED pocket TV as its Our Top Value.

The item, the first time ShopNBC is offering such a product, is selling for $169.

Here is some of the places that ShopNBC suggests you take you MyGoTV, which has a 3.4 inch diagonal screen:

* While tailgating and then into the stadium for close-up views of the action and replays.

* While camping, hunting or other outdoor activities.

* To keep kids occupied in the same room while you’re watching a program on another TV.

* In the kitchen since the MyGoTV Pocket TV doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t require an outlet.

* In the waiting room at the doctor’s office.