HSN Chef Todd English Files Assault Charges Against His Jilted Bride, Claims She Beaned Him With His Own Watch

HSN celebrity chef Todd English has struck back, figuratively, against the bride he allegedly jilted and left at the altar.

English, a restaurateur who owns Olives in New York, has filed assault charges against his ex-fiancee Erica Wang. English, who sells a line of cookware on HSN, charges that Wang hit him upside the head with his own heavy watch Sept. 14.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that English decided to press charges after Wang gave a detailed exclusive interview to the New York Post that ran last Sunday.

It painted English as a lout who called Wang the day they were to be married at the St. Regis Hotel in New York to break it off, according to the would-be bride’s version of events.

English claims he had told Wang that their Oct. 3 nuptials were off days before the wedding.

As to why English was pressing criminal charges against Wang now, the chef’s lawyer said that the celeb had to “protect his credibility.”

The Boston Herald broke the story about English filing the charges against Wang. The article even has a photo of English taken after the alleged assault, and he does indeed have a cut or bruise by his eye.

The Post picked up on The Herald’s story Saturday, saying that Todd had his ex-fiancee arrested on the assault charges after the tabloid’s exclusive interview with her.

And we thought we have had some bad break-ups.

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