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Tips For Homeshopping Addicts, Like Don’t Use That 24.99 Percent APR Q Card

December 7, 2010

A friend Monday sent us a story from Yahoo! Finance that seemed like it was aimed right at us: “Home-Shopping Channel Addiction: A Fast Path To Credit Card Debt.” No kidding!

The article quoted one Laura Clifford of California, who had to take out a $15,000 loan from her credit union to pay off her credit cards, where she had rung up a load of home shopping “ideas,” as QVC host Lisa Robertson would say.

“Home shopping is mesmerizing,” Clifford told Yahoo! “You get yourself in a frenzy.” Yes, we’ve often whipped ourselves into a frenzy watching Nicky Butler or Sajeen Silver on HSN. Seriously.

In addition, the story quotes the author of “Make Millions by Selling on QVC,” Nick Romer, who claims to have sold more than $14 million worth of arts and crafts tools on QVC and HSN.

The story then lists the pitfalls of home shopping, and we’re sure you are all familiar with them.

1. Installments, which we know as “Easy Pay” or “Flex Pay,” which Yahoo! says “create the illusion that you’re not really spending as much as you are,” axccording to Yahoo. “Only a dollar a day,” as Robertson would say.

2. Costly credit cards. Did you realize that the interest rate for QVC’s Q card is 24.99 percent, and it’s 26.99 percent for HSN’s card? Yikes.

3. Auto-delivery. It can force you to buy a product, like makeup, even when you haven’t run out.

4. Remote control purchashing. We have HSN By Remote now. We can push “OK” on our remote, and we’ve bought something from HSN. “Impulse shopping has never been easier,” Yahoo! says.

Collectors are the ones most likely to get into debt trouble due to their home shopping, Yahoo! adds.

And don’t think that Robertson is really your BFF, according to Yahoo! The hosts act like they are your friends, which lures in “those who are loners or homebound, as their very warmth provides a sense of trust and camaraderie,” Yahoo! says, quoting one person who called home shopping “TV Prozac.”

Home shopping addicts are advised to limit themselves to one purchase a week.

And if all that doesn’t work, Yahoo! says to call your cable company and get rid of QVC and HSN. Pull the plug.

Perish the thought.

Gained Weight Or Pregnant? What’s Up With Heftier QVC Hosts Like Jacque Gonzales, and HSN’s Connie Craig-Carroll and Shivan Sarna?

November 11, 2009

What’s one of the most-asked question from our Web site viewers? It’s whether specific QVC and HSN hosts are pregnant.

In the past week or so there have been numerous variations of the inquiry, regarding QVC’s Jill Bauer, Jane Treacy and Jacque Gonzales; and HSN’s Shivan Sarna, Lynn Murphy, Connie Craig-Carroll and Suzanne Runyan.

We wish we had the answer to your question, but we don’t. We’ve already blogged and said that these hosts have gained a lot of weight in the past few months. They can’t all be pregnant.


Jacque Gonzales

Next thing you know people will be asking if QVC’s David Venable, who has packed on a few pounds after taking over the cooking beat, is in the family way.

Neck-in-neck with the pregnancy question is what happened to Pam McCoy and Wes McCoy at ShopNBC. Cost-cutting, my friends, cost-cutting.

HSN Why, Why Are You Selling Tacky ‘Faux’ Furs And Running Cheesy Holiday Promos?

October 21, 2009

This is definitely a chick discussion, but we love fake furs. Our closet has four fake fur coats, and that’s after donating three other ones last year to a coat drive and giving another one to our sister. Fake furs are really warm and fun.

So it’s with some dismay that we have to report that the “faux” fur apparel being sold on HSN Wednesday by designer Stefani Greenfield is not up to snuff. And to add insult to injury, the pieces are expensive.

Some fake furs really try to emulate real fur, and other fake furs are just fun and are not trying to look “real.”

We have an imitation mink coat that looks so real it draws dirty looks, we presume from animal lovers. And over the years we got dozens of compliments from friends and strangers on the obviously fake leopard coat that we gave to my little sis Karen last year.

The stuff in Greenfield’s Curations line is obviously not trying to look like real fur, but it looks bulky and cheap. But it’s not cheap.

Greenfield’s faux fur jacket is going for $200. A vest is $150. A headband goes for $30; a hat $40; and a weekend bag and belted-vest are both priced at $150.

We don’t care that the October issue of InStyle magazine is offering a discount on one of Greenfield’s vests.

And while we’re kvetching, HSN ought to be ashamed of the tacky, low-rent holiday promo spot it’s airing that features Bill Green, Colleen Lopez, Shivan Sarna and Lynn Murphy. They are seen clowning around, throwing Christmas gifts at each other. Is it supposed to be campy? Not working. We cringe every time we see it.

That spot gives home shopping channels a bad name. Its lack of sophistication perpetuates every stereotype there is about home shopping networks. Why bring in high-end jewelry designers like Dallas Prince, Carol Brodie and Me & Ro and then run a promo like this?

Whoever produced it should be shot, and not with a camera.

Advice for Chunky QVC and HSN Hosts: You Go Girls, To The Gym, And Skip Wolfgang’s Food

September 24, 2009


Shannon Smith

The female hosts on QVC and HSN may or may not be getting better, but they sure are getting bigger. Women on both the No. 1 and No. 2 home shopping channels seem to have gained a lot of weight in the past few months, enough that it had us doing a double-take at what we are seeing on the screen.

HSN’s Lynn Murphy, Chris Scanlon, Connie Craig-Carroll, Suzanne Runyan and Shannon Smith are all looking fuller around the face and hips. It’s a sad setback for Smith, who slimmed down last year and looked spectacular.

Perhaps everyone is doing too much sampling when celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Todd English are in the house, cooking up a storm to demonstrate their cookware lines.

We aren’t the only ones to notice the weight gains. One writer on an HSN Forum asked whether Murphy was pregnant, because she looks so big. Murphy got married this summer.

If she is pregnant, we’re not aware that she’s officially announced it yet, or if any of her colleagues are pregnant (Here’s a hot tip: Never ask a woman when she’s due unless you are absolutely sure she is pregnant).

And on QVC, right now Jill Bauer, Jane Treacy and Jacque Gonzales sure look a lot wider when they stand up and step away from their tables on-air.

It’s said that the TV camera makes you look 15 pound heavier, but these ladies can’t blame the camera for the girth we are seeing on them now.

They need to start using their own networks’ products, starting with Spanx for a slimmer appearance immediately and then going on NutriSystem to lose the extra pounds.

Maybe everyone should ask QVC host Patti Reilly for her diet secrets. The once hefty host is a sliver of her old self, with a teeny wasp-like waist. Patti, you look marvelous.