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Richie Sambora, Tico Torres and The Homeshoppingista

Linda Moss is an award-winning journalist who covered the cable TV industry for 16 years for the trade paper Multichannel News. Prior to that, she was part of the launch team of Crain’s New York Business, where she covered media in the Big Apple.

She is currently a business reporter for The Record, New Jersey’s second largest newspaper. Prior to that, she was municipal government reporter for The Montclair Times. which is owned by The Record’s parent, North Jersey Media Group.

While searching for a new job after being downsized in 2009, Moss decided to write a blog on one of her guilty pleasures, home shopping. She’s a chick: She likes to shop.

Moss could have blogged about TV programming, one of her passions, or the experience of being laid off, but there are probably thousands of those kinds of blogs. She wanted to do something different — and fun. Talented graphic and Web designer Ann McGettigan created the blog’s logo and came up with its name, The Homeshoppingista.

Moss is writing about all aspects of home shopping, from gossip on the hosts and stars who appear on the networks to financial news about them. She knows her way around an SEC filing. At Multichannel, she covered the business side of home shopping networks such as QVC, HSN and ShopNBC.

Fashion designer James Mischka, The Homeshoppingista and Mark Badgley

But Moss, a graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, also understands that home shopping channels have a wide variety of viewers. Some are fans who passionately follow the networks and their hosts the way some people follow soap operas or their favorite TV shows.

When a host moves from one home shopping channel to another, QVC and HSN fans want to know why, like Yankee fans want to know about the trades their teams are making.

The Homeshoppingista interviewing Tracy DiMarco of Jerseylicious

For shut-ins who can’t get out of the house, the lonely and insomniacs, home shopping channels are a 24/7 friend and a link to the outside world. These folks have an emotional attachment to the channels and the hosts, almost relating to them like family.

Some people watch home shopping networks to see their favorite celebrities like Paula Abdul or Tori Spelling on live TV — unfiltered, unedited and without benefit of a script.

Still others watch to relax and take their minds off their troubles. Then there are those who are too embarrassed to admit they ever look at QVC or HSN. Moss isn’t. (What, grown men spending hours playing fantasy football and trading fantasy players in their own little fantasy world makes more sense than watching the Q?)

Moss is a rock hound with a passion for gemstones and jewelry, and there is plenty of that on home shopping channels.

When she’s not working at The Times or writing The Homeshoppingista, Moss is writing stories for Advertising Age, Multichannel News, NJSpotlight.com, NewJerseyNewsroom.com, TVNewsCheck.com, NetNewsCheck.com and writing a blog for a brain injury attorney.

92 Responses to “About Homeshoppingista”

  1. Ed Flynn Says:


    Found it. Like it. Good job.


  2. Mike Squires Says:

    Linda, thousands of home shopping fans want to know, and you’re filling a vital gap for them. It’s a continuation of what you’ve always managed to do, find a way to be fun and serious, as you observe, dig, and report on what people need and want to know.

    Keep it going!
    Mike Squires

    • homeshoppingista Says:

      Thanks so much Mike for taking the time to look. I really appreciate these comments coming from you.
      If I ever get as many hits as your blog, which has won you notice in your industry, I will do cartwheels down Bloomfield Avenue.

  3. Mary Cartagena Says:

    Hi Linda!

    Ann told me about your blog. You both did a great job and I enjoyed the read.

    I’ll be checking back often.

  4. Lela Cocoros Says:

    Hi, Linda. Glad I found your blog. Unique blend of media business, shopping and gossip – love it! Best of luck to you.

  5. Mellie Says:

    I think your comments about the HSN and QVC hosts gaining weight were shallow, tacky and catty.

    You’re no beauty have you looked at yourself lately?

  6. homeshoppingista Says:

    I have looked at myself lately. I may or may not be a beauty, but I’m not overweight. Are you?

    My observations were absolutely on target. Those hosts look pregnant. If fact, the most common question this blog gets every day is whether or not this or that host is pregnant.

    You’re not dating Shannon Smith, are you?

    Note to self: Get new photo.

  7. suzanne goldklang Says:

    What a sharp blog! I really enjoyed reading it. I was a shopping host back in the day for a few years. Hope the job fairy makes a visit real soon, and keep up the good work!

  8. linda stasi Says:

    dear linda…
    i just read your column on “jersey shore” about my column on “jersey shore.” thank you so much for what you had to say about me and my writing style. it is much appreciated. best, linda stasi

  9. natasha Says:

    i would love to ask some questions. do you have an email/contact info?

  10. Angela Says:

    great site!

  11. Andrea Says:

    I find home shopping relaxing….and convenient !!!

  12. j Says:

    what do you know about the new “poshtv” channel?

  13. Marie Yednak-Carpenter Says:

    Can you tell me is there a way to sign up for your website? I looked, but could not find it.

    Thank you.

  14. j Says:

    Did the Terri lewis shoppibng site make it? I saw it the firt day and have not seen a return of it yet.

    How is Posh TV (Reno – old Gems tv) doing?

  15. Leesa Says:

    I’m glad I found you! Thanks for filling the void that HomeShoppingQueen left behind!

  16. Jane Says:

    Linda, I love your blog! I have an obscure question and I’m hoping you will know what I’m talking about. A few years ago, ShopNBC had a jewelry vendor that sold nature-inspired jewelry that was very realistic. It was usually either sterling silver or a combination of sterling and gold-clad. I loved her stuff and would love to know if she’s still in business. Do you have any idea who she is?

  17. angela Says:

    Love your blog! Did you happen to see Khloe Kardashian w/ Shawn today on QVC this morning? Khloe said the word “whore” and Shawn looked mortified, face turned bright red, and she hid behind the dress they were selling. THey were talking about how much Khloe likes leopard print and she said “Im a leopard whore”, I know its very hard for Khloe to keep the language clean!

  18. m debore Says:

    Is Pat James DeMentri still on the air at QVC?

  19. Wayne Says:

    You do a great job of reporting Linda, I dig your site a lot & I’m not afraid to admit I’m a home shopping fan. I’ve been watching QVC for about 23 years now, but have never bought anything yet, even though my mother did a few days ago. Lisa sets my heart on fire, she’s my ideal woman from head to toe & the best host on any shopping channel. Keep up the good work, you’re an honest reporter, I like to make a few comments & that’s all.

  20. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks Wayne. I love reading your comments. Keep them coming.

  21. Chris Lugo Says:

    Mark Zunino Meets With QVC Executives In Preparation Of New Line Launch


    • Chris Lugo Says:

      You can follow Mark Zunino on Facebook under “Mark Zunino Couture” and Twitter under “Mark_Zunino” for all of the latest updates!

  22. Maryellen Stadtlander Says:

    Linda, thanks for recognizing Heidi Daus for her diligent fundraising efforts for causes she is passionate about. For a busy jewelry designer who not only designs, produces and then sells live on HSN, Heidi makes time for worthy causes from Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer to the Montclair YMCA. The “big girl” as I like to call her is really a small town girl who is genuine and down-to-earth. Love your blog!

  23. Steven Zale Says:

    As a designer behind the most powerful brands, I find your observations to be right on target. Keep it up!

  24. Barney Stacher Says:

    Love your blog! How about QVC and ShopNBC blogs?!

  25. Steven Zale Says:

    For Immediate Release
    Reno, Nevada
    January 6, 2012

    Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. signs distribution and production agreement.

    Zalemark Holding Company, Inc. signs joint venture agreement with Nevada based Satview Broadband Ltd., a subsidiary of WENR Corporation, to develop and distribute programing of direct response sales of branded products, including jewelry and watch brands initially to target the Hispanic audience.
    Steven Zale, Zalemark President explains, “There is a great synergy and parallel goals between the two companies. This audience is very important to the future growth of both firms. We want to provide this fast growing demographic market with the best quality products, service and price. Further, the home shopping business supported by internet sales is the fastest growing venue for these product categories. “The initial distribution will be through Satview regional cable operations. When the program goals are reached as planned, the venture will expand from regional cable markets to national distribution.
    About Steven Zale-Steven Zale has spent nearly 30 years designing fine jewelry with a passion for creating designs that “make a statement.” Known as the designing and marketing force behind many of the most popular and prominent brands and celebrities in the world today, his timeless, rich designs reflect uniqueness, craftsmanship and attention to detail that have earned him the most prestigious awards worldwide and recognition as one of today’s top designers. Some of his accolades and awards include 2009-2010 U.S. Commerce Design Awards, 2008 Forbes Designer of the Year and two DeBeers “Designer of the Year” awards. Steven’s Designs has been published in some of the most influential publications worldwide including Vogue, Harper Bazaar, JCK, Lustre, In Style, Seventeen, JQ, Cosmopolitan, Modern Jeweler, Jewelry Couture, Millionaire, Valley, Trends & Colours, Engagement Magazine, Fine Interiors, DuPont Registry. Steven supports the charity Operation Smile to bring smiles to children’s faces worldwide.
    Contact: ir @zalemark.com

  26. Robin Watson Says:

    Was looking for any blog by or about Diane Gilman. Watched her this afternoon, and was hoping someone would post something about the shoes she was wearing. They were gorgeous, zig-zag multi colored platform wedge sandals, and they looked amazing with the colored jeans she was presenting. Is that something you would write about? HSN has no recent blog for her or much of anything. Would love to know how to ask the question. Thanks.

  27. Shelly Says:

    How about summarizing Mike George’s new employment contract as included in the latest 10K filing as a comparison to the unfortunate 600 employees losing their jobs at their Chesapeake phone center.

  28. stephanie wells Says:

    Hey Homeshoppingista! I would love to talk with you about offering your readers a piece of jewelry from my Double Happiness Jewelry for JTV collection – let me know how to really talk with you!

  29. R. Brody Says:

    I am searching for the segment with Cissy Biggers today July 23.
    She always has the greatest kitchen stuff and I can never find out
    where to purchase that stuff.

  30. Zari Says:

    Hi Homeshoppingista! Love your blog, have been following it about 2 years now. Again today, I tried to leave a comment, but it has been poofed. None of my comments has ever been allowed. I have never said anything rude or cruel or untrue. Does one have to be your personal friend? Signed, Zari

  31. Susan Ravid Says:

    I came across your sight while searching for current information on Pamela McCoy (re: is her line being discontinued @ shopnbc – all items are on clearance or on sale, and haven’t seen her presenting items in a while). I became intrigued with all of your knowledge and insights regarding this industry. I have often laughed with friends and family members about creating a new series entitled (The Real Show Hosts of (fill in the blank – obviously a work in progress). The premise of the show would be what goes on behind the scenes at these networks – is there competition among the hosts, who likes/doesn’t like one another, etc.
    Thanks for this sight – I will be saving as one of my favorites and will read daily.

  32. Fontella Fant Says:

    Will Daniel Kiviat ever return to the fashion world. I miss his Maggie Sweet line of clothing. I am a plus size lady and they fit so nice. I am still wearing several of his pieces but which his clothing was avaiable to buy again

  33. claire Says:

    Let’s see if QVC terminates Joan Rivers for her insensitive remark on the Holocaust? Let’s see what QVC really values, profits or integrity…

  34. donna w Says:

    gb to u….
    can u find out what happened to rachael huber (HSN)… she excelled in presentation of product…. inspired me to lose weight…big time. also wanted to say thank u for the smiles… jump on your site about once per week and am informed with style…. again gb and thank you for all your time.. dw

  35. SFeild Says:

    hey linda…………heads up@@@@@@

    charla rines left world of watches and supposedly went back to Minnesota……..what are her plans???????? time to do some diggin Linda

  36. Jo Stanley Says:

    Can you find out when ShopNBC is going to there new name. They have been talking about it for like 2 months. Thanks

  37. Sheila Says:

    Hi ladies and gents from the UK! Nice to see you’ve found our shoppingtelly forum and good to know we’re not alone! We live in hope that we’ll one day achieve (always top) quality, (consistently excellent) value and (our) convenience. Cheers!

  38. Wayne Says:

    I’ve just got an email saying I was harrasing QVC hosts like Shawn Killinger & Courtney Cason, which isn’t the case. If they don’t want any email from their viewers or customers saying good things with slightly sexual content. That’s fine. I don’t like being accused of harrassment by QVC which I don’t do at all. I wanted to tell you, I don’t deserve this treatment.

  39. StefF Says:

    wha’ happened?

  40. Wayne Says:

    Absolutely nothing. I was sending emails to Shawn, Jacque, Courtney telling them how sexy & beautiful they were. I wasn’t stalking them, I wasn’t doing anything, I was trying to be a nice guy & no threats or anything. QVC is going overboard on their viewers, if they don’t want to hear from fans, I’m not going to be the scapegoat for their stupidity.

  41. Haywood jablomy Says:

    FYI….Lisa Robertson is leaving QVC…official word just came out 10 minutes ago.

  42. Haywood jablomy Says:

    QVC worker died on the job yesterday. http://www.carolinalive.com/m/news/story?id=1129017

  43. homeshoppingista Says:

    thanks for the info

  44. Greg Says:

    Any idea what happened to Laura Duffek? Heard her mention on air a few weeks ago that things would be changing for her in the new year and the last few weeks she hasnt been on air at all.

  45. SJ Says:

    How about s it that Dyson seems to be the only brand that constantly appears on both HSN and QVC with the same products. They use a different guest spokesperson but whether its a variety of Animal vacuum, stick cleaner, or their fans, they all appear as TSV/to on both. Just noticed HSN today having the same hot/cokd multiplier fan that qvc had months ago

  46. Keith Says:

    You should carry the recent announcement of Dish Network providing an ala carter service for $20 for selected channels that doesn’t include the home shopping channels. This is a real threat to QVC, HSN and EVLV obviously as they will lose eyeballs and resulting sales. I fear the end of the home shopping industry is being accelerated much as the catalog show room industry, infomercial and catalog business are being downsized or eliminated. People are fed up with their cable bills and this is a real opportunity to change the way you buy and consume programming. The TV retailers depend on TSV’s and private labels which will never been seen if they can’t be demonstrated and branded. They are in for a hurting in this new world. Unfortunately they have been very slow to react and have poor management to boot.

  47. Haywood Jablomy Says:

    Interesting…. A distribution center coming to Ontario CA http://www.ontariothinksbusiness.com/sites/default/files/qvc_inc._operating_covenant_agreement.pdf

  48. Jessee Michael Says:

    Don’t know where else to post this!


  49. Frank Rivas Says:

    This is for Judy Crowell and the Incompetent Customer Service Dept. @ Evine Live: It’s been almost two years that Judy Crowell launched her Jewelry line ‘Joya’ at Evine Live….from the get go she and most female Hosts have been disrespecting the Spanish Language like nobody cares. Judy thinks she’s an expert on the word ‘Joya’ and continuously claims that this word can be pronounced correctly 2 ways, ‘Yoya’ being # 2. There’s only one way to pronounce this word correctly, in Spanish. The first half of the word is like Santa says, HO HO HO. Judy has made Ali Carr, Heather Hall, Kendy Kloepfer, Connie Kunkle, Kristine Kvanli, Kathy Norton, Melissa Miner, Allison Waggoner, Wendi Russo, Lynn Schacher, and Kimberly Wells sound very stupid ‘ON AIR’. I’ve written many emails but even yesterday, when she was ‘ON AIR’, the disrespect marches on. People @ Evine Live, is time to stop Judy and her continued charade. Enough is enough.! ! !

  50. Jo Says:

    What happened to show host named Sara on Evine? She was a former Rockette dancer.

  51. lewiskatz Says:


    Dr. Joe Feurstein treats 20,000 patients a year and never writes a single prescription. He uses cutting edge science in natural herbs and diet to treat his patients. He is an award winning physician, a published author, an Ivy League University Medical School Professor and the Head of Integrative Medicine at a top hospital in the northeast. Dr. Joe studied directly under Dr Andrew Weil.

    Please watch this amazing premier tonight (Sunday night/Monday morning) at 2am ET, tomorrow (Monday afternoon) at 3pm ET and tomorrow (Monday evening) at 7pm ET. You wont believe what you see! Thanks so much!

  52. Matt Says:

    Didn’t see a place to email a question. Wondering if brands are no longer signing exclusivity deals with QVC or HSN. Lately, several brands appear on both channels, including HP, Dyson, Beats, Bose etc. (not to mention Amazon, Apple (which I dont think come from Apple as neither channel is listed as authorized resellers) Often even the same products although with different on air spokespeople. Obviously, products are often sold at various retailers but TV shopping channels in the past always seemed to have exclusivity on product lines

  53. Jessee Michael Says:

    For the most part, larger vendors like electronics manufacturers are so sought after by the channels that they can simply turn away the business if required to sign an exclusivity contract. Smaller vendors may have to sign them, but the channels can also make it less profitable for a company to do business with both by simply giving them less airtime, or stricter return policies. And some vendors just can’t produce enough for both, so they go with the one that gives them the best sales overall.

  54. Glenda Says:

    Hi Linda, Love your blog! Can you find out why no QVC Gold Rush this January. So disappointed we didn’t get one this year. The Gold Day didn’t have the lower prices I expect as a customer. But it is refreshing to see that QVC is being more honest about its pricing policies.

  55. Fanny Lynn Mae Says:

    Suzanna Somers leaving Evine per her Facebook page? What’s the deal on that? Did you see this coming? Wow!

  56. Bill Sheeline Says:

    I am doing some work on TV Shopping and wondering how I might contact you. Please let me know, and thanks.

  57. Kristin Says:

    HI Linda,

    Just saw this on QVC’s FB page:

    We are saddened to learn of the passing of QVC’s own Kenneth Jay Lane. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him, but his legacy will live on through his designs. We are thankful to have spent more than 20 years with Kenneth as a part of our QVC family, and our thoughts & prayers are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

  58. majordukefan Says:

    Hey Linda, so which jtv hostesses are cigarette smokers? would you have the skinny on these??

  59. majordukefan Says:

    which jtv hostesses are cigarette smokers? once heard that misty and nikki were…

  60. Jessee Michael Says:


  61. Betty Brawn Says:

    Hi, Allison Waggoner from EVINE has been MIA since the beginning of OCT. Her “Allison Waggoner Evine” FB page is filled with “Where are you?” comments. Have you heard anything? No one is replying on FB with a response. Thanks!

  62. Betty Brawn Says:

    Skinn announced on their FB page they are leaving Evine on the same day as SSC debut on Evine . It’s on the Olēo Serum post. Someone asked if he was leaving.

    • Betty Brawn Says:

      They just deleted the post as I was posting the previous post. Skinn’s first show on HSN is march 6th.

  63. betty Says:

    This is sad.

  64. Betty Says:

    “Former HSN host Chris Scanlon arrested in Leon County.” You can google. It’s sad.

  65. Kristin Says:

    Hi there,
    QVC news; Katie McGee is gone. Seems like she left rather abruptly. She was one of the better hosts there.

  66. homeshoppingista Says:

    Thanks, will blog it.

    • dave brady Says:

      So tell me…I know Rebecca and Misty from JTV are smokers. Are Kristin and Melissa smokers as well??

      Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  67. Kristin Says:

    Another one bit the dust – Rachelle McCray is gone from QVC. I have a feeling the network let her go, no announcement given.

  68. Michelle Long Says:

    Ms Moss, If you are interested in getting an exclusive interview with up and coming Shop LC, feel free to reach out to me.

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