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Lisa Mason Heads Back to QVC

February 27, 2020

Former QVC host Lisa Mason has flitted back and forth several home shopping networks since leaving the Q a few years back.

She did a jewelry line for JTV. She repped a product, a tooth whitener, as we recall, for QVC.

Now she’s apparently heading back to QVC.

Mason posted on Facebook that as Dorothy said in “The Wizard of Oz,” there’s no place like home. She said she will be on QVC next Tuesday for “Big Bonanza,” which we assume is the channel’s big silver sale.

In her post Mason mentioned that her wedding ring will be back at the same price it was during her last QVC show, which was in 2010. We remember that item, a floral style ring.

When Mason left QVC her beloved husband Gino had cancer, and he has since passed away. It will be good to see her.

HSN Jewelry Maven Carol Brodie Sues Over Toxic Diet Noodles

February 27, 2020

Gorgeous HSN jewelry vendor Carol Brodie, who was just on the home shopping network tonight, has filed a lawsuit over diet noodles that sent her to the hospital.

We were looking through our Facebook feed today when we saw a post from WNBC-TV here in New York, and it reminded us of the posts Brodie had done about her horrible experience eating “Better Than Pasta.” It is made of konjac flour.

As it turned out, the TV segment was on Brodie’s lawsuit and she was interviewed on-camera, blonde and slim as ever. She is not only suing the manufacturer of the product but Amazon for selling it.

Here is the promo for the segment:

A woman who purchased Better Than Pasta noodles said the food congealed in her stomach and caused her great pain — and she’s not the only one to complain of the possible side effects by the noodles that don’t dissolve in the stomach.

Brodie and others are calling for the FDA to ban products made from konjac flour.

We sure don’t think we’ll be trying them soon, even though we need to lose a ton of weight.

QVC, HSN Suffer 3% Revenue Dive In 4Q

February 26, 2020

Fourth-quarter blues for QVC and HSN.

Combined, the two leading home shopping networks, saw their revenue drop 3% for the quarter as well as for the full year 2019, their parent Qurate Retail reported Tuesday.

In the fourth quarter last year, sales slid to $2.692 billion from $2.789 billion the same year-ago period.

In addition, the unit that includes both channels, called QxH, saw revenue declines in all categories. For the full year QxH realized declines in all categories except electronics.

“Our fourth quarter results were in line with full-year trends, notably we experienced pressure on revenue and margins from the investment in network optimization at QxH,” Mike George, president and CEO of Qurate Retail, said in a statement.

“Despite these challenges, we were encouraged with our ability to grow free cash flow in 2019 on an operating basis,” he said. “We are accelerating the execution of our strategic priorities as we work to return to profitable growth. We continue to lead the curation of special products at compelling values across multiple platforms, providing customers an important third way to shop.”

Operating income declined in the fourth quarter and full year primarily due to an increase in impairment charges at HSN, partially offset by the absence of transaction-related expenses incurred in 2018.

Operating income included non-cash impairment charges related to the fair value of HSN’s trade name of $147 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 and $30 million in the fourth quarter of 2018.

For the quarter and full year, adjusted OIBDA margin(3) contracted primarily due to cost of sales pressure, which included higher fulfillment (freight and warehouse) expenses related to the network optimization plan and general freight rate increases as well as inventory management including costs associated with the exit from Ingenious Designs.

That company, FYI, is Joy Mangano’s former business.

For the full year, these headwinds were partially offset by a favorable product mix impact, according to Qurate. Adjusted OIBDA margin benefited in the fourth quarter and full year from TV distribution commissions, which were partially offset by higher marketing expenses.

The fourth quarter also benefited from lower incentive compensation. Lower TV distribution commissions were in part associated with the accounting treatment for certain renewed HSN carriage agreements, as well as favorable renegotiated rates at HSN.

Beginning in the third quarter of 2018, HSN began renewing TV carriage agreements with its distribution partners, which provided multi-year upfront payments that are amortized over the life of the agreements, versus its previous convention of expensing quarterly payments as incurred.

JTV’s Nikki Coggins And Single Status

February 23, 2020

We were watching JTV last night when host Nikki Coggins described herself as a single mom. That seemed to confirm what one reader had mentioned awhile ago.

We believe it was last year that Coggins made a big fuss on Facebook about her wedding to a high-ranking local police officer. She posted about the events leading up to it, and we loved reading it. Geez, which chick doesn’t enjoy hearing about weddings and another woman finding her special guy?

Well, our reader told us the marriage had gone kaput, and that Coggins and her new spouse had scrubbed their Facebook accounts of any reference to the wedding.

And we guess that in fact they are not together anymore, from what Coggins said last night.

Sorry to hear it.

Pamela McCoy Brings Lab-Grown Diamonds to ShopHQ, Yech

February 23, 2020

We saw today that ShopHQ vendor Pamela McCoy has a new jewelry line: Carbon Copy.

It’s a very clever name for lab-grown diamonds, a product we won’t be spending any money on.

Today she is featuring a large cross, which appears to be the same design of a real diamond cross we bought from her a few years ago.

Can us snobs, or idiots, but we don’t like lab-made or man-made when it comes to any of our gemstones.

HSN’s Marla Wynne Goes To Chico’s

February 23, 2020

Veteran HSN women’s apparel vendor Marla Wynne is expanding her horizons.

One of our readers kindly tipped us off that Wynne, a New Yorker in the vein of Diane Gilman, is now selling a capsule collection at Chico’s.

We actually went to Chico’s today to check it out, and there was a small selection of Wynne’s clothing featured right in front of the store. It was only a few pieces of apparel, but we like it because we can get a sense of how her clothes fit us by trying on the Chico’s stuff. Then we can order it on sale at HSN.

Some people have accused Wynne’s clothing of being matronly, but our friend Ann has some of her pieces and they are beautifully made, great details and tailoring.

Don’t know what this Chico’s deal means in terms of Wynne’s future at HSN. Maybe nothing.

Jewelry Designer Valencia Key Debuts On QVC Monday

February 20, 2020

QVC is debuting a new jewelry designer next Monday, Valencia Key.

We picked up that tidbit on LinkedIn strangely enough. She is a gorgeous African American woman, and we only point that out because it’s always nice to see a vendor who is a woman of color on the home shopping channels.

It appears Key was the winner of The Big Find competition, which you folks probably know more about than we do.

Anyway, from the glimpse we got of her collection it looks pretty interesting.

ShopHQ’s Chief Financial Officer Is Canned, ‘Fixed’ Program Sked Coming

February 6, 2020

There’s never a dull moment at ShopHQ.

The home shopping network told the SEC Wednesday that it had fired Michael Porter as its senior vice president and chief financial officer, effective last Thursday.

CEO Timothy Peterman will serve as acting principal accounting and financial officer until a successor is appointed.

Porter is expected to continue to serve as a consultant for ShopHQ through Feb. 29, to provide “consultation and assistance as reasonably requested by the company.”

In exchange for his continued service, he will be entitled to continue his “existing compensatory arrangements for the duration of his continued service.”

And see if you can make sense of this press release from ShopHQ today. It appears that March 1 the home shopping channel will institute a fixed schedule with regular weekly shows. And we bet these changes mean more people lost jobs.

iMedia Restructures Organization to Improve ShopHQ On-Air Programming
Announces Estimated $15 Million Reduction in Annual Costs and CFO Transition

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iMedia Brands, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMBI) today announced it completed an organizational restructuring in January 2020 to improve the performance of ShopHQ’s on-air programming and accelerate the company’s return to profitability.

“We are nine months into our turnaround plan,” said Tim Peterman, CEO of iMedia Brands, “and as our culture becomes more entrepreneurial each day, we are finding faster ways to improve our underperforming areas. Our next innovation centers on improving the quality, variety and consistency of our on-air programming. I’m proud of how we implemented three key changes, explained below, to drive innovation for the benefit of our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

Introduced a “fixed” program calendar with weekly static shows – Historically, ShopHQ’s programming strategy attempted to optimize every minute of every hour, which required the organization to constantly change its program calendar. Over time, this program strategy unintentionally drove a pronounced ShopHQ viewership and revenue decline and required a large ShopHQ infrastructure to execute.

We believe television retailing customers prefer predictable routines of watching shows with their favorite hosts, their favorite categories, and at their favorite times of day. Therefore, this past fall/holiday season, ShopHQ tested on-air how best to implement a fixed calendar strategy. Utilizing these learnings, on March 1, 2020, ShopHQ will launch its first-ever “fixed” program calendar.

Aligned merchandising teams and on-air producers – Historically, ShopHQ’s go-to-market process for a product was performed through a series of complicated internal “hand-offs” among six departments that often resulted in inconsistencies, delays and incompleteness.

In January, the company restructured to establish dedicated producing teams for each category that will be led by that category’s merchant GMM — who knows best how their category’s products and stories should be communicated to customers.

Redesigned organization to implement this innovation – In January 2020, management restructured the organization and estimates it removed $15 million in annual costs, including $10.5 million in salaries and benefits. In addition, effective January 30, 2020, Michael Porter, the company’s CFO, has departed the company. Tim Peterman, the company’s CEO, who served as the company’s CFO & COO in 2016 and 2017, has been appointed interim-CFO until such time the company names the new permanent CFO.

QVC Jersey Girl Host Katie McGee Takes A Permanent Powder

February 5, 2020

Another QVC host has hit the road. This time it is Katie McGee.

Now we’d be lying if we said we knew who she was. She’s was obviously one of the new younger, crop pf hosts that we had never viewed.

Last week McGee announced her departure from the No. 1 home shopping network on Facebook.

“To my QVC friends — I am sharing the news that I am leaving QVC,” she posted. “I have so enjoyed my time with all of you and invite you to continue to follow me on my personal pages. Thank you for all sharing this journey with me.”

Her bio on QVC’s website described her as “an animal lover and an avid reader,” adding that she came to the home shopping network after 15 years in the news business. Poor woman!!!!

“Growing up in the Garden State, she’s a proud Jersey Girl who loves to cook, read,and watch football,” the site said. “Katie and her husband Jason are proud parents of their beloved golden retriever, Norman!”

We may not know her, but we’re sad to see a fellow Jersey Girl and animal lover having to exit a job when it doesn’t appear to be her choice.