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Veteran Home Shopping Host Dan Dennis Comes To Evine

February 10, 2019

Evine has become the land of lost home shopping vendors, and a new one has entered the realm: Dan Dennis.

Dennis, most recently of Shop LC and a long-time HSN host, posted on Facebook that he will be appearing on Evine twice next week.

Dennis said that he will be selling Voga Italian jewelry with Albany Irvin, Evine’s Italian gold expert, on Wednesday and Thursday.

“This is a new and exciting time in my life and I hope you will all join in the fun and support my first efforts with Evine,” Dennis said.

And first-time buyers can get 15 percent off by using a special coupon code: DENNIS15.


QVC Rebrands With New Logo, Got That?

February 7, 2019

QVC on Wednesday took the wraps off what it called “a new visual identity and logo and a new app for iPhone devices, designed to enrich the immersive, engaging, video-based shopping experiences QVC offers, particularly in the mobile world customers love.”

That’s a mouthful! Do we know what it means? Do you?

“Consumers have embraced QVC as a leading digital destination for product discovery and inspirational shopping, and our new brand identity and video app reflect this reality,” said Mary Campbell, Chief Merchandising Officer, Qurate Retail GroupSM, and Chief Commerce Officer, QVC US — another mouthful.

“More than 80 percent of new customers are coming to QVC US via our digital platforms,” she said. “Customers recognize that our apps and website offer highly appealing products at great values, brought to life via compelling stories, vibrant personalities and personalized content.”

You know what, you go through this corporate-speak from the press release:

QVC research shows that current and prospective customers share common attributes: They pride themselves on making smart, informed purchases; they value close connections with family and friends; they quickly adopt new technologies; and they love video storytelling that helps them discover items and ideas to brighten their lives. About 60% of QVC US sales are ecommerce sales, two-thirds of which are happening on mobile devices.

The new logo combines a square representing the many screens through which customers connect with QVC, a circle reflecting the constant conversation QVC creates with and among its customers, and a line echoing both an open door to a vibrant community and the handle of a magnifying glass that stimulates discovery. The result is a reimagined “Q” in a sleek, mobile-friendly format and color scheme that underscores QVC’s mobile-first, social-first approach to video shopping.

With this rebrand, visuals and other elements across the QVC brand are designed to break through and capture attention on the small screen, reflecting the profound changes that social has brought to digital retail. Photography is thumb-stopping, intimate and candid, with rich details and organic patterns. Videos are shot in a casual, unfiltered manner, with close-ups, movement, through-shots and surprising angles. New studios bring viewers into trendy urban spaces, along with suburban settings. Music and copy are playful and spirited. These changes have already gone into effect for new content across QVC’s platforms.

“Our brand identity is a visual manifestation of the evolution of our business and our customers,” said Susan Ripke, Vice President, Brand Strategy. “We’re creating friendly, inclusive environments in digital that invite customers to engage more deeply with us, especially those who are getting to know us for the first time. For example, our flagship QVC mobile app features bold, square modules and horizontal scrolling for binge-worthy video.”

QVC’s new app, Q Anytime, complements the flagship app with an expanded, ever-changing feed of shoppable videos, presented in easy-to-consume 5-8 minute segments, available on demand. By tapping a video, customers can buy a product or get more details. Customers can also customize their feed by category or build a playlist by liking videos.

Currently, Q Anytime draws videos automatically from its vast library of live and on-demand video content, with new videos added every two hours. Over time, QVC plans to offer original content, episodic series, and other extras on the Q Anytime app, all tailored for the mobile audience. QVC is promoting Q Anytime via paid social placements and on QVC’s digital and broadcast channels.

“In many cases, today’s consumers are discovering new brands through video and social apps on their smartphones and other mobile devices,” said Alex Miller, Senior Vice President, Digital Commerce and Marketing. “Q Anytime represents our latest push into a video-first mobile experience, leveraging our unparalleled content production capacity with decades of experience in video shopping. We’re excited to bring this to our customers and invite them to personalize their experience with QVC.”

The Q Anytime app is available in the Apple® App Store for iPhone. QVC’s new brand identity is launching today in the U.S. and will launch in QVC’s International markets later this year.

Beloved Jewelry Designer Nicky Butler Gone From HSN

February 5, 2019

Sorry to say, but we saw this coming. Another one of our favorites on HSN is abruptly leaving the home shopping channel after 20 years: British jewelry designer Nicky Butler.

Butler, a slender white-haired gent with a very spiritual side, posted the sad news on Facebook this weekend.

“After 20 years…I will no longer appear on HSN programming,” he wrote cryptically.

He asked HSN customers to pick up his final pieces for the network on, and to continue following him on Facebook.

Butler, who once had a fancy shop in London and counted Princess Diana as a customer, got many of his design inspirations from his beloved India, where he sourced many of his gemstones.

His specialty was crosses — our favorite design — and we must have at least eight of his pieces or so.

But we haven’t seen him on HSN recently, and was wondering about his fate there. On FB posters asked if he was retiring, etc., looking for an explanation for his HSN departure and bemoaning it.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out girlfriends. Under the ownership of QVC’s parent, Qurate Retail Group, HSN is being turned into a homogenized, bland home shopping venue. So out with Butler and many other fan favorites.

Butler isn’t the only longtime jewelry vendor who has left. Victoria Wieck is on now on Evine.

From his responses on FB, it appears that Butler plans to continue designing and selling his wonderful jewelry. Let’s hope so.

Nasdaq Warns Evine That It May Be Delisted

January 21, 2019

More bad news for Evine.

Last week the Nasdaq stock exchange told the No. 3 home shopping channel that it’s at risk of being delisted because the closing bid price of its stock has dropped below $1 for 30 consecutive business days.

Evine has 180 days, or until July 15, to comply with Nasdaq rules.

“If at any time before July 15, 2019, the bid price of the company’s common stock closes at or above $1 per share for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days, Nasdaq will provide written notification that the Company has achieved compliance with the rule,” according to an Evine securities filing.

The Nasdaq notice said that in the event the Evine does not regain compliance by July 15, it may be eligible for additional time.

“The company intends to continue actively monitoring the bid price for its common stock between now and July 15, 2019, and will consider available options to resolve the deficiency and regain compliance with the rule,” Evine said. “There is no assurance, however, that the company will be eligible for an additional compliance period or that the company’s common stock will not be delisted from Nasdaq.”

Serious Skincare Victory Lap at Evine

January 19, 2019

Wondering how Serous Skincare, a refugee from HSN, did with its premiere on Evine? Here’s the press release.

Serious Skincare Launch Proves Victorious at Evine

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evine Live Inc. (“Evine”) (NASDAQ:EVLV), a multiplatform interactive video and digital commerce company (, today announced the successful debut of Serious Skincare on its network.

“Last weekend is an example of the magic of interactive video commerce at Evine,” said Bob Rosenblatt, Chief Executive Officer at Evine. “We expected the momentum would be big, given the brand’s large customer base. But we were especially pleased with how the Serious Skincare customer who hadn’t shopped with us before embraced our network. We are also delighted with Evine shoppers’ reaction to the new brand.”

“I am beyond pleased,” said Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, co-founder of Serious Skincare. “So many people had a hand in this launch, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the reception of Serious Skincare by both the network and customers. We are so happy to be home with Evine, and we can’t wait to share more during our next visit from Evine’s Los Angeles studio on January 25.”

Serious Skincare’s premiere included 17 live hours, with over 50% of customers opting into a subscription program to receive ongoing shipments to replenish their supply. During the debut, 11 items sold out, including the Microcurrent EGG, Anti-Aging Retinol Serum Duo and Reverse Uplift Kit.

The brand brought in over 3.5 times more new customers than average for the beauty category, and the network saw high engagement rates from viewers across on-air and social media platforms. Over 50 testimonial calls were received during the live television shows – including one from Jennifer’s husband, Sylvester Stallone – and Evine Facebook Live streamed shows saw the highest viewership in the prior twelve months. The network expects momentum to grow as brand awareness increases with each Serious Skincare visit.

Evine to Launch New Goat-Milk Laundry Soap

January 17, 2019

Evine seems to be saying the hell with the Beekman Boys. The home shopping network Wednesday announced that it was debuting a new line of goat-milk laundry soap, Brooke & Nora At Home. It premieres this Thursday.

We all know that Evine lost one of its star vendors — the Beekman Boys with their varied assortment of goat-milk products — to rival HSN. It was a shocking defection, because to many it seemed like Evine had nurtured the Beekman products along and now HSN would be benefiting.

Now it appears that Evine isn’t taking the loss of the Beekman Boys laying down.

“We are immensely excited for Brooke & Nora At Home’s debut,” Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt said in a canned statement. “Through the years, our customers have embraced goat milk products and have become knowledgeable about its many uses. Our track record speaks for itself; we have an eye for discovering unique brands and fostering them to their greatest potential through storytelling. I expect Brooke & Nora At Home to be yet another success in this area.”

Shoppers will be able to purchase laundry soap available in citrus, eucalyptus, lavender and fragrance-free options, as well as stain sticks, dryer balls and essential oils.

All laundry products in the lineup are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, are cruelty-free and dominantly made in the United States.

“This has been a labor of love and is truly a family affair,” Rachel Bollin, founder of Brooke & Nora At Home, said in a statement. “Goat milk makes clothing incredibly soft and clean, and sharing it with the world is an amazing feeling. We are thrilled that Evine has recognized our story as one that deserves to be told and we are appreciative of their dedication to do so!”

Here’s the boilerplate on Brooke & Nora At Home:

After her husband developed serious health issues, Rachel Bollin made it her mission to rid her home of the harsh chemicals found in many popular cleaning products. Through months of trial and error, she discovered that goat milk soap was an extremely effective base for laundry detergent that works well and is gentle on sensitive skin.

She began selling it to neighbors and from there business grew rapidly. Following this success, Rachel, along with her husband and daughters, have developed additional products including dryer balls, essential oil blends, stain sticks, laundry baskets and more.

Bought Bauer’s Candies From QVC? Don’t Eat Them

January 10, 2019

This might be an unpleasant surprise for some folks.

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a safety alert about Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas, warning that they may have been contaminated with hepatitis A. And QVC sold them, the FDA said.

“We are advising consumers not to eat and to throw away any Bauer’s Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas, purchased after Nov. 14, 2018, because a worker in the facility tested positive for hepatitis A,” the FDA said.

The Modjeskas are an individually wrapped marshmallow candy dipped in chocolate or caramel.

“These products are available at retail locations and can also be purchased through QVC and,” the FDA said. “We are currently working with Bauer’s Candies, located in Kentucky, on a voluntary recall of affected products.”

Here’s the rest of the consumer alert:

At this time, the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are not aware of any cases of hepatitis A related to consumption of these candies. Hepatitis A can have a long incubation period and can have serious health consequences for some people, especially those with other health problems.

Although the risk of hepatitis A transmission from the candy is low, FDA recommends that consumers who ate candies purchased after Nov. 14, 2018, and have not been vaccinated for hepatitis A consult with their healthcare professional to determine whether post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is indicated.

PEP may be recommended for unvaccinated people who have been exposed to hepatitis A virus (HAV) in the last 2 weeks; those with evidence of previous hepatitis A vaccination do not require PEP.

Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that results from infection with HAV. When symptoms occur, they can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a severe illness lasting several months.

Hepatitis A is usually spread when a person ingests fecal matter — even in microscopic amounts — from an infected person; this can happen when an infected person prepares food without appropriate hand hygiene, even before that person shows symptoms of illness.

The FDA recommends that anyone who ate Bauer’s Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas purchased after Nov. 14 consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether PEP is indicated.

Consumers and retailers should throw away and not consume any chocolate or caramel Modjeskas purchased that November date last year.

Evine’s President Resigns After Four Months at Job

January 4, 2019

We’ve been so busy at work that we totally missed this home shopping bombshell: Anne Martin-Vachon, Evine’s president of just four months, has resigned.

Minnesota-based Evine, a long No. 3 in the home shopping wars, reported on Martin-Vachon’s exit in a filing Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

With her departure, Martin-Vachon would be getting $251,902 under a separation agreement that went into effect Jan. 1.

She will also be entitled to up to $15,000 to move back to Canada from her leased apartment in Minnesota.

Apparently Evine CEO Bob Rosenblatt will take back her duties.

Martin-Vachon joined Evine, which is struggling, last August from the Canadian multiplatform e-commerce company Today’s Shopping Choice.

Skinn Moves Off Evine to Join HSN

January 4, 2019

More musical chairs at the home shopping networks, this time involving skin care lines.

We already broke the news that Jennifer Flavin-Stallone’s Serious Skincare products were joining Evine this week, moving off HSN.

Tonight a reader told us that Evine’s veteran skin care line, appropriately enough named Skinn, had posted on Facebook that it was leaving Evine.

That post has apparently been deleted, but Dimitri James’ Skinn has switched to HSN, where its first show is apparently slated for March 6.

The news is already on HSN’s website, when describes Skinn as “an innovative skin care and cosmetics collection focused on what’s inside the jar—meaningful, effective ingredients.”

Evine’s Waterford Rep Creates Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

January 2, 2019

We used to enjoy watching Tom Brennan of Waterford do presentations on those wares on Evine.

He was engaging, charming and easy on the eyes, with a wonderful Irish accent. And he was a trained Waterford artisan.

Another Waterford rep was swapped in for Brennan, a dandy who didn’t hold a candle to Tom, in our opinion.

Little did we know that Brennan is the Waterford chap who is in charge of creating the crystal ball that descends in Times Square to mark the start of the New Year.

In a profile in Sunday’s New York Times, Brennan described the history of the famous ball and how it is done each year.

Enjoy the Q&A!