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Former Host Kim Parrish Makes The Move From HSN To ShopNBC With Her Apparel Line Friday Night

November 13, 2009


Kim Parrish

Former HSN host and vendor Kim Parrish makes her maiden voyage on ShopNBC Friday might, with her Kim Parrish Collection. Her show premieres at 7 p.m.

The pieces include a ruffle top, jeans and a dolman sleeve top, among other items.

Parrish has a devout following, who seem eager to see her on the No. 3 home shopping channel.

There have been a number of HSN vendors who have landed at ShopNBC, most notably actress-author Suzanne Somers and celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey.

HSN’s Kim Parrish The Latest To Make The Switch To ShopNBC, According To Mindless Rants

October 29, 2009

Looks like yet another HSN defection to ShopNBC, snooped out by our fellow Jersey native Hugh Jee, master of the blog Useless Trivia and Mindless Rants (which has some great music, as well as political and sports coverage).

He reported Thursday that HSN host-turned-vendor Kim Parrish is taking her clothing line to ShopNBC.

Parrish announced the switch on her Facebook page, according to Hugh Jee and his Mindless Rants. Her collection will debut Nov. 13, Friday the Thirteeth.

Vendors are really playing musical chairs with home shopping networks this year. Suzanne Somers and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey moved from HSN to ShopNBC, while jewelry designers such as Dallas Prince went from ShopNBC to HSN.

It’s hard to know who instigated the switches: Were the vendors’ contracts not renewed, or did they want to jump ship?