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IndieShop, New Home Shopping Channel Featuring Independent Designers, Debuted Monday

June 14, 2010

IndieShop, which describes itself as “a new and radically different TV, lifestyle, entertainment and shopping network” — now there’s a mouthful — premiered nationally on Monday.

Claiming it will offer a revolutionary blend of “t‑commerce” and “e-commerce,” the network will feature independent designers and small manufacturers sharing their stories while showcasing unique, limited-edition products, which can then be purchased through a corresponding online boutique at

“Our goal is to provide Americans access to unique and artistic products created by designers who pour their heart and souls into each piece, as an alternative to mass-produced goods that dominate the retail world,” Melissa Perrucci, IndieShop’s vice president and executive producer, said in a canned statement.

IndieShop’s programming will combine retail with real stories, with what it describes as its “happening hosts” going on location to show how the artists live and work, including visits to villages in developing countries where jewelry, scarves and bags are made by fair-trade artisans.

IndieShop will also go behind the scenes with the hosts themselves “for inspiration, education and fun,” we are told.

“This unique and creative shopping concept will appeal to independent-minded consumers who want to have their own original look, and the unique multi-platform marketing opportunity will attract entrepreneurs from around the world,” Larry Rubin, chief operating officer of Cross MediaWorks, the network’s parent, said in his canned statement. “We expect the network will attract an entirely new audience of TV shoppers.”

At launch, IndieShop will air several times per day on more than 150 channels nationwide, reaching 40 million homes part-time. Content can also be viewed on and YouTube, and the IndieShop community will receive information and special offers via Facebook and Twitter.

Orders will be processed via the website and mobile applications, and vendors will interface with customers and fulfill orders directly. Ultimately, IndieShop will be extended into a full-time shopping and lifestyle entertainment network.

“When people go on vacation, they love to purchase special, personally crafted items from local artisan markets and boutiques,” Cross MediaWorks CEO Marc Krigsman said. “Now they can enjoy this experience every day on IndieShop, without even having to pay for a plane ticket,”

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