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Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe’s Retro Faux Fur Vest Plugged In New York Times

August 27, 2010

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe’s faux fur vest for QVC made the Thursday Style section of The New York Times yesterday, in a story headlined “Retro Looks, Almost at Retro Prices.”

Zoe’s vest sells for $79 and change, and comes in chinchilla, red fox, black fox and silver.

Zoe’s does a clothing and accessory collection for QVC.

InStyle Magazine Gives Us A Peek Into Celebrity Stylist, And QVC Vendor, Rachel Zoe’s Jewel Box

March 28, 2010

The April issue of InStyle magazine has a feature on celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, which talks about her designs for QVC as well as her personal collection of bling.

The article is part of the magazine’s monthly “My Jewel Box” series, which we never miss, and it’s headlined “I Dream of Jewelry.” It’s pretty expansive, three pages as well as a full-page photo of Jersey girl Zoe decked out in her jewels. She’s got it all piled on, she is no minimalist, and one fo the pearl necklaces she’s wearing is from Bulgari. It was a gift from her husband to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their first date.

Zoe is also wearing huge hoop earrings with big white and green stones. We can’t believe that they’re real emeralds and diamonds. It’s likely costume, since Zoe tells InStyle that she owns about 1,000 pieces of costume jewelry.

There are photos of two of Zoe’s QVC pieces in the story. One is a glass bead bib necklace that sells for $125, the other is a gold-plated bracelet with bars, also $130. We couldn’t find the bracelet on QVC’s Web site, so it may be sold out.

Zoe talks about layering jewelry, and admits to wearing about a dozen pieces a day. She started collecting jewelry when she was 11, she told InStyle, and her style icon is 1970s Elizabeth Taylor.

While Zoe often comes off a bit bitchy on her Bravo show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” she comes across as very charming and passionate during her QVC appearances.

We love her big costume jewelry looks and clothes so far for QVC, which have included a gorgeous lambskin jacket.

The April InStyle issue has Gwen Stefani on the cover.

Celebrity X-Ray Rachel Zoe Brings Size 0 To QVC: Will Any Customers In The Hefty Heartland Be Ordering It?

February 14, 2010

Leave it to wafer-thin celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe to bring size 0 to QVC.

The home shopping network introduced its new size, “XXS,” or extra extra small, during its telecast Saturday night from Fashion Week in Bryant Park in Manhattan. That XXS equates to a size 0. Previously, the smallest size that QVC offered was a “XS,” or extra small (that’s us), which equates to a size 2 to 4.

Host Lisa Robertson (with an unflattering, severe pulled-back hairdo) was doing a presentation with Zoe, who does a line of clothing and accessories for QVC when she’s not telling Hollywood what to wear. They were talking about a crinkle patent trench coat, and Robertson noted that it came in XXS.

“Rachel has been pushing for that,” Robertson said, adding that other designers had been asking for QVC to offer the XXS as well.

It’s not without irony that Zoe lobbied for QVC to carry XXS. The New Jersey native has been the subject of much controversy over her weight, or lack of it. In one almost shocking scene in her Bravo reality show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” Zoe’s backbones stuck out like knives from her backless gown.

We doubt that most of QVC’s female customers are a size XXS. But with QVC and HSN trying to draw younger, hipper and we assume –skinnier — women shoppers, we guess it makes sense to create a new smaller size.

Some posters on QVC’s online forums were thrilled that QVC was “finally” offering XXS.

We were trying on jeans in Target tonight, and got a good look at our thighs in the dressing room mirror. We don’t think we’ll be ordering QVC’s new XXS any time soon.