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Deceased QVC Addict Had $700,000 In Goods

December 28, 2015

Yikes, we hope we don’t end up like this.

Earlier this month items owned by a deceased home shopping addict were sold as part of her estate liquidation.

The unused merchandise was valued at a whopping $700,000, according to a story in the Democrat and Chronicle about the Wadsworth-Jerris Estate in Caledonia, N.Y.

The items that were put on the block, at a fraction of their retail price, included familiar goods such as Dooney & Burke purses, Emeril cookware and the George Foreman grill.

Although the story described the deceased as a QVC fan, those of us in the know realize she also shopped HSN. After all, she had a Sharif handbag in her collection, which sold for $50.

There were items left from the December sale, including a cache of Dooney purses, so there will be a second estate sale in February.

Joy Mangano’s New Miracle Mop And Macy’s

December 24, 2015

HSN is really looking to piggyback on the release of the new movie based on inventor Joy Mangano’s life, “Joy” starring Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence.

First, the home shopping network will be debuting an updated version of Mangano’s Miracle Mop, whose creation is at the center of the new flick.

The new Miracle Mop will be the Today’s Special on Jan. 3, days after the Christmas theatrical release of “Joy.”

In addition, Mangano’s products will now be sold in Macy’s, we believe. What’s up with that?

We saw an ad to that effect in The New York Times today. We clipped the ad and put it in our purse, but of course now we can’t find it. It’s probably sitting on the floor of the Willowbrook Mall food court

HSN owns Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs, so maybe the home shopping network wants to expand its sales to those who don’t dig TV retailing.

The new and improved Miracle Mop has “never-before-seen patent pending features that will simplify everyday challenges for her customers,” according to HSN’s press release Wednesday.

“I realize now the only thing harder than inventing is reinventing,” Mangano said in a canned statement. “But after spending the past two years re-engineering this amazing Miracle Mop, I’m so excited to help people across America take cleaning to a whole new level with this smartly designed, easier than ever before, self-wringing mop. Oh, and we have a variety of joyful colors because who ever said mopping can’t be fun?”

Here’s the boilerplate on it:

Joy’s New Miracle Mop, which already bears the Good Housekeeping Seal, features her revolutionary helix twist technology inside the pole, making it the first mop to literally wring itself, along with her braided miracle microfiber head designed to provide superior absorbency with its liquid lock technology and dual liquid release design, which allows you to mop as wet or dry as you want! In addition, this plush material was carefully selected to protect and polish the many surfaces of your house while capturing more dirt and mess than ever.

The New Miracle Mop includes a quick release removal system that allows you to wash and bleach your mop head so you’re always cleaning worry free.

It will be available on HSN in Black, White, Teal, Purple, Fuchsia and Gold for $19.95, the price of over 25 years ago with the game-changing technologies of today, all thanks to Joy! Customers who purchase the Miracle Mop on HSN on January 3rd will receive a one-year subscription to Good Housekeeping (limit one subscription per shipping address).

“If there is one item that put Joy on the map, it is her legendary Miracle Mop,” HSN President Bill Brand said. “We are proud to be the home of Joy and to exclusively launch the newly designed Miracle Mop, sharing yet another of Joy’s many incredible inventions with our customers.”

Lesson Learned: Don’t Buy Crappy Sheets From QVC, Evine Live

December 22, 2015

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. We guess we should be ashamed.

The lesson to be learned is don’t buy bargain sheets on home shopping networks.

Months ago we purchased two really inexpensive sheet sets. one in black and one in caramel, from Evine Live. They didn’t turn out to be such a great deal when after we washed one set for the first time, part of the stitching came out and the elastic came out on the fitted sheet.

Months later, we took a chance on super-soft sheets from Berkshire Blankets from QVC. We just washed them for the first time, and the same thing happened with them as with the Evine Live sheets: stitching came out so the elastic on the side came out on the fitted sheet.

Buyer beware.

We Love Bradley Cooper And His Mom Loves QVC

December 22, 2015

There’s been plenty of press about the movie “Joy,” which has Jennifer Lawrence playing QVC-HSN queen Joy Mangano, in the media blitz prior to the film’s Christmas Day debut.

The most interesting thing we’ve seen is one of the movie’s stars, hot Bradley Cooper, telling Seth Meyer that his mom is a QVC fan. At one of the premiere events for the movie, Cooper said his mother proudly boasted that she was wearing a brooch from the Audrey Hepburn collection on QVC.

Bradley or she may have been confused, because Hepburn jewelry is actually sold on HSN. Whatever.

In advance of the movie, Mangano did an interview with People magazine, where she talked about selling 18,000 Miracle Mops on QVC in 20 minutes during her first appearance in 1992. This is after Mangano convinced the network that she needed to be on-air pitching the product.

The New York Post picked up the story, and ran a photo of Mangano and QVC host Jane Treacy back in the day.

Why we don’t know, but of course Mangano eventually went to the dark side and joined HSN, selling her company to the No. 2 home shopping network in 1999 for $50 million.

It’s interesting how differently QVC and HSN have handled the movie. Maybe we just missed it, but we haven’t heard a peep about “Joy” from QVC, even though the network is a keystone in the film. We guess that’s because Mangano is no longer there.

In contrast, HSN honchos Mindy Grossman and Bill Brand attended the film’s debut in the Big Apple and mentioned the film on its website — even though the movie is really about Mangano’s time at QVC.

Don’t consider the movie a biography of Mangano. It is “based on” her life, and also apparently on fellow female entrepreneur Lillian Vernon, who just passed away.

QVC Appoints Fitzharris Chief Of QVC Japan

December 20, 2015

Those QVC honchos are busy even during the holidays.

They have named Mike Fitzharris CEO and representative director of QVC Japan. He will be responsible for overseeing QVC’s operations and growth in Japan and report to Steve Hofmann, president of QVC International.

“Since its launch in 2001, QVC Japan has successfully developed and implemented strategies to become a leader in multimedia shopping, with a focus on providing great customer value and service,” Hofmann said in a canned statement.

“Mike has consistently demonstrated an ability to lead and inspire teams across cultures, and has the experience needed to drive customer loyalty, contribute to and execute enterprise strategy and build brand awareness.”

Prior to joining QVC Japan, Fitzharris served as Chief Operating Officer of QVC UK after rejoining QVC in April 2012, with responsibility for Customer Fulfillment Services, which include contact center operations, supply chain functions, warehousing and business intelligence.

Fitzharris began his QVC career in 1997, working across a number of areas before taking on the role of general manager of operations support.

“As QVC continues to expand globally, we are leveraging our worldwide talent and capabilities to drive collaboration and position the company for future growth,” QVC president and CEO Mike George said. “Mike is adept at driving innovation to achieve strong business results. His knowledge of global markets and commitment to excellence will position QVC Japan for continued success.”

John Thomas, who led QVC Japan since 2011 as the CEO and representative director, will remain chairman of QVC Japan. In addition, he has been appointed to serve as the vice chairman of CNR Mall, QVC’s joint venture operations in China with China National Radio.

“Throughout his tenure, John has maintained a clear focus on developing strategies to maximize our long-term position in Japan and in building an engaged and aligned team throughout the organization,” Hofmann said. “I am grateful to John for his tireless effort and countless contributions to the Japan business and will continue to rely on his expertise to drive our business forward as the chairman of QVC Japan.”

Thomas has played a key role in QVC’s global expansion for many years. He was the project leader for QVC’s entry into the Italian market in 2009 and through the launch of QVC Italy in 2010. He later led QVC’s global business development efforts and was appointed chairman of QVC Japan. He assumed the position of CEO and representative director in 2011.

Ex-HSN Host/Vendor Terry Lewis Hawking Mary Kay?

December 16, 2015

Former HSN host Terry Lewis year ago did an apparel line for the home shopping network that always had great leather pieces.

In fact, we just donated two of her long leather coats, which still look like new, to a local holiday coat drive.

But we now saw on Facebook that Lewis, who looks great, appears to be promoting Mary Kay cosmetics, if not working for the company.

“The beauty of experience is that one learns that Beauty Secrets are really meant to be shared,” Lewis wrote. “Mine is Mary Kay. Please visit my website.”

We don’t know if we’re digging that.

Where Or Where Is New QVC Host Katie McGee?

December 16, 2015

We haven’t seen her in action yet, but QVC apparently has a new host, Katie McGee.

Some QVC person, we can’t remember who, posted this on Facebook.

“While you were sleeping new host Katie McGee made her QVC debut! She’s super cool, super sweet and super excited to get to know you – so check her out in the wee hours of the morning and give her a big welcome!”

But then some odds things happened when we tried to look into this. First, as far as we can tell, McGee doesn’t yet have her own Facebook page as a host for the home shopping network.

And when we went to’s “Meet Our Hosts” section to see what it had to say about McGee, that page appears to have been revised since we last looked.

It does not list all the network’s hosts, but rather suggests a handful of hosts, and vendors, who people should follow. What’s up with that?

Say Goodbye To Evine Live Host Daniel Green

December 10, 2015

We don’t know why, we don’t know when, but Evine Live host Daniel Green has exited the home shopping network.

Evine Live broke the news on Facebook earlier this week.

“We wanted to share with you, our fans, that Daniel Green is no longer a Host with EVINE Live,” the network said. “We wish him the very best in all that comes next for him.”

Green is mum on his Facebook page about what happened. But he has just authored a book on the Paleo Diet.

Evine Live’s move didn’t go over well with some folks.

“Sorry to hear this,” someone wrote. “Always liked him. Very disrespectful on the part of Evine to announce it like this.”

“That’s all?” another wrote. “He devoted how many years and this is how you honor him? Wow.”

“Talent is not something you can buy,” said another. “Daniel brought a level of sophistication to his segments that were respected and enjoyed by many. Tough loss.”

Some of the people who posted also asked a question we’ve been asked: What happened to Connie Kunkle? She is still listed as a host on Evine Live’s Website, but no one has seen hide nor hair of her for months. What gives?

Green, a Brit, received some kind words about his departure from his former colleague, host Melissa Miner.

She wrote:

Some people come into your life and quickly go.
Some people leave footprints on your heart
and you are never the same…

I love you Daniel! Lewis and I will enjoy our friendship with you and your beautiful family for a lifetime.

Melissa Plays Her Mom Joan Rivers In ‘Joy’ Film

December 9, 2015

Here’s a nice little tidbit that celeb stylist and home-shopping vet Waynescot Lukas came up with: Melissa Rivers plays her mother, the late Joan Rivers, in the new movie “Joy.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is portraying HSN star Joy Mangano in “Joy,” which is being released on Christmas Day.

The film also features Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and yes, Melissa, according to People magazine.

Melissa does bear a striking resemblance to her mother, who was a key QVC jewelry vendor. In the movie, in one scene Melissa plays her mom Joan during one of her QVC appearances.

Melissa makes some interesting comments to People.

HSN Flogging New Flick On Joy Mangano

December 6, 2015

For the first time tonight we saw HSN promoting, and running a trailer for, “Joy,” the new movie starring Jennifer Lawrence as HSN queen Joy Mangano.

We go to the movies a lot with our mom, so we’ve been seeing the trailers for the flick, which also features Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, for months.

The movie debuts on Christmas Day. also has a blurb on the film that has links to several trailers for the movie.

“We’re celebrating the empowering story and spirit of entrepreneurial women everywhere with the upcoming movie JOY, only in theaters this Christmas,” the website says.

“JOY is the story of a family across four generations centered around the girl who will create a business dynasty and become a matriarch in her own right.”

We can’t wait.