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Jewelry Designer Nolan Miller Returns To QVC After Two-Year Absence Due To Battle With Cancer

July 2, 2010

Clothing and jewelry designer Nolan Miller, suffering from cancer, has been absent from QVC for two years. Yes, his jewelry has still been sold on the home shopping channel, but his business partner, Mark Zunino, would present it.

Well, Miller will finally be back on QVC this Fourth of July weekend, QVC host Mary Beth Roe says on her Facebook page.

“I hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up!” Roe writes. “We are so blessed to live in a country with the freedoms we have, so celebrate! I’m celebrating the fact that Nolan Miller is coming to West Chester, PA, for his shows on Sun. at 7pm and Monday at 4pm. He hasn’t been able to make the trip east for almost 2 years! Join us to see him ‘live’ in the studio! 18th anniversary for him on the Q!”

The last time we saw a photo of Miller, he was looking gaunt and sickly. We hope he’s conquered his cancer.

QVC Host Mary Beth Roe Thanks 10,000 Viewers Who Came To Her Blog On Her Mom’s Death

April 21, 2010

QVC host Mary Beth Roe Wednesday graciously thanked viewers who had read her blog about her mother passing away recently.

Roe said that 10,000 people had read her blog, with more than 170 posting condolences and good wishes. She read every comment on that blog, tissue in hand to wipe away tears, even though it took her three hours.

Roe has a new blog posted Wedneday, a follow-up.

We felt bad last Wednesday when we saw that Roe, fresh off her mother’s death, was back on the air with a show on Mother’s Day’s gifts. And Roe blogged that it was in fact tough for her.

“It was difficult for me to choke back my emotions which were right on the edge last Wednesday morning in ‘My Time with Mary Beth’ and put a smile on my face the whole time,” she wrote.

“But knowing there were many of you who were concerned as to why I had been off the air for two weeks, I knew I needed to tell you what had happened and be right up front with you as has been my motto for over 23 years on air. I always say, ‘Tell it like it is.’ That’s the old news reporter in me, but it’s also what friends do with friends.”

Roe blogged that after that show last Wednesday, she and her husband Mark left for a three-day vacaton to celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary.

“That had been planned a long time ago, but it was God’s perfect timing once again, because we were both physically and emotionally exhausted, and it was the best thing for us,” she wrote.

“I slept a lot and literally did nothing except take the photos from my mom’s visitation and funeral and put them all into a photo album. That was therapeutic for me. It gave me some quiet time to just reflect on what had taken place, because when you are going through it, it’s a bit of a whirlwind. It was helpful to take a few steps back and kind of replay it in my mind and cry when I wanted to cry without having to stuff my emotions or attend to the kids or answer questions, etc. So that time away was incredibly helpful!”

She and her husband did go out for a special dinner for their anniversary.

We wish her all of God’s healing.

QVC Host Mary Beth Roe, Who Just Lost Her Mom, Tells Us To Truly Celebrate Mother’s Day

April 14, 2010

QVC host Mary Beth Roe is back on the air after her mom passing away, and we feel bad for her. QVC has her doing a show on Mother’s Day gifts. God, couldn’t they give her a break!

We cringe everytime well-meaning viewers wish Roe a Happy Mother’s Day. But the perky blonde host is offering some heartfelt advice about that holiday this year.

On Wedneday morning, Roe said on her “My Time with Mary Beth” that she had just written a blog about her mom’s death, at age 86, on April 1.

“It has been very difficult, and yet I have seen blessings and God’s perfect timing in all of it,” Roe blogged. “I am so blessed to have had a mom like mine!…As a pastor’s wife, she was always helping out at church and inviting people over to get to know them. She raised six children and nineteen grandchildren and one great grandchild, and she and my dad were married 67 years.”

Roe writes from the heart, saying, “I have learned over the last week is that it doesn’t matter how old she was or how old I am, I still felt like I was 10 years old and losing my mommy. There’s no one who can replace your mom! Moms are so important in our lives, and it’s devastating when they’re gone.”

She says that she is feeling pain and sorrow, “but God has given me a peace in my heart that surpasses all my understanding knowing she is in heaven and that I will see her again someday!”

Roe puts it all in perspective for us at the end of her blog.

“Thank you for your prayers and kind, encouraging words!,” she wrote. “That has meant so much to me! As we get closer to Mother’s Day, May 9th, please make sure you treat your moms with extra special love and care, and if you’re like me without your mom, find another woman who has been instrumental in your life and give her some extra tender loving care! God bless each of you!”

QVC’s Red Carpet Party From L.A. Rocks With Stars Like Joan Collins, Nolan Miller’s Date

March 6, 2010

We came in late to watch QVC’s “The Buzz on the Red Carpet” from L.A. Friday night, and were surprised to see Patti Reilly in the West Chester studio.

We checked the online forums to see what we missed, and apparently the home shopping network had trouble getting its live feed from the Left Coast and Reilly had to fill in at the last minute until they got things fixed.

Anyway, we were pretty impressed with QVC’s celebrity-studded pre-Oscar event at the swank Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Lisa Robertson was doing the selling, while Mary Beth Roe and Shawn Killinger were conducting celebrity interviews. Joan Collins, QVC vendor Nolan Miller’s date, and Tia Carrere were among those in the house.

A still drop-dead gorgeous (and fellow Northwestern alum) Cindy Crawford was hawking Meaningful Beauty products, and former entertainment-magazine show host Nancy O’Dell introduced her QVC fashion jewelry line.

“I’ve loved QVC for a long time,” O’Dell said.

QVC vendors Isaac Mizrahi, Rachel Zoe, Chaz Dean and Bruce Makowsky were also on the air.

The fun will continue Saturday night.

Jon Hamm, As Don Draper Of ‘Mad Men,’ Mocks QVC In ‘Saturday Night Live’ Opening Monologue

January 31, 2010

Mad Men's Jon Hamm brings Don Draper to QVC

We thought we’d died and gone to heaven when we heard Jon Hamm, who portrays the mysterious troubled anti-hero of AMC’s “Mad Men,” was hosting “Saturday Night Live” for a second time. It was even more fantastic when we watched the opening monologue last night, which was laugh-out-loud funny.

We’re having trouble posting the video clip, but we hope to get it up shortly. But here’s the link to it on

Hamm was hilarious, and began talking about the roles he’d played before getting on the Emmy-winning “Mad Men” — including a supposed stint on QVC. Hamm started out by talking about his supposed role in the early 1990s on the teen sitcom “Late for Class,” where he played “Bonzo.” We see two high school kids standing by their lockers, and then we see Hamm — in character and wardrobe as Don Draper.

Hamm then says he next gig was on QVC. We’re shown a big-haired QVC host (was it supposed to be Pam McCoy or Mary Beth Roe?) virtually screaming and hawking a raft of turquoise jewelry. Once again, Draper walks into the scene.

“Calm down, you’re hysterical,” Hamm says, a la Draper. “I feel like I’m selling jewelry with a little girl.”

Hamm then slaps the QVC host in the face and walks off. “Wait, I love you,” the host calls out to Hamm.

“I should have sex with that woman,” Hamm says. He then goes on to describe what he says was a breakout career moment for him — doing stand-up on “Def Comedy Jam.”

Again, we see Hamm as Draper, with a cigarette and a drink, onstage before an African-American audience. He starts talking about women “with big bootys, adding “they need to wash their ass.”

Ending the monologue, Hamm says, “Believe it or not, that is how I got ‘Mad Men.'”

The last time “SNL” made fun of QVC was during Sen. John McCain’s presidential run, when he and his wife appeared and did a skit in which they were QVC hosts.

We’ve seen Hamm during the Television Critics Association press tour, and even went to the “Mad Men” set in LA with a group of reporters, but we never had the nerve to introduce ourselves. We eavesdropped on his conversations with other writers, and he was always charming, funny and self-deprecating. And gorgeous.

Jessica Simpson Won’t Be Back On QVC Until Tonight After Disastrous Debut At Midnight

October 19, 2009

It looks like singer-actress Jessica Simpson’s debut on QVC last night was such a disaster that she won’t be back on the air until 7 p.m. Monday night, with one of her assistants filling in for her during shows scheduled for today.

Simpson appeared at midnight Monday to kick off QVC’s Today’s Special Value, a handbag from the singer’s new accessories line for the home shopping channel.

But the blonde was inarticulate and awkward when she tried to describe her wares, so much so that QVC brought out Simpson’s mother Tina to help out on-air. Simpson’s poor performance was noted by poster’s on QVC’s online forums, as well as the media.

Simpson, often skewered in the tabloids for her weight and rocky love life, didn’t seem to know much about her merchandise. We hate to say it, but she did seem to be the brightest bulb in the world.

Simpson was slated to appear on another show at 11 a.m., but host Mary Beth Roe announced that the singer would not be able to be back until 7 p.m. Sally Nobody from Simpson’s line, we did not catch here real name, filled in for the singer.

Not a good sign.