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Was ShopNBC Trying To Stick It To HSN By Selling The Exact Same Ring, Touted As ‘Rare’ By The Southern Channel, At A Cheaper Price?

July 28, 2010

HSN customers were not happy campers when they saw that ShopNBC was selling the same ring as HSN at a lower price

HSN customers are complaining that a carved coral rose ring the home shopping network offered as a Today’s Special July 15 was being sold the next day on rival network ShopNBC — at a lower price.

And to add insult to injury, the HSN ring is part of the popular “Rarities” line. How “rare” are your pieces when your competitor has them on soon after you — at a less expensive price point?

We’ve been watching electronic retailing for several decades now, and we can’t recall two home shopping channels hawking the exact same piece of jewelry.

Here’s the deal. Back on July 15 Carol Brodie, who we love, as HSN’s Today’s Special. It was a ring with peachy pink carved coral roses with white topaz accents, and its TS price was for $90.

We blogged about it.

Well, ShopNBC’s Gem Treasures line by in-house jewelry designer Chuck Clemency had what appears to be the exact same ring, with the carved coral roses.

The only difference between the two rings was that HSN’s ring used white topaz for accents, while ShopNBC’s had white zircons. Oh, and there was that price differential.

The ShopNBC ring went on sale shortly after the HSN one for just $79, compared to HSN’s TV price of $xx. Now, the coral ring is priced at $ 130 at HSN, and $xxx at ShopNBC.

HSN customers were the one’s that tipped us off to this situation. They posted complaints on

Here are some of them:

“Beautiful.. not sure it’s a rarity?…I was thrilled when I received this yesterday, it is truly beautiful piece of jewelry, looks very italian and feminine. Mine was very coral in color, a soft blush peachy pink. I love everything about it and will keep it, however I was a bit dissapointed to see the exact same ring on (item 320614) for $78.62 (regular price $98.75). It is identical down to the carvings on the side the platinum plating, the white topaz. I thought Carol’s pieces were unique and designed by her, so this makes me doubt if what she is bringing is truly original or if hers was copied. I will keep it anyway, highly recommend!”

Blingrat (we love that name) wrote, “Too oversized to be wearable. And it is not exclusive! Saw it 2 days later on competitor’s channel at $21 less!”

Another poster said, “The ring is pretty but the color is not uniform and it is more expensive than else where. It is $ 78.96 on another network that is their regular price for this exact ring Not a Today’s special. I am thinking whether to keep it or return it.”

We asked HSN and ShopNBC on Monday what gives. That’s why we sat on the story.

ShopNBC said they were looking into it, but never got back to us. We can’t help but wonder, were the folks in Minnesota trying to stick it to HSN by putting their coral ring up for sale right after HSN has it as a TS?

HSN said that its ring had been in production for almost a year.

“Carol Brodie is constantly searching for exciting discoveries to bring to our customers and has had great success over the last year,” an HSN flak said. “Her carved coral and white topaz ring is rated as a ‘customer pick’ based upon online reviews. We look forward to introducing new additions from Carol in the coming months.”

Hmmmn, we are definately thinking that ShopNBC tried to screw HSN, by embarrassing the No. 2 home shopping channel, sticking a pin in the “Rarities” claim and showing it underprices HSN.

HSN Is Almost All Serena Williams, All Friday With Tennis Champ Showing Off Her Signature Statement Collection

December 10, 2009

Tennis champ Serena Williams will be on HSN Friday nearly 24/7, kicking off at midnight with the network’s Today’s Special.

Williams will be on throughout the entire day with her Signature Statement collection, which includes apparel, jewelry, handbags and accessories.

We saw her debut earlier this year, and it mainly featured blingy pave jewelry, pieces that Williams was wearing on her TV appearances. Now it looks like she has a wide range of clothes for this HSN visit,

We especially like her ruched dress at $55.

And of course, we love that bling. Bring it on Serena, with a very pretty crystal flower necklace catching our eye at $80.

HSN has a wide range of African American vendors on the air, not only Williams but also Natalie Cole, Sean Combs, Iman (David Bowie’s wife), Tina Knowles — who is Beyonce’s mom — and Carol’s Daughter.

Cute Critters, Big Jewelry Trend, Find Happy Homes On HSN And ShopNBC: FYI Chuck Clemency, Squirrels Don’t Lay Eggs

November 17, 2009

This is strictly a post for chicks. Critter jewelry is one of the biggest trends in the business, so much so that HSN has an entire section on its Web site called “Critter Corner.”

It’s basically jewelry fashioned out of every kind of creature you can imagine.

On ShopNBC Monday, vendor Chuck Clemency had on the cutest pieces of critter jewelry we have ever seen: A squirrel pendant and ring.

They both featured a squirrel holding a “nut,” which is actually a citrine stone, and nibbling on it. These items have sold out three times, and this squirrel is Clemency’s No. 1 favorite critter.

He told some wacky story about a squirrel making a nest and having babies in his attic, and said he did not know if the rodents gave birth or laid eggs. Yikes, and this guy is from Jersey!

As for his squirrel pieces, Clemency said, “This squirrel will not multiply.”

HSN has a large variety of critters, including a “Magic Motion” turtle ring by Princess Amanda and a monkey from Adrienne Arpel.

Chuck Clemency Brings On His Sweet 16 Daughter Kellie Anne For His 17th Anniversary Show On ShopNBC

September 27, 2009

For years, 17 to be exact, Chuck Clemency has been on ShopNBC selling his jewelry, rare longevity for a channel that’s had its ups and down.

One of his specialties has been his Kellie Anne stud earrings, bracelets and pendants — named after his daughter. On Saturday night the 16-year-old high school junior was on the air modeling the earrings that were named after her. Kellie Anne is stunning, pretty and poised, with long light brown hair.

ShopNBC has sold 95,000 pairs of the earrings during the past 10 years, according to Clemency. His daughter owns 20 to 30 pairs of them herself, as they are available in a variety of gemstones.

Clemency, wearing a canary yellow sports jacket, is a clown who is constantly kibitzing with the hosts, and cracking them up with his self-deprecating stories (like the time he mistook his wive’s hairpiece for a rodent). He got the nickname “Mr. 99” because he usually sells the Kellie Anne earrings for $99. They were on sale for $76 and change tonight.

Clemency, whose line is called Gem Treasures, also had his son on the air for several shows, but we missed that. Besides, the son doesn’t have any jewelry named after him.

Some viewers felt having the family on crimped Clemency’s style.

“Chuck, you’re being too well-behaved with your children,” one caller complained.

“I am a little better behaved when the kids are around,” Clemency admitted.