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Want to Be a JTV Host? Heed the 5 ‘Ps’

December 27, 2018

If you are interested in becoming a Jewelry Television host, and wouldn’t mind moving to Knoxville, Tenn., here is your big chance.

JTV is holding host auditions in New York City Jan. 13 to 15.

Here’s the part of the post we saw on Facebook:

As the face of JTV, our hosts are responsible for achieving on-air sales goals while providing an excellent customer experience. The right candidate will combine his/her genuine passion for jewelry with an equal passion to drive sales.

Our hosts will maintain a professional persona, both on-air and in the community, and are looked on as leaders in our industry.

No pressure! And we guess no drinking to excess or coke snorting off-air.

JTV also says that its hosts live by the Five “P’s.” As in “Be prepared, prompt, professional, polished and polite.”

Candidates must be available to work all day parts — including weekends, holidays and overnights. Sounds like journalism. Hope it pays better.

They must also “be able to sell all types of jewelry and gemstones.” Oy!

Finally, sales and/or jewelry experience is “strongly preferred,” while prior TV hosting and being a graduate gemologist are pluses.

Have at it, folks.

Joy Mangano Exits HSN in Wake of Its Purchase by QVC

December 21, 2018

For anyone who has been following what is going on after HSN was purchased by QVC’s parent, this should not be much of a surprise: HSN mother of invention Joy Mangano is leaving the network. We think she’s steamed.

So the inventor of the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers, whose life story was depicted in a movie, is hitting the road.

The press release doesn’t have any comment from Mangano, which we read as a tip-off that she is not happy about all of this.

Here it is:

HSN Announces Joy Mangano Departing to Pursue Other Professional Opportunities

December 20, 2018: Retailer will continue to offer inventive products, such as Huggable Hangers and My Little Steamer.

St. Petersburg, FL (Dec. 20, 2018) – HSN announced today that after nearly two decades with the company, inventor, designer, entrepreneur and HSN team member, Joy Mangano, will be leaving HSN to pursue other professional opportunities.

“We and our customers are enormously grateful for all that Joy has done for our shopping community,” said Mike Fitzharris, President, HSN. “She has been an important part of the family for many years, and her creativity has influenced us all. We thank her for her contributions.”

Over the years, Mangano has delighted HSN customers with a steady stream of innovative products, such as her record-setting Huggable Hangers (more than 800 million units sold via HSN platforms), her My Little Steamer, SHADES Readers, Forever Fragrant line of cleaners and fresheners, Ultimate Closet line of organizers, and her collaborations with IMAN and Ming Tsai. Mangano launched her first invention, the Miracle Mop, on QVC in 1992 and continued with QVC until HSN acquired Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs, Inc., in 1999.

“Joy may be leaving, but our customers will be able to continue to shop Huggable Hangers, My Little Steamer and many of the great products she has presented on HSN over the years,” said Fitzharris. “And at the same time, customers will continue to see other fresh, innovative brands come to HSN as we add to our product assortments and create engaging new customer experiences.”

Fitzharris added that HSN has launched more than 100 brands over the past year, including new brands, propriety brands, crossover brands from QVC, and brands that HSN had worked with in the past. “We are incredibly encouraged by our customer response to our new offerings and look forward to bringing more for her to shop and enjoy in 2019,” he said.

In October, Qurate Retail Group, announced a series of initiatives designed to restore HSN to growth by focusing the business on offering more diverse products, enhancing the on-air presentations, driving digital growth, and improving the customer experience. These initiatives included the consolidation of the HSN and QVC US buying teams into one organization, with the goal of increased speed to market with the best brands, products, ideas and entrepreneurs; optimized product assortments to maximize customer choice; a more aggressive pursuit of “white space” opportunities; and better alignment with product suppliers.

The writing was on the wall when Qurate, owner of QVC and HSN, in its October announcement said it was merging buying functions for the two home shopping networks. In that press release was also word that Qurate was shutting down Mangano’s company, Ingenious Designs on Long Island, and shifting its work to West Chester, where QVC is based. We mentioned all that in our blog. And in our lede we wondered how Mangano would be affected.

Newsday later reported that Ingenious Designs had issued so called “WARN” notices that it was going to lay off 66 workers starting in late December and ending Feb. 28.

QVC ‘Shark’ Lori Greiner to Launch Magazine

December 18, 2018

Lori Greiner, who was a fixture on QVC before she became a star on “Shark Tank,” is entering a very tough arena: the magazine business.

We saw on a Facebook QVC-HSN fan page that Greiner, who like us has become blonder and blonder as the years go by, plans to launch a magazine called “Inspire” in March. Look for it on your newsstands.

Several people commented on the post, wondering if Greiner was aspiring to be a lifestyle guru with her own pub like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart.

Inspire will offer “tips for success,” “savvy shopping,” and “motivating mantras,” as well as covering health, beauty, travel and food.

“Connect with Lori in a whole new way as she encourages women to become heroes in their communities and their own lives,” we are told.

A print magazine is a risky proposition these days. Getting newsstand distribution is difficult. The internet has decimated the industry. Let’s see how this goes.

Author of HSN’s ‘Used-Car Salesman’ Email Sues Over Firing

December 10, 2018

The HSN talent agent who wrote the infamous email — which WE first reported on — that chided the home network’s vendors and hosts for sounding like “used-car salesmen” is suing over his subsequent firing.

Gordie Daniels has filed a lawsuit in Florida against HSN and its new owner, Qurate Retail, the company that is also the parent of QVC, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Basically, Daniels claims that he was canned despite the fact that he was trying to create the on-air culture that Qurate wanted, similar to QVC.

The problem was that the email was about as tactful as your drunk uncle at that last wedding you went to. In a nutshell, Daniels told HSN folk to lay off the hard sells. He issued a list of Dos-and-Don’ts, which went over like a fart in church. Vendors were infuriated by the memo.

Daniels, who was fired because of his missive, in his lawsuit claims he was just the messenger that was killed for delivering the unpopular message from new management to HSN.

“QVC was very upset with how on-air talent was performing,” the suit said, according to the Tampa Bay paper. “Guests were stepping outside the roles QVC wanted them to play, and hosts were often unable to control their shows effectively. Guests were talking over hosts. Talent discussed topics such as pricing … and shipping which QVC did not want discussed. Some guests were also making overaggressive sales presentations.”

“(HSN) falsely branded (Daniels) as an insubordinate, unprofessional, rogue employee who launched an ‘insulting,’ ‘condescending,’ and ‘disrespectful’ email to on-air talent,” the lawsuit said, the Tampa paper reported. “(HSN) lied about what actually happened surrounding the email so it and QVC could save face and use (Daniels) as the scapegoat for a few people’s anger over QVC’s new direction.”

BTW, the Tampa Bay paper credits “Page Six,” the gossip column of the New York Post, with first obtaining and publishing the email.

Wrong. We broke the story.

Host Dan Dennis Leaves Shop LC

December 10, 2018

Dan Dennis has signed off as a host on Shop LC.

Dennis, a fixture on HSN for many years and a rock hound to boot, on Facebook said that it was with “mixed emotions” and he and Shop LC “had parted ways.”

We don’t have Shop LC at home, and have only seen it while exercising at the gym in our office complex.

Dennis — originally from Clifton, N.J., a town we know well — had to relocate to Austin, Texas, for the Shop LC gig.

And he and his family have had a tough go of it in recent years, losing a son.

We’ll be interested to heat about his next plans.

Evine’s MacKenzie-Childs Does A Jersey Diner

December 2, 2018

Here’s a tidbit that comes from our former colleague at the once great, but ruined by Gannett, Bergen Record.

Food writer Esther Davidowitz did a review of a new restaurant that is just about five minutes from our condo in Montclair, N.J. The eatery is the Chit Chat Diner, which is located atop a hill in West Orange, N.J.

We have driven by it a million times, but Esther reported that its interior was designed by MacKenzie-Childs, the housewares and home-decor vendor that sells its colorful — and pricey — wares on Evine.

If you look at the story, you will see a photo that shows the trademark black-and-white checkerboard design that MacKenzie-Childs incorporates in its dinnerware and other goods adorning the new eatery.