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After Allegedly Jilting His Bride, HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Spotted ‘Sucking Face’ With Leggy Chick, New York Post’s Page Six Spy Says

November 23, 2009

The New York Post’s Page Six must have someone tailing HSN celebrity chef Todd English. We’re even starting to feel sorry for the guy, even though he allegedly jilted his bride-to-be and left her at the altar the day of their wedding.

Monday’s Page Six, in an item headlined “Face Time,” reports that English, who was on HSN last week with his green cookware, was rebounding well after leaving Erica Lang, his former fiancee.

Page Six says that English was spotted “sucking serious face” with a pretty young thing at the Brass Monkey Bar in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

The Post broke the story about English dumping Wang, who got her revenge by giving the tabloid an exclusive about how he was a cad who dumped her on their would-be wedding day.

English responded by filing domestic abuse charges against Wang, whe he claims hit him in the head with his own watch.

HSN fans don’t seem to be holding any of this against him.

Celebrity Chefs Are Hot For HSN, But There’s No News About Todd English And His Bride-Jilting Caper

November 12, 2009

HSN was crowing Thursday about the success of the high-profile chefs that hawk products on the network. We guess it’s no surprise that officials didn’t mention the tabloid headlines that Todd English made recently for allegedly jilting his bride-to-be.

During a third-quarter conference call Thursday, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman said that the network “marries the best chefs of HSN with our successful commerce platform,” citing English, Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse.

The home shopping network expanded its chef roster last with week with the premieres of cook/TV host/cookbook authors Padma Lakshmi and Ingrid Hoffmann as part of the channel’s second annual “HSN Cooks” event. Lakshmi is a host of Bravo’s hit “Top Chef,” while Hoffman does shows for Food Network and Univision.

“The combination of diversity of product, personality and programming resulted in a sales increase of 40 percent over last year’s event,” Grossman said.

HSN was able to strike a deal with Lakshmi and leverage “the tremendous popularity of the ‘Top Chef’ reality series” after talking to her in April about doing a line of cutlery, teas and spices. That Easy Exotic line launched and sold out during the cooks’ event, according to Grossman.

Not mentioned again in the call was English, who was recently in the news in his home base of Boston and in New York City when he left his fiancee, Erica Wang, at the altar the day they were supposed to get married in Manhattan.

Wang painted English as a rat in an exclusive interview with The New York Post. Days later, English filed domestic abuse charges against Wang in Boston, alleging that she hit him in the head with his own watch.

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Tries To Make Getaway From Paparazzi, New York Post’s Page Six Reports

November 5, 2009

The New York Post won’t leave HSN celebrity chef Todd English alone, and therefore neither will we.

Page Six has an item Thursday headlined “Duck and Cover,” about English trying to escape Mr. Chow’s 30th anniversary party in Manhattan before the paparazzi took his photo.

The Boston restaurateur has been tabloid fodder ever since he jilted his bride-to-be Erica Wang, essentially leaving her at the altar. Wang gave an exclusive interview to the Post that slammed English as a rat. Soon after that, English filed domestic abuse charges against her. He claimed that Wang hit him in the head with his watch.

On Eve Of His Return To HSN, New York Post Claims Chef Todd English’s Financial Woes Prompted Him To Jilt Bride

October 26, 2009

HSN celebrity chef Todd English, who will be back on the home shopping channel Tuesday, is once again making headlines in the tabloids.

On Monday English’s financial woes were the lead item in the New York Post’s Page Six, with the headline “Eateries Took a Toll on Todd”.

The item blames English’s money problems for his decision to cancel his wedding to Erica Wang. According to the Post, English has closed three of his eateries, namely Olives in Aspen, Colo., and Washington, and the Fish Club in Seattle. Sources told the Post that English was under a lot of stress.

But is that the real reason that earlier this month English jilted his fiancee Wang and left her at the altar on their wedding day? There’s been lots of mud-slinging since then.

The Post broke the story about the cancelled wedding, and followed up with an exclusive interview with Wang, who painted English as a real cad. Just days afte that story ran, English filed assault charges against Wang, alleging that she hit him in the head with his own watch in September.

The latest is the Post story today. In the Page Six item, English’s camp claims that his financial issues had nothing to do with him calling off the wedding. It was Wang’s nasty behavior that gave him second thoughts.

Either way, English will be back on HSN tomorrow selling his GreenPan line of pots and pans.

Celebrity Chef Todd English Returns To HSN This Week After Bride-Jilting Brouhaha

October 25, 2009

Boston restaurateur and celebrity chef Todd English will be back on HSN Tuesday, his first appearance since he jilted his bride-to-be. That has been a nasty, much-publicized break-up.

English has a line of “green” pots and pans for HSN, and it looks like one of his items will be the network’s Today’s Special Tuesday.

English made headlines in New York and Boston during the past month for leaving his fiancee, Erica Wang, at the alter. She went ahead and had a get-together, to replace the cancelled-wedding reception, at the ritzy St. Regis in Manhattan. Why not, since no way you could get your deposit back at such short notice.

But Wang did not take being ditched lying down. She dished to the New York Post about what a rat English was, claiming he called her the afternoon of the wedding to say it was off.

A few days after that Post story, English stuck back. He filed assault charges against Wang, claiming she had hit him in the head with his own watch way back in September. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

We wonder if any callers will try to ask English about his aborted nuptials.

English, once voted one of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautfiful People, always appears on HSN with Joy Mangano, of “Huggable Hanger” fame. We’ve got a closet filled with her hangers, which are actually great.

But why she is always paired with English when he demonstrates his GreenPans is beyond us. They are the oddest pair since Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Cher and Tom Cruise…Well, you get the idea.

HSN Chef Todd English Files Assault Charges Against His Jilted Bride, Claims She Beaned Him With His Own Watch

October 17, 2009

HSN celebrity chef Todd English has struck back, figuratively, against the bride he allegedly jilted and left at the altar.

English, a restaurateur who owns Olives in New York, has filed assault charges against his ex-fiancee Erica Wang. English, who sells a line of cookware on HSN, charges that Wang hit him upside the head with his own heavy watch Sept. 14.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that English decided to press charges after Wang gave a detailed exclusive interview to the New York Post that ran last Sunday.

It painted English as a lout who called Wang the day they were to be married at the St. Regis Hotel in New York to break it off, according to the would-be bride’s version of events.

English claims he had told Wang that their Oct. 3 nuptials were off days before the wedding.

As to why English was pressing criminal charges against Wang now, the chef’s lawyer said that the celeb had to “protect his credibility.”

The Boston Herald broke the story about English filing the charges against Wang. The article even has a photo of English taken after the alleged assault, and he does indeed have a cut or bruise by his eye.

The Post picked up on The Herald’s story Saturday, saying that Todd had his ex-fiancee arrested on the assault charges after the tabloid’s exclusive interview with her.

And we thought we have had some bad break-ups.

New York Post Offers Exclusive From Todd English’s Jilted Bride, And How The Cad Called Wedding Off

October 11, 2009

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English essentially left his fiancee at the altar, in fact, they didn’t even get to the altar, and she offered up all the nasty details in The New York Post Sunday.

It is a sad ending to a fairy tale romance, where English gave Wang a 6-carat diamond engagement ring.

In the exclusive story, Erica Wang paints English as a pretty nasty guy. She claims that English not only called off their wedding the day it was to take place, but that the chef stiffed her for $12,000 in bills for their canceled nuptials.

The $150,000 wedding was set for the St. Regis in Manhattan, and Wang did go forward with the reception, entertaining 150 guests.

Wang had planned to to wear a wedding dress designed by red-carpet fashion house Bagley Mischka, which, by the way, last week cut a deal to create a line for HSN, English’s home shopping venue.

The Post’s story says that at one point English was down in Tampa, Fla., “on business.” We presume he was actually in St. Petersburg, where HSN is located, and that the “business” was an appearance on the Southern Channel.

The Post has all the details in its scoop, which is headlined in the print paper “Chef Turned Up the Heat, Then Put Me On Ice: ‘Bride.’

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English Makes Page One News For Jilting His Bride-To-Be Days Before Wedding

October 4, 2009

It’s not often that a home shopping star/vendor makes the front page of the New York Post, but that’s what celebrity chef  Todd English did Sunday morning. The headline reads “Star Chef Jilts Bride: She Parties at St. Regis With 150!”

The tabloid reported that English, who sells his pots and pans on HSN, broke up with his fiancee, Erica Wang,  just days before they were to be wed.  But Wang decided to go ahead and have a party, instead of what would have been her wedding reception, at the ritzy St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan.

English, 48, was once on People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list.  According to the Post, English is divorced and has been engaged twice before. 

In a statement to the Post, English said, “No wedding took place over the weekend. I appreciate your respect for my privacy in this difficult time.”