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Back On Home Shopping, Raquel Welch Is Bringing Her Wigs To QVC

May 28, 2010

Still-hot sexpot Raquel Welch is coming to QVC, with wigs.

We tuned in Thursday night on the tail end of host Shawn Killinger showing off three of Welch’s “Breeze” textured layered wigs.

Killinger was telling viewers, we guess, when the Welch wig show will debut. But we didn’t catch the date.

Welch is no stranger to home shopping. She briefly had a jewelry line on HSN, with pieces made of gemstones and silver. We still have a cross — which has peridot, citrine and smoky topaz on it — from that collection.

But the actress’s pieces were pricey, and the jewelry line didn’t last too long on HSN.