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Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason’s Husband Takes Turn For The Worse

September 19, 2015

As we’ve said before, this has not been a good year. Now more bad news.

Former QVC host Lisa Mason offered an update on her husband Gino’s brain cancer on Facebook and the prognosis does not sound good. It seems he had taken a turn for the worse.

Lisa Mason and Gino

Lisa Mason and Gino

Manhattanite Mason had left QVC for awhile and then returned earlier this year, after disclosing the news of her husband’s cancer. Then she said she was taking a hiatus from the network again. In Mason’s latest missive, she said she’s not coming back.

“I am so grateful for my brief time back at QVC,” Mason wrote.

“However, I have decided not to return. Gino is no longer responding to chemotherapy. He is now on immunotherapy. Whatever the outcome, I will not leave him. QVC was certainly the job of a lifetime and one that was hard to leave behind! But this man IS my life. I simply want to see him through this journey. Wherever it may lead!”

Prayers, prayers and more prayers.

QVC Host Carolyn Gracie Discusses Double Mastectomy

July 9, 2015

Once again, one of our readers tipped us off to some news, about QVC host Carolyn Gracie. We weren’t even aware that Gracie had been on sick leave since June. In a very moving blog on, the host explained what is going on: She has breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.

If you are like us, we bet you have friends and loved ones who have or had breast cancer, so Gracie’s story will resonate with you, we’re sure, as it did with us.

QVC host Carolyn Gracie and a canine member of her support group

QVC host Carolyn Gracie and a canine member of her support group

“I feel it is time to let you know what’s up,” Gracie blogged. “There have been a few speculations popping up on Facebook and the QVC Community pages (no, I have not had knee replacement surgery) and I know it is only because you have been so worried. I asked my fellow Hosts to keep all of this private until I could tell you myself, which is why you haven’t heard anything yet. So here is my story.”

Gracie, who lost her brother to cancer when he was 14, describes in detail the process she went through in order to make the decision to have the mastectomy.

The 56-year-old host is undergoing reconstructive surgery now, and is able to joke about it.

“I told my husband that he now has something in common with Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks (other than being handsome and funny)…his wife will now have undergone the same surgery as their wives and he will be taking care of me, just like they took care of Angelina and Rita,” Gracie wrote. “As it turns out, both of my surgeons are Chiefs of Surgery in their specialty areas at the hospital that I chose. I have been VERY well taken care of by these two and their staffs.”

Gracie lauded her fellow QVC hosts for their support during this tough time.

“They have cooked me the most delicious homemade meals (which Nancy Hornback, who is also a breast cancer survivor, has so kindly delivered to my door on several occasions),” Gracie wrote. “Shawn Killinger organized a group of the hosts to send us healthy, yummy Blue Apron meals, which I can now cook at home myself. The hosts send me wonderful messages every day to cheer me up! … I have received the most beautiful flower arrangements from so many thoughtful, caring folks…family, friends and co-workers.”

We wish Gracie a swift recovery and pray for a happy outcome for her, as we do for our friends and family who have battled breast cancer.

QVC Host Rick Domeier Collects A Big Residual Check For 1980’s ‘St. Elsewhere’ Gig

May 14, 2011

Hunky QVC host Rick Domeier had a good one on Facebook this week.

He posted a photo of a check for 51 cents, which kind of reminds us of our current paycheck.

“Did an episode of ‘St. Elsewhere’ back in the eighties, and just received this ‘massive’ residual check,” Domeier posted. “Friday night Happy Hour, I’m buyin’, who wants to Party?”

The comments were just as priceless:

“Rick, You should invest Most of it in college for your children and keep enough to take the family out for a nice dinner.”

“Thank goodness you are buying!! hahahahaha don’t spend it all in one place..”

“Move back to LA! There’s a bar called ‘Residuals’ where they buy you a drink for any r-check under $1. SCORE! ;-)”

“LMAO the check costs more to make cheers”

“I loved that show!”

“Awesome, Rick — you can barely buy a first-class postage stamp with it, but you can party anyhow!”

“Would love to see that footage, Rick!”

“Can you spare a dime 🙂 WOW!”

“Hey, I’m afraid I can beat depressing!”

“A check for .25 came from an old Magnum PI I did in the early 80’s.”

Quitter ‘Apprentice’ Alum Michelle Sorro Is Now Part Of The HSN Family, As a Host

May 10, 2011

HSN has a spanking new host, Michelle Sorro, who is an alum of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

Since we haven’t watched “The Apprentice” in years, we never saw her on The Donald’s series.

But the blurb about her on HSN’s website cites a quote from great wit Oscar Wilde, which says, “Be yourself: Everybody is already taken.”

The burb says:

While the Oscar Wilde quote above is a favorite of Michelle Sorro, the Los Angeles native is well-known for a short quote of her own. “I quit.” That’s what she told Donald Trump on The Apprentice. “Best decision I ever made.” It’s a decision that eventually brought her to HSN, where she thinks she has the best job in the world.

Wilde is the author of one of our favorite quotes: “I can resist anything but temptation.”

The HSN web site also describes Sorro as a published author and vegan.

Learn The Inside Dish On QVC’s Rick Domeier

April 26, 2011

We’re still having issues with WordPress, so bear with us.

Thanks to the reader who tipped us off to this fascinating profile of QVC host Rick Domeier, whose credentials apparently range from doing Shakespeare to playing “Teen Wolf” in a low-rent horror movie.

And you only thought Rick knew how to trade jibes with Joan Rivers!

The story ran in Broadway World, here is the link:

Domeier, who has been promoting his book “Can I Have A Do-Over?,” had an acting career and some meaty roles before landing in West Chester, Pa. He played Hal Carter in “Picnic” and was in the play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago.”

He has a self-deprecating sense of humor about his pre-QVC acting career, describing the time he missed his cue while appearing in the soap opera “The Days of Our Lives” and his experience playing the teen wolf in Sam Raimi’s Movie “Teen Wolf.” The FX, special effects and makeup, left a lot to be desired in that one. We’ll leave it at that.

The story also talks about Domeier making references to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare when he’s hawking product on QVC. We’ve been watching QVC for more than a decade, and we’ve never heard of those types of allusions come from Rick’s lips. But maybe we were just too engrossed by the jewelry he was selling at the time.

The profile was written by a guy, but the story was written from the eye of a straight gal.

Here are some of the descriptions of Rick:

After watching the man in action, one quickly realizes that he’s quite intelligent, well-read and still has a penchant for the performing arts. Oh yes, he’s very good-looking, too. His blind hair sets off his blue eyes and the whitest of white teeth.

And that physique of his is amply displayed when he demonstrates workout equipment so that people on various message board post comments that would normally be reserved for the likes of Brad Pitt or Jake Gyllenhall.

We bet Rick blushed at that!

It also says that he was a party boy in college. What a surprise!

Anyway, the story is a good read and tells us more about Domeier than we’ve ever known.

The profile is so well done, we wish we’d written it.

Sur La Table Coming To ShopNBC Monday, Dragging Along QVC Vet Bob Bowersox

April 22, 2011

National kitchenware retailer Sur La Table, who we know from Kierland Commons in Scottsdale, will be debuting on ShopNBC Monday.

“Never before seen on TV retailing,” as the press release says, the Sur La Table Kitchen Show will feature the retailer’s namesake line of kitchenware and gadgets, including exclusive Cuisinart appliances, to the delight of ShopNBC’s loyal viewers, who are sure to get everything they need to make the kitchen the center of their home.

As part of the premiere, The Sur La Table Kitchen Show will include cookware, bakeware, gadgets, cutlery and table settings
as well as exclusive, brightly colored Cuisinart appliances including mixers, food processors, blenders and more.

Sur La Table guest expert Jacob Maurer with be showing off the latest innovations and technology in kitchen appliances as well as unique and exclusive items including knives, kitchen tools and tableware.

In addition, ShopNBC culinary expert and cook book author Bob Bowersox — a QVC retread — will launch The Sur La Table Show premiere with a “Today’s Top Value” offer: The Sur La Table 10-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set with Bonus Cookbook, a $435 retail value available for $176.54 on that day only.

For more than 20 years (many of them at QVC, which ShopNBC fails to mention). Bowersox “has entertained households across America with his extensive knowledge, down-to-earth charm, and helpful presentations of kitchen innovations and appliances. From showcasing the latest in time-saving gadgets to sharing his own personal recipes, Bob’s kitchen know-how and advice gets viewers cooking with surprising and delicious results,” according to ShopNBC’s press release.

“We are thrilled to bring the premium brand of Sur La Table and its unique brand experience live to our customers,” ShopNBC president Bob Ayd said in a canned statement. “With a heritage of over 30-years, Sur La Table’s debut will entice cooks from all walks of life to interact with ShopNBC and shop a broad assortment of classic kitchenware and unique gadgets. We look forward to adding new flavor to their dedication to culinary diversity, innovation and authenticity — all at exceptional product and presentation values.”

“We’re excited to partner with ShopNBC on the premiere of The Sur La Table Kitchen Show,” Jacob Maurer, vice president of merchandising Sur La Table, we assume. “We are delighted to bring our passion for cooking and artful entertaining to the ShopNBC customer.”

QVC Host-Author Rick Domeier To Donate His Book Proceeds Tuesday To Japan Relief

April 10, 2011

Lisa Mason isn’t the only QVC talent that has authored a book.

Rick Domeier has been beating the bushes and making all kinds of appearances to promote his inspirational tome, “Can I Get A Do Over?’

The towheaded Minnesota native has come up with a pretty neat idea to raise some money for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

“On Tuesday, April 12th, I will also donate ALL of my author proceeds to the American Red Cross-Japan Tsunami relief,” he said on his publisher’s website. “All you have to do is purchase one copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?’ and together we can make a difference in the lives of the people in Japan.”

That’s not all.

“I’m doing a Special One Day Offer! When you purchase a copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers’ simply click on the link below, give me your address, and your Amazon purchase order number, and I will mail you a Limited Edition, Personalized, Autographed Book Plate, and Do Over Book Mark absolutely free! (S&H is free as well)!”

Domeier will also be chatting live on Facebook and checking in from various stops on his book tour, including a live national television interview on “The 700 Club” on CBN (Christian Broadcast Network).

Ex-QVC Host Lisa Mason Packs The House With ‘L And L On Lex’ Event

April 10, 2011

We were invited to ex-QVC host Lisa Mason’s “Laura and Lisa on Lex” event in Manhattan Saturday, but we had a boatload of work to do and just couldn’t make it.

The event included Mason signing her new book, “Big Life Lessons From That Still, Small Voice,” at Barnes & Noble and then heading off to QVC vendor and makeup wizard Laura Geller’s Big Apple studio.

Lisa Mason

The shindig was a big success, as we can tell from Mason’s post on her blog.

“You exceeded our expectations!!” she wrote. “We were at standing room only for this event with very special guests in attendance! Thank you to all of you who came to our New York City book-signing event. It was awesome! Gino and I were joined by over 100 of the most wonderful people and we thank you!!! See you next week in Pittsburgh!! God Bless.”

ShopNBC’s Watch Geek Host Jim Skelton Is Gone, Did JTV Shed Married Hosts The Rookes?

March 29, 2011

One of our Facebook friends, Lisa, tipped us off today that ShopNBC watch geek Jim Skelton is no longer a part of that happy home shopping family in Minnesota.

We e-mailed ShopNBC marketing maven Anthony Giombetti to confirm this tidbit, and never got a response. So we checked and saw that Skelton’s photo was no longer posted on the No. 3 home shopping network’s host page on its website.

Then a quick glance at Skelton’s Facebook page confirmed the news.

“I have been the ‘Watch-Specific’ On-Air Host at ShopNBC since October of 2004 (wow how time flies),” he wrote on Facebook. “I have now left ShopNBC, March 2011.”

Here is something he must have posted in happier days.

“I am blessed in the fact that I am in a rare position where I can do what I truly love for a living,” he wrote. “I eat, sleep and breathe watches from morning to night and beyond. If I’m not on the air demonstrating watches, I am reasearching them, designing them, or photographing them.”

And for his Facebook photo, Skelton has posted an “off the air” on-screen billboard that TV stations usually put up when, no surprise, they are off the air.

And even though ShopNBC didn’t get back to us, they had posted this on their Facebook page: “We wanted to inform you that Jim Skelton is no longer with ShopNBC. We wish him success in his future endeavors.”

Anthony, you couldn’t have picked up the phone and told us that? The ShopNBC notice had sparked 60 comments when we looked, and most people were not happy.

We don’t know if this signals a change in ShopNBC’s strategy, because they have made a point of becoming the home shopping destination for higher-end watches, especially for men.

Our Facebook friend also said that Jewelry TV hosts Katie and Craig Rooke are gone, but we didn’t have time to check that out with the network’s honchos. But the Rookes are still listed on JTV’s website.

The Homeshoppingista Is An ‘Active Customer’ Of QVC, HSN And ShopNBC

March 17, 2011

As a home shopping expert (if we must pat ourselves on the back, we will), we got an assignment for our former place of employment to write about the topic.

The assignment for Multichannel News was to take a look at the women viewers of networks such as QVC, HSN and ShopNBC.

We learned a few things ourselves while researching the story. When a QVC host like Rick Domeier tells you that QVC is in almost 100 million homes, don’t ever think for a minute that a big chunk of those people are actually watching it.

One of the major parameters that home shopping networks use is “active customers,” namely those who have bought an item within the past year. QVC has 7.3 million, HSN has 4.6 million and ShopNBC has 1.1 million.

Anyway, here is the story.