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See Lisa Robertson’s Three Christmas Trees, And Learn About Self-Absorbed QVC Hosts

December 28, 2010

Damn, QVC host Lisa Robertson is getting way more hits than we are with her video blog.

On her Monday PM Style show word leaked out that Robertson’s blog, where she offers a tour of her gorgeously decorated home, had gotten more than 50,000 hits.

Robertson had not one, not two, but three different Christmas trees — each exquisitely trimmed — in her palacial home. In contrast, we have one three-foot fiber optic tree, with no ornaments, that we bought a few years ago at CVS for $25. And we love it.

Robertson is obviously way out of our league. In the 17-minute QVC video, we see one tree that’s decked out in bronze and gold-toned ornaments at the “Casa de Robertson.”

The second tree, in the dining room, is done up in blue, silver and cream-colored ornaments. Robertson has also strewn white feather boas around the room, on the chandelier and on her furniture.

Finally, Robertson has a red-and-gold themed tree — with more than 500 ornaments — in her family room. It’s a sight to be seen.

Our only gripe about the show-and-tell video is that Robertson was interviewed by QVC’s new and extremely annoying youth-skewing host, Courtney Cason.

She’s so perky she’s pesky: We’d like to hit her upside the head with a pot of pointsettias.

At the video’s end, Cason compliments Robertson on her homemade banana bread. Robertson tells Cason that now she can try the bread without worrying about messing up her lip gloss.

“I’m so self-absorbed, I can’t stand it,” Cason said.

“She’ll fit right in,” a laughing Robertson shot back without missing a beat.

We assume Robertson means that Cason will fit right in with all the other self-absorbed hosts on QVC.

You said it Lisa, not us.

Lisa Robertson Watch Your Back: QVC Hires Young ‘Multi-Media’ Host, Courtney Cason

July 28, 2010

QVC queen bee Lisa Robertson may be facing competition from the network's first multi-media host, Courtney Cason

After auditioning many candidates, QVC has hired its first multi-media host, it said on Facebook Wednesday.

“Something big is happening at the Q – meet our first multi-media host, Courtney Cason,” the network told its Facebook friends. “She’s not your traditional host, as you’ll learn! Jump into her world in this video and get to know Courtney. She could pop up anywhere, like, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Cyber Hosting, blogs – tell us, where do you want to see her?”

We bet QVC’s resident glamour-puss host, Lisa Roberston, would like to see Courtney in Siberia.

QVC also posted a video clip of Cason, a spunky brunette from Atlanta, on Facebook. And you know what, we feel about “spunky” people the same way as Lou Grant did on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

We hate spunky.

All we can say is she is from the South, like Robertson. She a pretty brunette, like Robertson. She’s a little manic, like Robertson. And she’s young, fresh out of college — unlike Robertson.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Courtney will “pop up” on QVC, rather than, one day.

Lisa girlfriend, did you ever see “All About Eve”? You may be in for a bumpy ride.