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Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Plans to ‘Flog’ Knock-offs Of Royal Goods On QVC, British Paper Reports

December 21, 2009

Fergie plans to flog royal knock-offs on QVC, Photo from News of the World

It looks like the British royal family may be coming to QVC.

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, the royal rebel, is reportedly negotiating with QVC to do a line of knock-off’s of the royal family’s china, glassware, silverware and line, according to the News of the World newspaper in England.

The New York Post picked up that story in an item it ran in Monday’s paper.

Of course, the Post had to play up that old home shopping stereotype, by writing “The crown jewels are going cubic zirconia.”

The British paper really took Fergie to task, saying she “was secretly planning to flog family silver knock-offs.” The paper described Fergie as “cash strapped,” and that she was going to copy royal family heirlooms and her wedding gifts.

The News of the World said Fergie had already had talks with QVC execs in Los Angeles (puzzling, since QVC is based in West Chester, Pa.).

QVC’s PR department said it would get back to us. We’re still waiting.

The royal family threw a hissy fit when Princess Diana’s ex-butler, Paul Burrell, was selling jewelry based on the late Diana’s pieces, the British paper reported.

But Fergie is apparently determined to create her own “brand,” as marketing morons out it. She is trying to negotiate with QVC in secret before the Queen’s ire is sparked, according to News of the World.

One quote in the story says that Fergie has a lot of fans in America, “and that’s where the money is.”

Fergie’s plans shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Back in September, she told New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams that she was talking with designer Tommy Hilfiger about doing a clothing line for QVC.