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Fitness Guru Richard Simmons, We Love You, But Do What All Men With Thinning Hair Do: Wear A Hat

March 1, 2010

We know people are going to accuse us of being mean again, and being ugly looking, as they did when we blogged about QVC and HSN hosts gaining a ton of weight. Well, we’re bracing for more nasty comments, as we must write about Richard Simmons.

Our sister e-mailed us this morning to ask if we caught Simmons on QVC last night, saying that he wasn’t looking so hot. We hadn’t watched him, but we went on this morning and checked out the video of his appearance hawking his DVD set, “Sweatin to the Oldies.”

We truly think that he’s a loving guy with a big heart. In fact, he choked up when a caller starting talking about her dialysis treatment. But he looks terrible. We have many a frizzy bad-hair day, we admit it. But Simmons looked like he had spraypainted his scalp to try to camouflage the fact that his hair is thinning.

Are QVC’s hairdressers off on Sunday? The network should make sure that its vendors, who are appearing on national TV, look good, especialy when they are selling a product related to fitness.

And secondly, it’s time for Simmons to dump those tank tops. They are not flattering.

Are we being too snarky, or unfair?

You can be the judge of that, by going here for the video.