QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t

We’ve been so busy at our day job, and covering the sad passing of Joan Rivers, that we hadn’t seen QVC’s “Courtney Says I Do” promotion.

We know people will disagree with us, but we find it a tad tacky to be discussing every detail of your impending nuptials the way host Courtney Cason is.

But then again, if the deal included getting our wedding dress designed by Mark Zunino, maybe we would change our tune.

The wedding is this Saturday, by the way. And Cason’s groom-to-be is adorable.

Here is what she blogged on last week:

I can’t believe my wedding is just one week away. It’s weird to even type that out. It’s crazy to think that almost a year ago I wasn’t sure that I was going to be engaged anytime soon. Now it’s full on crunch time to marry the man of my dreams!

As an ex-QVC host pointed out, it’s a little risky to promote a host’s wedding. What if the marriage goes sour?

You may recall when then-QVC host Judy Crowell wed a fellow host, whose names escapes us now. It was a very short marriage, let’s put it that way.

We’re glad Crowell finally found the man of HER dreams, fellow QVC alum Paul Deasy (now on SHopHQ).

We also remember when one of our favorite bloggers wrote a lot about her coming fancy wedding to “Mr. Wonderful,” as she called him. Two years later, she was blogging about going on a date.

Needless to say, all her readers were asking her what the heck was up. She sounded a bit annoyed when she explained that she and Mr. Wonderful had divorced, and would people stop asking about her personal life.

Girlfriend, when you put your personal life out there, people are going to ask about it.

Any way, best of luck, Courtney. Seriously, God bless.

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13 Responses to “QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t”

  1. Andrea Barrach Says:

    Judy was married to Jeffery Hewson. He let everyone know that it was spelled ‘ery’ and not ‘rey’. He would also say “Thanks for the Jeffery when a caller said his name. It always creeped me out!!

  2. Queen Celeste Says:

    Judy’s former husband was host Jeff (“thanks for the Jeffrey”) Hewson. He seemed narcissistic and a bit off, though I be off in my assessment! Judy and Paul seem to be a lovely couple.

    And yes, I think the QVC wedding thing is tacky, in a world growing tackier by the day!

  3. luckygirl322 Says:

    I think QVC is behind this-they are always trying to make C. more interesting and relevant than she actually is. She’s a pretty, wel-spoken (for the most part) young woman. The fashion blogging world and instagram is full of girls like Courtney-that doesn’t mean they should be on television.

    And remember Star Jones and her big television/wedding tragi-comedy?. Ick.

  4. luckygirl322 Says:

    ^Ooops. That should have been ‘well spoken’. 😉

  5. Margaret Ann Wood Says:

    What up you are missing is that MOST of the people watching QVC are watching and have been watching for years! It’s their life! So to have a wedding, or a baby “in the family” is exciting!

  6. SUSAN Says:

    First of all I am not a fan of Courtney sometimes she acts very immature, is a bit full of herself, with her “it’s all about me” attitude! And I can’t stand her “valley girl” talk…..So anything Courtney is involved in I don’t care and definitely don’t watch! COURTNEY SAYS IDO…..QVC PROGRAMMING WATCHING–I DON’T!

    I think QVC is doing all this as part of the “host are your friends”, and you are part of the QVC’s “family” sales gimmick. Apparently QVC thinks this will lure in the younger demographic and young women that are in the process of planning their wedding, or will be in the near future, which QVC thinks will translate into more sales! Well looking at their sales figures and recent resignation of Claire Watts this kind of promotion is apparently NOT working–they tried to promote Shawn’s wedding, Gabrielle and Amy’s babies etc etc….Contrary to QVC’s thinking THE HOSTS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS!!!

    Now I don’t want robotic and boring hosts–a little fun is fine, but I don’t want to hear every intimate detail of their personal and private lives either—and at the expense of product info too!!! And as QVC has seen it has and will backfire—i.e. Judy’s wedding and divorce, Shawn’s miscarriage, Jacque’s weight gain (due to medication for her asthma), and QVC’s promoting Lisa and putting her front and center has led to rather cruel campaigns against her on Facebook, and then there are her problems with stalkers……

    Maybe QVC instead of making the hosts and their personal lives the centerpiece and considering themselves an “entertainment” channel, QVC could be MORE successful if they concentrated on bringing us unique and varied products and programming!

  7. carolyn simpson Says:

    let Courtney enjoy her cinderella moment. i have a daughter getting married shortly so i understand where she is coming from. i dont care that the hosts let us in on their lives, what i do care about is that the programming is getting stale. if i see susan graver one more time i may throw up.

    • Sherry Says:

      Couldn’t agree more! And Graver puts down other designers clothing in what she thinks is in a very coy way. She isn’t fooling anyone! And I love Courtney! Don’t know why they shipped her off to the Q2 show. I miss her on the regular Q.

  8. [ courtney cason qvc facebook ] Best Web Pages | (KoreanNetizen) Says:

    […] QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t …Sep 16, 2014 – QVC’s Courtney Cason: We Say You Shouldn’t …. cruel campaigns against her on Facebook, and then there are her problems with stalkers… […]

  9. Teddy Says:

    I never thought Courtney Cason would make it as she was very uninformed on the products and somewhat immature. Since Lisa Robertson has left everyone seems to be vying for her status. Courtney has changed her speech and appears to be trying to emulate Lisa (very poorly). She is coming across as fake.

  10. Donna. Says:

    I have seen Courtney on the Q hosting, and I can not watch her when she hosts. She spoils the program. She comes off as trying to be a copy cat and fake Lisa. Make up, false eyelashes, and the way she dresses, She does come across as a big fake, stuck on herself and is phony. If the Q keeps her, she should not host. I missed Dennis Basso, and Dooney shows, because she was hosting.

  11. Susan Says:

    Can not stand this woman. Will not watch any show she is on.

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