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QVC Vendor Dr. Perricone’s Wrinkle Creams Apparently Don’t Work On Him

September 21, 2010

Maybe you should think twice before ordering Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s skin care products from QVC.

The New York Post Sunday did a nasty, unflattering story on dermatologist/entrepreneur/QVC vendor Perricone, with the news hook being his new book, “Forever Young.”

First of all, the story pointed out even though Perricone has created a $50 million empire of skin care prodicts and books, his owns creams don’t seem to work on him. In person, the Post says that Perricone “has deep furrows in his forehead and visible crows feet.”

The story also digs up old dirt about Perricone’s nasty 2004 divorce and even nastier custory battle in 2005. His ex-wife Madeline accused him of frequenting prostitutes and hiding his three prior marriages from her. And that was just for starters.

You can read all the details in the Post, where the story is headlined “Skin Deep: How Dr. Nicholas Perricone built a $50 million empire on blueberries, green tea and questionable advice.”

The timing of the Post’s story Sunday was somewhat ironic, since Perricone had a Today’s Special Value on, an item from his Perricone MD Cosmeceuticals, on QVC during the weekend.