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QVC’s New On-Air Maestro Mitch Goldstein Responds To Our Plea For Some Comments

January 21, 2010

We didn’t score an interview with Mitch Goldstein, QVC’s new general manager of on-air, because he’s a busy guy, apparently.

But QVC PR finally did relay a few comments from him Thursday on what he’ll be doing at QVC.

“My position at QVC is a newly created role at the company that will evolve and grow based on the ever changing media landscape,” he said in an e-mail. “My responsibilities will focus on executing the following key objectives: to keep QVC relevant, to maximize unique opportunities – across all platforms, and to build new alliances to further enhance the brand.”

Well, we’re eager to see what you do, Mitch. But please, turn down the volume on Lisa Robertson and Rick Domeier.

Goldstein is an MTV Networks veteran and has won more than two dozen Emmys.

QVC PR Seems To Have Lost Our Interview Request For New General Manager Of On-Air

January 21, 2010

Mitch, please talk to us!

We guess our snarky remarks about QVC’s PR department haven’t won us any friends over there — or any access in terms of interviews.

Tuesday QVC announced that it had hired Mitch Goldstein, an MTV Networks vet and 25-time Emmy winner, as the network’s general manager of on-air, a new position. We posted an item on the appointment (pointing out that the press release buried the fact that Goldstein was a multiple Emmy winner), and then requested an interview with Goldstein.

QVC PR asked for a list of questions we’d ask.

Here they are, as we sent them for Goldstein:

We’d like him to explain his new role. Will we no longer see hosts standing by racks with clothes, selling them?

Instead, will we see more live concerts and new sets like those for Isaac Mizrahi’s line?

Pundits would say QVC is one long commercial? How will he alter that?

QVC PR said they would check on Goldstein’s availablility. We didn’t hear anything more Tuesday, so we e-mailed QVC Wednesday and made another request to interview the new progamming guru. That was early this morning. We’re still waiting for a response.

We have done a couple of blogs saying that QVC’s PR department was a little slow to the draw in terms of knocking out press releases in a timely fashion. In fact, the announcement on Goldstein said he “has recently joined the company.” How recent? A week ago, a day ago or five months ago?

We know this much: We watched hosts Lisa Robertson and Rick Domeier on Monday, and they were so hyper it made us want to muzzle both of them. Lisa joked that she had ADD. It was no joke. It was ridiculous and annoying. If they are acting this way under Goldstein’s direction, then we say he ought to be stripped of his Emmys.

QVC Names MTV Veteran And 25-Time Emmy Winner Mitch Goldstein General Manager of On-Air — Guys, Get A Better Title!

January 19, 2010

Mitch Goldstein, QVC's new general manager of on-air

QVC has hired Mitch Goldstein as general manager of on-air, the home shopping network said Tuesday.

In this newly created role, with its awkward title, Goldstein is responsible for integrating QVC’s merchandising strategies with its live programming.

Goldstein brings more than 20 years of concept development and programming leadership experience to QVC, with an extensive focus in production, acquisition, budgeting and management.

“Throughout his career, Goldstein has been presented with 25 Emmy awards and three Telly awards,” according to a line tucked at the very end of the press release. PR People, move that up! Don’t bury the lede.

Prior to joining QVC, he managed his own company, Zachary/Blair Productions, where he specialized in multiplatform programming and the integration of new technologies for a broad spectrum of clients, including Ford Motor Co., Nike, Viacom and McDonald’s.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Mitch to QVC. His industry background and proven track record of experience will play an integral role as we continue to expand upon our current platforms, as well as look for new opportunities for future growth,” said Angie Simmons, QVC’s executive vice president of multichannel platforms, to whom Goldstein reports.

Prior to Zachary/Blair Productions, Goldstein spent six years on staff at MTV Networks, most recently serving as vice president of production development and specials. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing production department event coverage, movie specials, music series, weekend programming, large-scale productions and video and reality-based television shows.

Goldstein also has previous experience working as a producer and director for CBS Sports and NBC Sports, covering the 1992, 1994 and 1996 Olympic Games.