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HSN Is Getting Quirky, Brillstein Gets A Plug: You Figure It Out

January 4, 2011

HSN is partnering with Quirky to showcase innovative products created by the collaborative efforts of the Quirky online community, the home shopping network said Tuesday.

Got that?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Quirky.

You know more than the Homeshoppingista then (what else is new?).

Quirky’s founder and CEO Ben Kaufman will feature Quirky’s products on HSN Jan. 29 and 30, and monthly thereafter.

“Partnering with a forward-thinking brand like Quirky further reinforces our commitment to new product development and innovation,” HSN CEO Mindy Grossman said in a canned statement. “It’s exciting for us to offer our customers unique solution-oriented ideas that Quirky has developed into compelling products.”

Quirky, which launched in June 2009, brings two new consumer products to market each week, “by enabling a fluid conversation between a global community and Quirky’s expert product design staff,” the press release says. WTF?

The release continues, “Each Quirky product solves a problem and carries a great story of the inventors who made it happen. Revenue is shared with those who help bring each product to life.”

Here is Kaufman’s explanation about how, and why, he started his company.

Kaufman is “pumped,” just like any self-respecting, casually clad Web executive would be. Kaufman loves the word “pumped”: He uses it in both his video and in the HSN/Quirky press release.

“We are pumped about this partnership,” he said in his canned statement. “Reaching the massive HSN audience is just one more step in our goal of making invention accessible to all with a great idea — and that’s everyone. HSN customers will now have the opportunity to share their ideas and develop awesome new products of their own.”

Kaufman is some salesman. He convinced his parents to re-mortgage their house and lend him $185,000 to start his company. Ida and Jim would never have gone for that one from us.

Quirky’s high-powered talent agency/manager, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, even got its two cents in, if you can beleive it.

“Our vision is to marry Quirky’s unique online social product development network with the incredible reach of HSN’s interactive shopping experience,” said Jon Liebman, CEO of Brillstein Entertainment Partners. “We’re all excited about this partnership because it’s a great example of what happens when Internet and television meld.”

Yes, the ol’ Internet/TV mind meld!

All products appearing on HSN have gone through Quirky’s rigorous community evaluation process where inventors and critics alike take product ideas from concept to completion.

HSN is offering all would-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to submit their product ideas for consideration on’s product submission page.

Here’s the official boilerplate on Quirky, for dummies like us:

Quirky, a social product development company founded in June 2009, makes invention accessible by partnering with creative people around the world to bring new products to life. Each week, Quirky engages its online community to collaborate in all aspects of product design and development – from ideation all the way to packaging. Quirky brings two brand new consumer products to market every week and shares the revenue with all of the individuals who were influential in bringing these products to life.