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Is An LG HDTV Set A Home Theater System? QVC Seems To Think So…And How Did The Gold Rush Pan Out?

February 6, 2010

Yesterday we wrote that QVC’s Today’s Special Value would be a home theater system from a new vendor to the network, LG. Why did we say that? Well, QVC’s program guide described LG’s midnight show as “LG Home Theater,” with a blurb talking about the manufacturer’s home theater systems.

Well, the QVC TSV is from LG, and it’s a 47-inch high resoluton HDTV set, at $895. Last time we looked, a TV set is not a home theater system. A home theater system is speakers, surround-sound, etc.

So why did QVC lead customers and snooks like us to believe the day’s best deal would be a home theater system, not just a TV set, in its online program guide? You tell us.

By the way, we’re still waiting for the QVC PR department to put out a press release on the network’s Jan. 24 annual California Gold Rush sale. QVC was boasting that it had than $30 million worth of gold jewelry to sell.

QVC never told us what happened with the Gold Rush, which means one of two things: It did not sell all $30 million worth of merchandise, or it did and the PR department was too lazy to put out a release on it.

Either way, it not good for QVC.