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Suzanne Somers Poses Nude for Birthday, Sues QVC

October 28, 2019

This blog is a tease, and if we could find out more we would, but here it is: Veteran home shopping vendor Suzanne Somers has filed a lawsuit against QVC.

Bloomberg Law, which requires a subscription to get the full text of its news stories, wrote about the suit about a week ago. The case is Docket No. 19-cv-4773.

Actress, author and entrepreneur Somers — who has sold products on HSN, ShopHQ and QVC — has charged QVC with fraud and antitrust violations in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, “claiming the at-home shopping company used catch-and-kill tactics to favor another dietary supplement over hers,” according to Bloomberg Law.

It reported:

Somers, the former star of the TV sitcoms “Three’s Company” and “Step By Step,” sells supplements through her company SLC Sweet Inc., according to her complaint. Before inking a deal with QVC, she marketed the products through her own website and platforms run by other home shopping businesses, including HSN Inc. and Evine, now known as ShopHQ.

Around the time QVC was negotiating with Somers, it was also…

But that’s all we could read without paying for a sub.

This brouhaha broke about the same time as another tempest in a teapot, when Somers posed topless, her arms across her chest, on her 73rd birthday 0ct. 16. She posted the photo on Instagram, causing a furor over whether a woman her age should have been a bare-naked lady or not. Publications like The New York Post and People magazine wrote about it.

Frankly, we were far more disturbed to see her and her husband Alan Hamel in a video, where he had painted his toenails the same deep color blue that we got for our pedicure yesterday.

QVC Customer Survey: Is Host Antonella ‘Creepy’? Or Is Questionnaire Phony?

October 21, 2019

A brouhaha has been going on for days over a consumer research survey that QVC purportedly sent out to some customers, and questions it asked about hosts — Antonella Nester in particular.

But we’re suspicious, especially since the supposed survey spelled Antonella’s last name wrong, as “Nestor” instead of “Nester.”

Dang, we didn’t get the survey. But details about it was posted on the Facebook QVC & HSN Refreshing & New Fan Group page. Someone put a photo of the survey on FB, the part that had a photo of Antonella (before she went blond, which we don’t think is a good look on her) and asked a series of questions about her.

For example, one part says to check every word that applies to Antonella. The choice of words? Activist, Confident, Good Listener, Aggressive, Creepy and Handsome.

Creepy? Creepy?

At least that was what the screenshot on FB depicted. Maybe IT was doctored.

And there was also a part of the survey that asked “What are you (sic) feelings toward Antonella Nestor (sic)” from “Dislike a lot” to “Like a Lot.”

Antonella’s fans were outraged.

“Shocking to me.”

“Wow that is really shitty.”

“I’ve never ever received a survey from a retail business about an individual employee.”

“If this is really a survey from QVC they have really lost it.”

“I’m not really a fan BUT this is just plain rude and mean.”

Some people questioned whether the survey was legitimate and actually from QVC. On FB, people posted that the home shopping network and Antonella had confirmed the survey was was real.

But the fact that the word “creepy” was used in the survey set off our bull-shit detector. So did the sloppy spelling. You misspell the name of your own host? “You” instead of “your”?

The survey also apparently brought up Teresa Giudice of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” infamy. She had a cookbook. Is QVC considering her as a vendor, or a host? That also set off bells.

There was also chatter on FB about Antonella looking flustered and acting a little bit off some some shows. We’ve blogged about that before.

At some point, Antonella talked about the matter and said her behavior was medical-related, due to some “new meds.”

But we digress. If the survey in indeed legit, QVC needs to fire its consumer researchers, for bad spelling and plain stupidity with the wacky questions on this survey.

QVC Wins Award For FFANY Breast Cancer Events

October 15, 2019

QVC is doing at least one thing right.

In recognition of the network’s 25-year commitment to FFANY Shoes on Sale, the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) presented QVC with the Jodi & Jerome Fisher Humanitarian Award at the organization’s gala in New York City.

The award “honors QVC’s exceptional leadership, corporate commitment and visionary philanthropy to fund breast cancer research and education,” the home shopping network said in a press release Monday.

QVC host Nancy Hornback, a longtime supporter of FFANY and breast cancer survivor, and Mike George, president and CEO of Qurate Retail Inc., the network’s parent, accepted the award on behalf of the entire QVC team who work on QVC Presents “FFANY Shoes on Sale.”

“We’re all incredibly proud of the impact we’re able to make on breast cancer research and education,” George said in a statement. “Since our first QVC Presents ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale’ broadcast in 1995, QVC and FFANY have generated millions for breast cancer research and education.”

In addition to QVC, Designer Brands Inc., Rebecca Minkoff and Jamie Salter were also recognized as 2019 honorees at the event.

Paula Deen To Debut Jewelry Line On JTV

October 14, 2019

Paul Deen and her sons were a fixture on Evine, now known as ShopHQ. She offered kitchenware, apparel and even beauty items.

Now she has another pan on the fire, to mangle a cliche.

We were among the folks who saw the promo Friday night on Jewelry Television saying the Southern belle was bringing a line to that home shopping network.

We never saw Deen on ShopHQ. We do know she also did an apparel line for that channel. Now it’s jewelry for JTV.

Here’s what has to say:

Dress yourself in tasteful and dazzling designs from best-selling author and restaurant entrepreneur Paula Deen. Inspired by the rich heritage and coastal feel of Paula’s adopted and beloved hometown of Savannah, Georgia, this charming collection showcases her personal passions, along with her southern style and spirit.

And then there is this full-fledged pitch:

Culinary icon, best-selling author and restaurant entrepreneur Paula Deen is serving up a new dish made up of dazzling jewelry designs. Known as the Queen of Southern Cuisine, Deen is adding another jewel to her crown with stunning styles that symbolize her spirit and personal sense of style. The Paula Deen Jewelry collection celebrates her everyday inspirations including the joy of family, life’s simple pleasures and the most meaningful parts of her life.

Inspired by the rich heritage and coastal feel of her adopted and beloved hometown of Savannah, Georgia, the Paula Deen Jewelry collection features several pieces with intricate, ornamental details found in the historic homes and buildings throughout the city. Some of the most well-known architectural features in Savannah are the cast iron and wrought iron fences, gates, and stair rails. Many of the filigree styles in the collection are taken from Savannah’s beautiful wrought iron work and allow everyone to add a piece of Paula’s adopted hometown to their wardrobe.

Another source of Paula’s inspiration for Paula Deen Jewelry is the Atlantic waters running along the coast of Savannah. Between living on the water with her husband Michael, a tugboat captain, and fishing, the water is a huge part of Paula’s life. One of her most loved hobbies is shelling and creating her own crafts and designs with seashells. One of Paula’s favorite pieces in the collection is a seashell necklace with flowing tassels and gold ornamental plating surrounding the shell. She believes every woman needs classic pearl pieces and the pearl accent on this necklace adds a timeless look to a fun and bold accessory.

It’s no surprise that Paula enjoys sharing her passion for jewelry as much as her passion for cooking and entertaining. She loves to wear large hoops that can work with any outfit or for any occasion. She also loves necklaces that features a variety of styles and design elements, including long and adjustable lengths, two tone colors such as gold and silver, along with ornamental details. Discover all your favorites from Paula Deen Jewelry, available exclusively on JTV and

In addition to working on her new jewelry collection, Paula Deen continues to be a best-selling author and restaurant owner. She has sold over 11 million copies of her 18 cookbooks. Her 2019 cookbook, Paula Deen’s Southern Baking, features 125 brand-new, soon-to-be-classic baking recipes for casseroles, breads, cakes, pies, and a whole lot more. The Lady & Sons restaurant in Savannah that Paula founded with her sons, Jamie and Bobby Deen, remains one of the country’s most popular regional restaurants.

Since 2015, Paula has opened six new restaurants, including Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Branson, Missouri; Destin, Florida; and Panama City Beach, Florida; and Paula Deen’s Creek House in Savannah, Georgia.

We Agree With Steve Bryant: QVC Overnight Reruns A Mistake

October 11, 2019

Former QVC host Steve Bryant wrote a blog far more intelligently than we can on this topic, but this week the No. 1 home shopping network is testing airing repeat programming after 2 a.m. That means no live overnight shows.

The repeat programming (a re-airing of the midnight hour) will run from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. on the main QVC channel.

“We will evaluate the performance over the next four weeks to determine the impact and value of moving forward with a pre-aired approach.”

We guess the value is cutting costs for QVC, but as a viewer and shopper we don’t like it. Live TV is so rare these days, we enjoy watching late-night home shopping to unwind before going to bed. We know this programming is soothing to the lonely or home-bound or ill.

On Facebrook, Steve pointed out that HSN, ShopHQ and the QVC spinoffs now all air rerun programming late night. But he noted that QVC had tried to do this in the early 1990s and it was a flop, and the initiative was stopped when sales dropped.

“Cutting the live overnight hours is a mistake … The customers are there and they have the money to spend,” Steve wrote. “They are more likely to buy from a live presentation.”

If QVC makes reruns overnight permanent, Steve predicted that its “downward spiral” will continue. And we have to agree with him.

Veteran Hosts Kimberly Wells, Brian Kessler Depart From ShopHQ

October 11, 2019

So it looks like another home-shopping host slaughter, or mass exit, this time at ShopHQ.

On Facebook someone pointed out that Kimberly Wells, Brian Kessler and Kristine Kvanli were no longer on the No. 3 shopping channel’s host page.

The poster asked, “Was there an announcement that they’re gone?”

No, there wasn’t. But in fact, those three hosts — two of them longtime veterans of ShopHQ — are off the online listing.

And Wells’ FB now says she is a former show host at ShopHQ.

She also wrote, “I’ve had the absolute time of my life sharing, connecting and shopping with your for the last 22 years. As you know, I am a passionate woman who thrives on life’s energy, optimism & wonder and I cannot wait to see what the universe has in store for me.”

Wow, 22 years!

We liked Wells and Kessler. She did the “After Dark” shows, where the network sells adult items like vibrators and lubricants. We watched some of those programs and think she did a tasteful job.

We recall years ago when the network glammed up Kessler, getting rid of his glasses and spiffing up his wardrobe.

Not a good change for ShopHQ, as far as we are concerned.

Designer Louis Dell’Olio Steps Down As On-Air Rep For His QVC Line

October 6, 2019

Fashion designer Louis Dell’Olio, whose classic apparel has been a staple on QVC, will no longer doing the on-air presentations on his clothing line on the home shopping network.

Dell’Olio posted the news on Facebook last week, essentially saying it was getting more and more difficult for him to come to West Chester because of the loss of his wife, Jac, who often modeled his clothes on QVC.

The reaction from his fans was very understanding and positive, and Dell’Olio posted a second message on FB thanking everyone.

We wrote a post about Dell’Olio’s wife passing in late December 2017. It had a lot of meaning to us because our younger brother Jimmy had died around the same time that year, roughly a week after Jac passed away. The headline was something about heartbreak coming around the holidays.

In his FB posts Dell’Olio said it was quite a strain to make the six-plus hour round trip to QVC’s studio in all kinds of weather for nearly 20 years. He lamented having to stay at a local hotel alone, as it reminded him of his wife.

We found this line touching and amusing at the same time: “I will no longer have to eat at the Outback by myself, the only restaurant within miles of the hotel.”

We know Dell’Olio misses his wife and it must be sad to dine solo. And to be stuck eating at Outback? Oy!!!!!!

Dell’Olio wrote that Jennifer will be serving on the on-air spokesperson for his line now on QVC.

We wish him well and continued healing from his loss.