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QVC Host Rick Domeier Collects A Big Residual Check For 1980’s ‘St. Elsewhere’ Gig

May 14, 2011

Hunky QVC host Rick Domeier had a good one on Facebook this week.

He posted a photo of a check for 51 cents, which kind of reminds us of our current paycheck.

“Did an episode of ‘St. Elsewhere’ back in the eighties, and just received this ‘massive’ residual check,” Domeier posted. “Friday night Happy Hour, I’m buyin’, who wants to Party?”

The comments were just as priceless:

“Rick, You should invest Most of it in college for your children and keep enough to take the family out for a nice dinner.”

“Thank goodness you are buying!! hahahahaha don’t spend it all in one place..”

“Move back to LA! There’s a bar called ‘Residuals’ where they buy you a drink for any r-check under $1. SCORE! ;-)”

“LMAO the check costs more to make cheers”

“I loved that show!”

“Awesome, Rick — you can barely buy a first-class postage stamp with it, but you can party anyhow!”

“Would love to see that footage, Rick!”

“Can you spare a dime 🙂 WOW!”

“Hey, I’m afraid I can beat depressing!”

“A check for .25 came from an old Magnum PI I did in the early 80’s.”

Learn The Inside Dish On QVC’s Rick Domeier

April 26, 2011

We’re still having issues with WordPress, so bear with us.

Thanks to the reader who tipped us off to this fascinating profile of QVC host Rick Domeier, whose credentials apparently range from doing Shakespeare to playing “Teen Wolf” in a low-rent horror movie.

And you only thought Rick knew how to trade jibes with Joan Rivers!

The story ran in Broadway World, here is the link:

Domeier, who has been promoting his book “Can I Have A Do-Over?,” had an acting career and some meaty roles before landing in West Chester, Pa. He played Hal Carter in “Picnic” and was in the play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago.”

He has a self-deprecating sense of humor about his pre-QVC acting career, describing the time he missed his cue while appearing in the soap opera “The Days of Our Lives” and his experience playing the teen wolf in Sam Raimi’s Movie “Teen Wolf.” The FX, special effects and makeup, left a lot to be desired in that one. We’ll leave it at that.

The story also talks about Domeier making references to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams and Shakespeare when he’s hawking product on QVC. We’ve been watching QVC for more than a decade, and we’ve never heard of those types of allusions come from Rick’s lips. But maybe we were just too engrossed by the jewelry he was selling at the time.

The profile was written by a guy, but the story was written from the eye of a straight gal.

Here are some of the descriptions of Rick:

After watching the man in action, one quickly realizes that he’s quite intelligent, well-read and still has a penchant for the performing arts. Oh yes, he’s very good-looking, too. His blind hair sets off his blue eyes and the whitest of white teeth.

And that physique of his is amply displayed when he demonstrates workout equipment so that people on various message board post comments that would normally be reserved for the likes of Brad Pitt or Jake Gyllenhall.

We bet Rick blushed at that!

It also says that he was a party boy in college. What a surprise!

Anyway, the story is a good read and tells us more about Domeier than we’ve ever known.

The profile is so well done, we wish we’d written it.

QVC Host-Author Rick Domeier To Donate His Book Proceeds Tuesday To Japan Relief

April 10, 2011

Lisa Mason isn’t the only QVC talent that has authored a book.

Rick Domeier has been beating the bushes and making all kinds of appearances to promote his inspirational tome, “Can I Get A Do Over?’

The towheaded Minnesota native has come up with a pretty neat idea to raise some money for victims of the Japanese earthquake.

“On Tuesday, April 12th, I will also donate ALL of my author proceeds to the American Red Cross-Japan Tsunami relief,” he said on his publisher’s website. “All you have to do is purchase one copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?’ and together we can make a difference in the lives of the people in Japan.”

That’s not all.

“I’m doing a Special One Day Offer! When you purchase a copy of ‘Can I Get a Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers’ simply click on the link below, give me your address, and your Amazon purchase order number, and I will mail you a Limited Edition, Personalized, Autographed Book Plate, and Do Over Book Mark absolutely free! (S&H is free as well)!”

Domeier will also be chatting live on Facebook and checking in from various stops on his book tour, including a live national television interview on “The 700 Club” on CBN (Christian Broadcast Network).

The Homeshoppingista Is An ‘Active Customer’ Of QVC, HSN And ShopNBC

March 17, 2011

As a home shopping expert (if we must pat ourselves on the back, we will), we got an assignment for our former place of employment to write about the topic.

The assignment for Multichannel News was to take a look at the women viewers of networks such as QVC, HSN and ShopNBC.

We learned a few things ourselves while researching the story. When a QVC host like Rick Domeier tells you that QVC is in almost 100 million homes, don’t ever think for a minute that a big chunk of those people are actually watching it.

One of the major parameters that home shopping networks use is “active customers,” namely those who have bought an item within the past year. QVC has 7.3 million, HSN has 4.6 million and ShopNBC has 1.1 million.

Anyway, here is the story.

QVC Host Rick Domeier’s Book Is On The Shelf In Barnes & Noble

December 30, 2010

It looks like QVC host Rick Domeier’s new book, “Can I Get A Do Over?,” is already out and in bookstores.

Earlier this week Domeier posted this message on Facebook.

What a difference a Year can make!! One Year ago: An idea to write and Publish a book that would truly inspire. No manuscript, no Publisher, nothin’… nada. One year later, as of TODAY… on the shelf at B&N, with a Title inspired by my son. Pay it forward and get limited copies on Amazon Now. So… What do YOU want from 2011? Best to the New You in the New Year!

The posting also included a photo of Domeier, incognito in a baseball cap, and his son standing near his new tome in a bookstore, which we assume was Barnes & Noble.

QVC Hottie Rick Domeier Tells Us About Life Makeovers In His New Book, ‘Do I Get A Do Over?’

December 9, 2010

QVC’s resident heart throb, Rick Domeier, has a book coming out in January. Jeez, this guy gets a publisher, and this poor Homeshoppingista doesn’t have one? But actually, it’s not much of a surprise.

Months ago when Domeier mentioned on-air that he was going to the Book Expo with an idea, we e-mailed him and asked what he was up to and to keep us apprised if he got anywhere. We believe he said that he would. Screwed again!

We were on Facebook Wednesday night, contentedly eating our hot and sour soup, when we saw that Domeier had posted — for his 1,000-plus friends — that his book was coming out. It’s called “Can I Get A Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers,” with Domeier borrowing that phrase from his son.

The Homeshoppingista, and all your hundreds of Friends, thank you for the “exclusive” tip, Rick.

Here’s what the butterscotch beauty posted:

This just in! OK, here’s the scoop. Some months ago, I came up with an idea for a Book. Yep, a BOOK… Real stories of Real people, told first person, who have ‘reinvented their lives’. My sons inspired the title. Took the proposal to BEA (Book Expo America) in big ol’ New York city. The Craziest thing happened: It Sold! With a forward by Joan Rivers, quotes from Suze Orman and friends, and stories galore…l

The book, which launches nationally Jan. 3 in outlets such as Barnes and Noble, Borders and, already has a page on Facebook, with a video of Domeier flogging his tome.

Here is the description offered:

In Can I Get A Do Over?: Unforgettable Stories of Second Chances and Life Makeovers (HCI Books, $14.95, January 3, 2011), multichannel retail giant QVC’s senior host Rick Domeier and inspirational author Max Davis take an up-close look at the amazing

So Domeier is a “senior” host, heh? We never heard that phrase before.

In the video, he says, “This book is bursting with positive energy.”

It appears that Domeier put the stories of several familiar QVC vendors, such as Lori Greiner and Jeanne Bice, in his book.

Domeier’s Facebook Friends were panting about his new book.

And his fellow hosts came through for him, with Lisa Robertson and Dan Wheeler posting complimentary comments On the “Do Overs” page.

From Robertson:

“In the fifteen years that I have known Rick, he never gives up, he always finds a way. I don’t know if he was born with it or learned it from necessity, but his book is a living example of what you can do with a ‘do over.’”
—Lisa Roberston, television personality and host of PM Style

No mention of QVC.

And from Dan Wheeler:

“We learned the ‘do over’ at recess but never in the classroom. This book offers ‘real life’ lessons on one of the most important subjects for successful living in the 21st century.”
—Dan Wheeler, television personality and author of Best Seat in the House

No mention of QVC.

One person asked Domeier if QVC will be selling his book. No answer on that yet.

New Yorkers, Has QVC Got A Product For You: A Bedbug Protector For Your Mattress

September 14, 2010

QVC doesn't want the bedbugs to bite you

QVC has jumped on the bedbug bandwagon.

While we were burning the midnight oil early Tuesday morning, host Rick Domeier was hawking products “For the Bedroom.” Now get your mind out of the gutter, he was talking about sheets and bedding. But then he debuted the Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Total Mattress Encasement, Item No. H99417.

It’s selling point: It doesn’t let the bedbugs bite. It encases your mattress, with a separate one for your boxspring, and protects you from bedbugs, dust mites or any other nasty things that might be hiding in your mattress.

You could put these babies on a mattress that was totally infested with bedbugs, and still have a sound night’s sleep, as the Protect-A-Bed rep explained.

Those little bugger bedbugs can’t get through this covering. In fact, the company even has a patent on the zipper, the Secure Seal Bug Lock, which doesn’t let bedbugs sneak out.

The encasements sell for $94 to $156.

Here’s what QVC’s website said:

Protect your bed w/ this FL AllerZip Smooth Mattress & Box Spring Encasement featuring a 3 sided zipper for easy application.Encasements protect mattress& box spring complete from bed bugs& allergens. They act as a barrier to bed bugs w/patented BugLock zipper which is enter& escape proof. Reinforced seams block allergens& bed bugs. The water- proof yet breathable encasement creates a barrier between mattress and sleeper.

Perish The Thought: Is Cable King John Malone Looking To Merge QVC And HSN?

June 22, 2010

Mr. Malone, your highness, please don't merge QVC and HSN

Well kiddies, is QVC really looking to buy HSN? Que horror! That’s the New York Post’s take on Liberty Media’s announcement Monday that it plans to spin off two of its companies, Liberty Capital and Liberty Starz. That leaves Liberty Media with its Liberty Interactive unit, which includes QVC, as “an asset-based stock,” Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei said in a prepared statement.

You can read the boring details of the news here. Thank God we’re not at a trade paper anymore where we have to write that boring financial crap.

Because cable cowboy and legend John Malone is chairman of Liberty Media, anytime the company burps the press is on it like flies on dog doo. So Monday’s announcement got lots of ink. And the cable industry fawns over Malone and thinks he walks on water.

The interesting angle here is whether this complex financial transaction and spin-off is a prelude to Liberty Media, which already owns 35 percent of HSN, trying to acquire the rest of the Southern Channel. Or maybe Liberty Media will go after struggling ShopNBC, which is rumored to be up for sale. After all, NBC Universal is dumping its stake in the ShopNBC, No. 3 home shopping net.

We know one thing, which is that home shopping aficionados wouldn’t welcome a merger of QVC and HSN. Many fans buy from both networks, and like having selections from two channels. People who don’t watch QVC or HSN may think they are the same, but the networks have distinct visions and are quite different.

Since we are jewelry addicts, we love HSN and its willingness to mark down items. We also like what HSN CEO Mindy Grossman is doing to the network, bringing in top name designers such as Badgley Mischka.

As for QVC, we enjoy (or used to, before layoff) its Affinity Diamonds and Artisan Crafted jewelry.

And we want our Colleen Lopez on HSN and our Rick Domeier on QVC, please.

The Post’s Claire Atkinson, a vet of our former sister publication, B&C, plays up the QVC-HSN merger angle in her story. The New York Times even picked up her article.

The Post story in the newspaper has one of those great Post photoshop graphics: Malone’s head superimposed on the body of a guy wearing a Liberty sweat shirt, standing in front of the company’s headquarters in Colorado carrying two shopping bags: One says QVC and the other says HSN.

Atkinson writes that “speculation” is that Liberty is seriously going after HSN. That’s a much sexier story than writing what Maffei actually said on a conference call yesterday, which is that Liberty is not pursuing HSN.

“The market doesn’t believe us; watch August come and go,” Maffei said. “There’s no plan or intention to do anything other than to keep our options open.”

Our former colleague at Multichannel News, Mike Farrell, wrote about Maffei’s denial of the HSN rumors. According to Mike, while the new Liberty Interactive structure makes it easier for the company to go on a buying binge, Maffei said HSN is not a target right now.

“We’re certainly not going to chase HSN stock,” Mike quoted Maffei as saying.

Malone tried, and failed, to merge QVC and HSN back in 2007.

If he’s got any sneaky plans to go after HSN again, we hope he fails this time, too.

And liar, liar pants on fire if Maffei’s denials turn out not to be true.

QVC’s Rick Domeier Heads To New York To Try To Land Book Deal

May 27, 2010

QVC Host Rick Domeier the author?

The Aryan-looking Capricorn is coming to the Big Apple to attend Book ExpoAmerica, an annual conference of publishers, agents, writers and booksellers.

“Proposals in hand, and meetings with publishers. Wish me luck!” Domeier wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

We wish you the best of luck Rick. But don’t give up your day job.

Domeier said he will be offering updates today from the show.

QVC’s New On-Air Maestro Mitch Goldstein Responds To Our Plea For Some Comments

January 21, 2010

We didn’t score an interview with Mitch Goldstein, QVC’s new general manager of on-air, because he’s a busy guy, apparently.

But QVC PR finally did relay a few comments from him Thursday on what he’ll be doing at QVC.

“My position at QVC is a newly created role at the company that will evolve and grow based on the ever changing media landscape,” he said in an e-mail. “My responsibilities will focus on executing the following key objectives: to keep QVC relevant, to maximize unique opportunities – across all platforms, and to build new alliances to further enhance the brand.”

Well, we’re eager to see what you do, Mitch. But please, turn down the volume on Lisa Robertson and Rick Domeier.

Goldstein is an MTV Networks veteran and has won more than two dozen Emmys.