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QVC Virgo Designer Stan Herman Wants To Know Your Sign

October 14, 2009

We know we’ve been watching home shopping too much when we can predict what one of the vendors is going to say during a show.

That was the case last night with Stan Herman, who has done a clothing line for QVC for 16 years and is a fellow astrology buff. Yes, he brought up the topic of horoscopes, as we expected.

Witty Herman, whose specialty for QVC is sleepwear such as robes, during most of his shows will ask callers what month they were born in. He then figures out what sign they are, and tells them. 

“By the way, I’m a Virgo,” Herman said last night. The fact that we already know that bit of  minutia is a little scary.

We met Herman several years at a chic Fall Fashion Week party in Manhattan, and we told him we were fans after seeing him on QVC. He seemed delighted, and told the person he was with, “See, she watches QVC.”

Yes, normal human beings watch QVC. Ot at least we do.

We know it’s wacky, but we often ask people their astrological signs, just like Herman. We’re a Taurus, Scorpio rising, Moon in Pisces, by the way.

Herman’s appearance was unusual for QVC because there was a handsome male model showing off the designer’s men’s pajamas. We don’t remember ever seeing a male model on the No. 1 home shopping network.

A caller last told Herman, “You’re cute as a bug.”

“A bedbug,” Herman joked. 

Gotta love the guy.