New York Post Offers Exclusive From Todd English’s Jilted Bride, And How The Cad Called Wedding Off

HSN Celebrity Chef Todd English essentially left his fiancee at the altar, in fact, they didn’t even get to the altar, and she offered up all the nasty details in The New York Post Sunday.

It is a sad ending to a fairy tale romance, where English gave Wang a 6-carat diamond engagement ring.

In the exclusive story, Erica Wang paints English as a pretty nasty guy. She claims that English not only called off their wedding the day it was to take place, but that the chef stiffed her for $12,000 in bills for their canceled nuptials.

The $150,000 wedding was set for the St. Regis in Manhattan, and Wang did go forward with the reception, entertaining 150 guests.

Wang had planned to to wear a wedding dress designed by red-carpet fashion house Bagley Mischka, which, by the way, last week cut a deal to create a line for HSN, English’s home shopping venue.

The Post’s story says that at one point English was down in Tampa, Fla., “on business.” We presume he was actually in St. Petersburg, where HSN is located, and that the “business” was an appearance on the Southern Channel.

The Post has all the details in its scoop, which is headlined in the print paper “Chef Turned Up the Heat, Then Put Me On Ice: ‘Bride.’

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