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We Finally Understand What Actress Kathy Najimy’s Ch’Arms Are For HSN

December 2, 2010

We could not figure out what the heck HSN was talking about when it tried to explain a new shapewear it was hawking, Ch’Arms, the creation of actress Kathy Najimy.

Yes, we had read the HSN press release on Ch’Arms.

“This lightweight accessory, designed to be worn under short sleeve or sleeveless tops, is designed for women seeking coverage for their arms while keeping the integrity of their outer garment intact,” the release said.

We still couldn’t picture it.

Well, here it is.

Hide your arms with Kathy's brainchild

Najimy said on-air that she and her husband took one of her old shirts and cut out openings to make the prototype of what would become Ch’arms. She did it because she said she liked wearing short-sleeved shirts, but didn’t want her arms exposed and didn’t want to wear a floppy jacket over those shirts.

Creating Ch’Arms was a two-year project, according to Najimy.

Here’s what says about Ch’Arms:

Beauty and confidence go hand-in-hand when wearing this lightweight sleeved garment. Say goodbye to bulky layers and let this top open up a world of wardrobe possibilities. Easily conceal your arms under almost any garment while revealing a more incredible you.