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Jewelry Designer Nolan Miller Returns To QVC After Two-Year Absence Due To Battle With Cancer

July 2, 2010

Clothing and jewelry designer Nolan Miller, suffering from cancer, has been absent from QVC for two years. Yes, his jewelry has still been sold on the home shopping channel, but his business partner, Mark Zunino, would present it.

Well, Miller will finally be back on QVC this Fourth of July weekend, QVC host Mary Beth Roe says on her Facebook page.

“I hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend coming up!” Roe writes. “We are so blessed to live in a country with the freedoms we have, so celebrate! I’m celebrating the fact that Nolan Miller is coming to West Chester, PA, for his shows on Sun. at 7pm and Monday at 4pm. He hasn’t been able to make the trip east for almost 2 years! Join us to see him ‘live’ in the studio! 18th anniversary for him on the Q!”

The last time we saw a photo of Miller, he was looking gaunt and sickly. We hope he’s conquered his cancer.

Bare Breasts On TV? It’s Not FX, It’s The Boobs At QVC And A Model On Nolan Miller’s Jewelry Show

November 4, 2009

Want to see a gorgeous woman’s breasts, although her nipples were concealed? Then you should have been watching QVC Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

We tuned in to a Nolan Miller jewelry show, and one of the models was wearing a gown that had a sheer bodice that let you basically see her braless breasts. When the camera went in for a close-up of a Miller watch she was presenting, you could see that area where her breast folded over a bit on her chest.

We expect this kind of stuff on FX, not QVC. We’re shocked, shocked! The dress reminded us of the sheer gown that actress Halle Berry wore when she won her Oscar. QVC models typically wear Nolan’s gowns during Nolan jewelry shows, so the daring see-through number was probably his design.

Anyway, the producers finally woke up and caught on, and the next shot the model had a fake fur stole over part of her top. But one breast was still basically exposed. The next shot, the model was gone, replaced by another who was more modestly clad.

We guess it’s no coincidence that there isn’t  a video attached to this watch on the “Items Recently On Air” section of  QVC’s Web site. Appropriately, the item is named “This Is Your Moment Watch.” It was that model’s moment, all right.

On a much more somber note, Nolan is suffering from cancer, so does not appear on QVC. His designer-business partner Mark Zunnino does.