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GemsTV Veteran Nancy Hornback Comes To QVC As Host, Threatened With Kiss From Fur Designer Dennis Basso

November 11, 2009

Nancy HornbackWe guess the PR department at QVC doesn’t like to do too much work, or they would have put out an announcement on one of the network’s new hosts, Nancy Hornback. Or maybe we somehow missed it on QVC’s online list of press releases (although we checked it three times).

This from a company whose CEO Mike George just bragged earlier this week about QVC’s improved public-relations effort.

Hornback was on Wednesday afternoon with coat designer Dennis Basso and host Jill Bauer, who claimed that this was only Hornback’s second day on the air. Basso threatened to kiss Hornback, and Bauer told him not to scare her away.

Basso, by the way, is from New Jersey, from Lake Hopatcong in Morris County, we believe. We grew up in Morris County.

But here’s the scoop about Hornback from QVC’s Web site, where at least the Web meisters seem to be working.

Hornback joined QVC in September (although she just went on the air this week) as a program host, according to the site.

Prior to joining the QVC she served as a presenter for GemsTV USA, where she showcased the company’s gemstone jewelry offerings.

Hornback’s professional background includes corporate hosting roles for LG Electronics, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Panasonic and Sharp – among others.

She starred in the off-Broadway show “Sealed for Freshness” and has performed on various opera and musical theater stages. Hornback also played the role of “Belle” in Walt Disney World’s main stage production of “Beauty and the Beast” at MGM Studios.

In her spare time, Hornback relaxes with her family, plays tennis, skis and bicycles.

“She has a passion for learning and education, which she finds extremely important in her eternal quest for personal and professional growth, as well as for expanding her creativity,” according to QVC’s Web site.

Hornback holds a master’s and bachelor’s degrees in music from Indiana University. She is also a Gemological Institute of America Accredited Jewelry Professional.

Some QVC online posters were griping that QVC had hired another female host.