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Jewelry Designer Barbara Bixby’s Husband Hits A Sour Note On QVC: His CD Is No Special Value

November 10, 2009


Bixby's husband Frank Carillo

God is going to get us for writing this. We tuned to jewelry designer’s Barbara Bixby’s 7 p.m. show on QVC Monday, and heard some annoying background music, with vocals.

Well, it turns out it was Bixby’s husband, guitar player Frank Carillo. We’ve never heard of him, but Bixby whipped out a copy of his latest CD, “Someday,” and plugged it. QVC is selling the CD, which features Carillo and his group the Bandoleros, online.

It turns out Carillo is a Cancer, born July 14, so he’s OK in our book, although we’re not so sure about his singing.

His wife Bixby has QVC’s Today’s Special Value, an initial enhancer with an indigo pearl necklace at $135.

The talented designer must be one of the most petite women we’ve ever seen. She looks tiny next to host Lisa Robertson.

This visit Bixby has a white topaz cross bangle bracelet, at $329, that matches a cross enhancer that’s part of her collection.

We ordered the cross once, and it was pretty, but too small for our taste. Our motto is go big or go home.