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HSN Host Colleen Lopez, Designer Wayne Scot Lukas Share An Order Of Fries At Fred’s: Next Time Invite Us

October 31, 2010

Wayne Scot Lukas

Here’s a Halloween surprise.

Designer/celebrity stylist Wayne Scot Lukas tipped off his Facebook fans Sunday that some of his leftover merchandise on ShopNBC has popped up on clearance at prices that are a steal.

That includes a Lukastyle techno suede jacket for $43 and a twist top, which we really like, for 15 clams.

Lukas, who was a fixture on HSN before moving briefly to ShopNBC, was hanging with HSN host Colleen Lopez recently in the Big Apple. Jersey native Lukas posted some photos of him with the luscious French fries, our favorite, they were chowing down on at Fred’s in Barneys in Manhattan.

Barney’s is so pricey that we hyperventilate every time we walk in there: We can’t even afford a shopping bag in that joint.

Lukas, who stood us up when we tried to stop by and see him in Monmouth (no worries, Wayne) a few months ago, said that Colleen was good and only had two fries. We guess she does not want to add any girth to that great skinny-minny figure she has now.

The chance of us only eating two French fries at a meal is one in a million: Colleen obviously has more willpower than us.

Lukas, by the way, has found a new home at QVC and is doing collections for several of the home shopping channel’s European networks, including QVC UK.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi Is Way Out Of The Closet: Will QVC Shoppers Take Offense?

October 27, 2010

We were burning the midnight oil last night, and had QVC on while we were writing a story.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi, who has Wednesday’s Today’s Special Value, was on with fat-mouth host Shawn Killinger, who we find frightfully annoying.

But in any event, Mizrahi was talking about how he likes to stay home during the upcoming holidays and relax, with his boyfriend. He said “my boyfriend” at least twice.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, at least in our book. But the only designer on home shopping that we recall being so out of the closet is the late-great Wayne Scot Lukas, when his appearances — filled with double entendres — on HSN cracked us up.

We couldn’t help but wonder if QVC viewers in the heartland, as we Easterners call it, would take offense at Mizrahi. And then we chided ourselves for making assumptions about the rest of America, when a young gay Rutgers University student committed suicide after his scumbag roommate secretly videotaped him kissing a man in their room.

Our own home state of New Jersey shamed us for that anti-gay tragedy: Who are we to cast stones at the Midwest when our own state is homophobic?

As it turns out, there was something really shocking during the Mizrahi-Killinger show late last night.

At one point, at 1 a.m., Mizrahi and Killinger were both in the sack, covered by cotton cashmere flannel sheets that the curly-topped designer was hawking.

“Oh, we’re in bed together, Shawn,” Mizrahi said. The video is here.

Now that picture really disturbed us, for some reason, much more than seeing Mizrahi in bed with his boyfriend would have.

Was Watching Designer Waynescot Lukas On HSN Like Watching Porn? Anyway, He’s Got A New Gig With QVC In Europe

July 7, 2010

Waynescot Lukas, of Jersey, is coming to QVC in Europe

We’ve loved Waynescot Lukas, a celebrity stylist and fashion designer, ever since we first saw him selling his Lukastyle clothing line on HSN. Then he went to ShopNBC. And now he’s landed at QVC — on its European home shopping networks.

Lukas — whose celebrity clients have included Janet Jackson (a fellow Taurus like us), Tina Turner, Meryl Streep and Christie Brinkley — is like no vendor we have ever seen on a home shopping channel.

In fact, HSN CEO Mindy Grossman seems to agree with us. During a recent radio interview, Lukas said Grossman once told him, “Watching you is like watching porn. I can’t turn it off….I can’t turn the channel.”

For the record, HSN denies that Grossman ever made that remark to Lukas.

What’s so unique about Lukas? Well, he’s good-looking and has the best head of hair we’ve ever seen on anyone.

He is also way out of the closet, and made no attempt to hide his sexual preference while appearing in HSN. He’d make numerous references to being gay during his presentations, which were filled with double entendres. We often wondered how he got away with what he was saying, since there is a time delay and HSN could have edited his comments.

Unlike well-behaved home shopping vendors, Lukas would jump around and run up to the HSN models, re-arranging their clothes, making funny asides and doing things you can safely say you don’t typically see on a home shopping network.

“One day we were licking feet,” Lukas said on the radio. “Then we were kissing toes.”

We never saw any of that, but we guess Mindy did.

Not everyone cottoned to Lukas’s on-air antics, but he has a response for them.

“”He runs around the set, he screams,'” Lukas said, quoting his critics during his radio interview. “I’m just trying to make some entertaining television. It’s a pair of pants, lady.”

Lukas raved about HSN host Colleen Lopez

Lukas certainly kept HSN hosts like Colleen Lopez on their toes (we don’t know if he ever kissed those). She’d often crack up at his remarks.

Lukas also endeared himself to us because he would talk on-air about his mom back in New Jersey. And if you read this blog, you know that being from Jersey automatically makes you family in our book.

Over time, Lukas was one of several vendors who switched from HSN to ShopNBC. But it was pretty much obvious from the start that he was not happy there.

Lukas left ShopNBC, and we’ve missed him on the airwaves. But we’ve kept up with him on Facebook.

He recently posted his interview, the one we mentioned before, with Kim Tudor. She has a radio show called “Tudor Talk” on 95.9 FM Seaview Radio in Palm Beach, Fla.

Radio host and Lukas friend Kim Tudor

During his chat with Tudor, Lukas said he will be launching a line on QVC in Great Britain in the fall, likely in October, with three visits planned. QVC’s new international channel, QVC Italy, wants his Lukastyle line for its launch. And QVC Australia and QVC Germany may be Lukas’s next venues.

That will be enough travel for Lukas. “That’s a lot of flying to sell a pant, to sell a schmatta,” he said.

There’s is also apparently a chance Lukas will be on QVC in the U.S. next year.

During his radio interview, Lukas had high praise for HSN hosts Lopez and Callie Northagen, describing them as “great” and honest with HSN customers.

“I worked with some of the best shopping hosts,” he said.

Lukastyle items can still be purchased on clearance on ShopNBC’s website, as well as some boutiques in Jersey, including What To Wear in Manasquan.

Clinton Kelly first had a date with, and then succeeded, Lukas as co-host of What Not To Wear

In his interview with Tudor Lukas also dishes on something we had no inkling about: That he was one of the original co-hosts, along with Tracy London, of TLC’s popular “What Not To Wear.”

Lukas talks about how he was planning to leave TLC and write a book, possibly with then-magazine writer Clinton Kelly. He and Kelly even went out on a date.

But two days after their date, Lukas learned that Kelly — behind his back — had finagled and was going to succeed him as the new co-host of “What Not To Wear.”

But in the end it was all good, because Lukas said he already wanted to leave the reality show.

“It really was about money,” Lukas said of his exit.

Shortly thereafter, Lukas went on to tour with Justin Timberlake, and made lots of greenbacks doing it.

Designer Wayne Scot Lukas, A Vet Of HSN, And ShopNBC Have Parted Ways

January 4, 2010

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer Wayne Scot Lukas and ShopNBC are parting ways, the designer tells us.

Lukas did not offer us many details, other than to say he was not happy at the Minnesota-based home shopping network.

Lukas moved to ShopNBC from HSN earlier this year, and he was soon followed by actress/entrepreneur Suzanne Somers. She left HSN after more than a dozen years there to go to ShopNBC.

Lukas did a line of knits, easy-fitting pieces for both HSN and ShopNBC.

These Lukastyle items are now on clearance on

Handsome Lukas, who has the more gorgeous hair we’ve ever seen on a man (but he doesn’t bat on our team, if you get our drift) has a biting sense of humor, full of double entendres. We caught him once on ShopNBC, and he did not seem like a happy camper.

He didn’t like the camera-work on his show, and his attempted bantering with the host did not work as well as his rapport with Colleen Lopez, who he always cracked up, on HSN.

HSN and ShopNBC have been swapping many jewelry and clothing designers this year, almost too many to list here. For example, jewelry designer Dallas Prince went to HSN from ShopNBC.

We hope you find a new home-shopping home, Wayne!

Hellooooo! Fashion Designer Wayne Scot Lukas Is Back On ShopNBC, Prepare For Him To Shake Up The Hosts

November 19, 2009

One of our favorite refugee vendors who made the move from HSN to ShopNBC is fashion designer Wayne Scot Lukas. And absence he has several shows on the No. 3 home shopping channel Thursday.

Tune in.

Lukas, who often mentions his beloved mom in our state of New Jersey, is a pistol. He often had HSN host Colleen Lopez in stitches with his remarks during his Lukastyle presentations.

He speaks his mind and can be bitchy, complaining about the camera work on ShopNBC the last time we saw him. Lukas also makes loads of double entendres that shake up some hosts, and he is pretty open about his sexual orientation (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Irregardless, he’s a hot guy, although we liked him better with long hair.

He does lots of knitwear in his collection, and has new pieces in for this visit. We looked for video on ShopNBC’s Web site from his 2 a.m. show, and found none. Maybe his commentary was too racy to put up on the site.

We’ll try to catch him later to hear him say his favorite catchword: “Hello.”

Celeb Stylist Wayne Scot Lukas Follows Suzanne Somers to ShopNBC From HSN, and Gets Bitchy

September 22, 2009

In the game of musical chairs that goes on with home-shopping vendors, handsome celebrity stylist Wayne Scot Lukas was showing off his Lukastyle clothes on ShopNBC today. Like Suzanne Somers, Lukas is a recent refugee from HSN. In fact, he referenced Somers on one show today, saying, “We moved.”

“There’s no place like ShopNBC,” said Lukas, who often proudly makes jokes and references to his gayness on-air. But then Lukas got a little bitchy. At one point, he complained that he and the host were working too hard, that the camera was not taking enough shots of him and her. On HSN, the camera often focused on Lukas. He even griped, “This is not fun. If I come to ShopNBC, it has to be fun.”

The stylist, who is also on TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” is not a guy to hold his tongue. He’s got a biting sense of humor and makes tons of sexual innuendos (and many references to his mother, who he said lives in north Jersey). We’ll see if he and ShopNBC turn out to be a good match. The early signs are not good.