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We Finally Understand What Actress Kathy Najimy’s Ch’Arms Are For HSN

December 2, 2010

We could not figure out what the heck HSN was talking about when it tried to explain a new shapewear it was hawking, Ch’Arms, the creation of actress Kathy Najimy.

Yes, we had read the HSN press release on Ch’Arms.

“This lightweight accessory, designed to be worn under short sleeve or sleeveless tops, is designed for women seeking coverage for their arms while keeping the integrity of their outer garment intact,” the release said.

We still couldn’t picture it.

Well, here it is.

Hide your arms with Kathy's brainchild

Najimy said on-air that she and her husband took one of her old shirts and cut out openings to make the prototype of what would become Ch’arms. She did it because she said she liked wearing short-sleeved shirts, but didn’t want her arms exposed and didn’t want to wear a floppy jacket over those shirts.

Creating Ch’Arms was a two-year project, according to Najimy.

Here’s what says about Ch’Arms:

Beauty and confidence go hand-in-hand when wearing this lightweight sleeved garment. Say goodbye to bulky layers and let this top open up a world of wardrobe possibilities. Easily conceal your arms under almost any garment while revealing a more incredible you.

Paris Hilton Wears It, Why Not You?: QVC Is Floating In A New Resort Wear Line

June 9, 2010

Float Wear is kooky colorful, and has been featured in Desperate Housewives

QVC is debuting a new apparel line that is literally new: It’s resort wear, which we don’t think the home shopping network has ever offered.

Float Life is described as an affordable “laid back luxe” collection of tunics, cover-ups, swimwear and accessories such as beach bags and sunglasses that is set to debut on QVC next Tuesday at 7 p.m.

And if it’s good enough for Paris Hilton, Kristen Cavallari, Ashley Tisdale and for the shows MTV’s “The Hills” and ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” it’s good enough for us. These are some of the celebrities that love the brand. Hilton in particular has one of its tunics that will be sold on QVC.

Float Life designer Ramona Senese, who had been selling her goods in an exclusive Florida boutique, is offering almost-Lilly Pulitzer like clothes, without their sky-high price. Senese combines “her own hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind prints and beautiful designs with luxurious textiles from around the world,” so we are told.

Senese’s apparel was discovered by the folks at veteran QVC vendor Physician Endorsed, which bring sunglasses and sun hats to the home shopping network. Physician Endorsed tweaked Senese’s line to bring it to TV, and that’s how Float Wear wound up on QVC.
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Senese’s life-long passion for beach living, we are also told, has provided inspiration for her unique pieces. he collection offers refreshing nd transitional pieces “for women who enjoy sun-filled days spent on or off the beach, yet items that can be used year-round.”

Prices will range from $27 to $79.

Paris has this Float Life tunic

Float Life’s fabric prints are hand-drawn by Senese rather than computer generated, forming wearable art pieces sure to bring a little sunshine into any day.

The flowing silk and cotton-blend apparel includes details such as wooden beads and patterned linings.

Inspirational beach-themed quotes on most labels read “love the life you live” and “a life without love is like a beach without water.”

All the clothing items are made in the U.S., and “offer women nationwide a way to embrace the luxury of designer resort wear without designer prices.” Like Lilly Putlizer, we wonder?

Guys, If Your Woman Wants To Give You A ‘Spanx,’ Don’t Get Too Excited

May 30, 2010

Spanx compression T-shirt for men

Spanx, said to be the secret why the stars look slim on the red carpet, has been a big product on QVC for years, before gaining national press for their use by celebs. Creator Sara Blakely was once practically a fixture on the home shopping channel.

In the past year or so we’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow quoted about putting on not one, but two, pairs of the Spanx shapewear to look good after just having a baby. And Tyra Banks and Wanda Sykes now own up to wearing Spanx.

Well ladies, maybe someday you’ll be able to buy Spanx on QVC — for your husband or main squeeze.

The Style Section of The Sunday New York Times today reports that “foundation garments,” as a Neiman Marcus executive called them, for men are hot sellers. And Spanx was the first on the bandwagon with its Spanx for Men line, described by The Times as “a huge retail hit.”

The story on men’s shapewear is headlined “Just Don’t Call It A Corset.”

While Spanx for women started out as panties with legs that hold your tummy and butt in tight, it’s a different product for men.

Spanx is offering “compression” T-shirts and tank tops, to gird up men’s stomachs, for $58 and $55, respectively.

They are now being sold at not only Neiman but Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

Women, or men, if you want Spanx for Men to come to QVC, let the home shopping network know.

But remember, just as we women must, that once you take that garment off, everything falls back to its normal position.

The Times quoted one critic as tweeting, “Spanx for Men is all good, until you meet a chick. You gain 45 lbs when you get naked.”

Great kicker, and true.