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ShopNBC Got Its Foxes Mixed Up, So Strike Our Blog About Hot Actress Megan Fox Doing A Handbag Line For The No. 3 Home Shopping Network

November 18, 2009

We guess it was a Freudian slip, or wishful thinking, but ShopNBC CEO Keith Stewart got the wrong Fox when he talked about a new handbag line coming to the No. 3 home shopping network.

It’s not sexy actress Megan Fox who is doing it, it’s handbag veteran Emma Fox.

During a third-quarter conference call Wednesday, Stewart said that his network was debuting a number of new fashion lines in the fourth quarter, including “Megan Fox handbags.”

That got our attention. Another celebrity doing a home shopping line.

Well, it turns out that Stewart misspoke and got his Foxes mixed up. It is handbag designer Emma Fox that will have the ShopNBC line, not Megan.

For some reason, Stewart has Megan Fox on the brain.

So about our post about Megan Fox doing the handbags, strike that. But it wasn’t our bad, it was ShopNBC’s.

But here’s the dope on up-and-coming designer Emma Fox. ShopNBC will be one of the first retailers to have her purses, and Emma Fox’s company will have a link to ShopNBC on its Web site two weeks befoe the first show. Fox will also include ShopNBC on its Facebook page and on Twitter.

The other retailers that will be launching Emma Fox handbags are Nordstrom, TSC-Shopping Channel in Canada and specialty stores.