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Indian Couple Debuts Jewelry Shopping Show

June 30, 2015

Has anyone caught the “Prestige Jewelry Club” on one of their local cable channels or on Dish Network on channel 225?

The New York Daily News published a story Monday about Rakhi and Gaurav Jain, who supposedly had been selling their fine gemstone jewelry on unidentified home shopping networks, as well as having a wholesale business in Manhattan’s Diamond District on West 47th Street.

The couple then decided to sell their wares direct to consumers, at lower prices, by producing their own TV shopping show. They built a studio in New York City and hired on-air hosts, a la QVC and HSN, and started broadcasting in February.

In addition to watching it on your boob tube, you can view “Prestige Jewelry Club” on the Jain’s website,

The stuff is super pricey, we warn you.
Rakhi and Gaurav were raised in Jaipur, India, with their families in the jewelry biz. If you ever watch Nicky Butler on HSN, he often talks about buying gems and we think even making his jewelry in Jaipur.

QVC Host Lisa Mason, With Gino Ill, Taking Hiatus

June 28, 2015

QVC host Lisa Mason, who returned to the network in April, is taking some time off. Her husband Gino has brain cancer, and no doubt her hiatus is tied to his health.

“I want to let you all know that I am going to be taking some personal time for a little while,” Mason posted on Facebook last week.

“Don’t worry, I am ok!,” she said. “I ask for your thoughts and prayers at this time and I also ask for you to be considerate of my privacy. I am going to take this time to get myself back on track and to be with my Beloved. God bless you all for welcoming me back to QVC in such a warm way, back in April. I will miss you all very much while I am out!!”

Prayers for her and Gino.

Country Music Star Jennifer Nettles Doing QVC Jewelry Line

June 28, 2015

Country star Jennifer Nettles is collaborating with American West Jewelry to debut a collection on QVC July 5, according to the network. And showing our ignorance of the Nashville sound, we have never heard of her!

The jewelry line will offer designs that combine sterling silver, brass, leather and suede with gemstones. Nettles will be on the air presenting the collection and sharing her inspirations for the design of the pieces.

Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer Nettles

“We are thrilled for the debut of this unique collaboration featuring American West Jewelry and Jennifer Nettles,” QVC Senior Vice President of Merchandising Ken O’Brien said in a canned statement. “Jennifer is such a powerful voice in the entertainment world and we are looking forward to offering both country music fans and jewelry lovers alike the chance to experience the collection.”

The QVC press release says:

The Grammy, CMA and ACM award-winning singer and songwriter infuses her personal style throughout the line. The eclectic and bohemian-chic pieces include necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings which range in price from approximately $50 to $349.

“I love reaching people through my music, but I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to share my passion for jewelry with the QVC audience,” Nettles said in her canned statement. “I enjoy accessorizing my own wardrobe on a daily basis and I cannot wait for people to experience all of the fun this line has to offer.”

We like her “Believe” pendant.$uslarge$

Here’s her bio from QVC’s website:

Jennifer Nettles is one of the most popular singer-songwriters in music today. Since Sugarland exploded onto the music scene in 2004, they have worldwide sales of over 14 million albums and singles to date, have achieved eight #1 singles & have won numerous awards including trophies from the Grammys, AMAs, ACM Awards, CMT Music Awards & CMA Awards.

Nettles has won five ASCAP awards for her songwriting abilities, and in 2008 individually received a Grammy Award, ACM Award & CMA Award for penning the emotionally charged, platinum-selling hit Stay. At the 2009 ACM Awards, Nettles was honored with the Crystal Milestone Award for being the first female artist to be the solo songwriter on an ACM Song of the Year winner since 1972.

In 2014, Nettles enlisted the help of esteemed producer Rick Rubin to release her highly anticipated debut solo album That Girl which went to #1 on the country charts. The album was recorded at the famous Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California.

In February of 2015, Nettles made her Broadway debut to rave reviews as Roxy Hart in the Tony Award-Winning record-breaking musical Chicago.

Nettles has been seen all over the media spectrum, with performances ranging from President Barack Obama’s inauguration celebration to Oprah, Good Morning America, Ellen, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno & CNN Heroes, as well as on the cover of Redbook Magazine among others. Her fans have grown to expect Nettles to deliver memorable, heartfelt performances both individually & with surprise duet partners.

At the 2007 AMAs, Beyonce joined Sugarland on stage for a countrified version of her hit single, Irreplaceable. Two years later, at The Kennedy Center Honors, Nettles paid tribute to icon Bruce Springsteen, covering Glory Days & I’m On Fire with Ben Harper.

In 2010, Nettles, Katy Perry & Keri Hilson opened VH1 Divas: Salute The Troops with a playful & sexy reprise of the WWII-era hit Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy & also treated fans to a show-stopping performance of You and I with Lady Gaga at the 2011 Grammy Nominations Live concert. Most recent duets include the 2014 CMT performance of All of Me with John Legend, as well as an incredible rendition of Let It Go with Idina Menzel.

Host Michele Lau Is Out The Door At JTV

June 25, 2015

It looks like another Jewelry Television host has bit the dust: Michele Lau. Thanks for the tip, Lovie.

Apparently Lau was on the air Monday night, and her Facebook page didn’t offer any hint of her impending departure from the network.

Michele Lau is the largest host to exit JTV

Michele Lau is the latest host to exit JTV

But our tipster noticed that Lau’s photo was off the JTV host page, and Lau confirmed that she was gone from the network, as well.

“Life took an unexpected turn yesterday and I am no longer with JTV,” she posted on her personal Facebook Tuesday. “Please continue to follow this page and ‘share’ it, please! I love you guys and look forward to seeing you on the air again soon! Love, Michele xxx'”

HSN host Kathy Wolf offered her support to Lau on Facebook.

“Michele I’m sad to read this,” Wolf posted. “Please feel free to reach out to me via phone when you’re ready.”

On Wednesday Lau posted a photo of a butterfly that had landed on her screen door.

“Look who stopped by this morning to offer support,” she wrote. “For those that know me well you know how special butterflies are to me. I apologize that I am not responding to you all, please forgive me. I will reach out soon and love and appreciate you more than you know.”

Keith Urban Accused Of Trademark Infringement Over HSN Guitar Name

June 24, 2015

This sounds like a totally frivolous lawsuit, but country western star and “American Idol” judge Keith Urban and HSN are being sued for trademark infringement over the guitars he hawks on the home shopping channel.

The suit also takes a swipe at Urban by claiming that he is trying to piggyback on his wife Nicole Kidman’s name and fame.

Keith Urban and his HSN guitars

Keith Urban and his HSN guitars

Peter Beckett, a British songwriter, claims that Urban unlawfully took the name of his band, Player, and used it as the moniker for the the country hunk’s guitar kit. The package is called “Keith Urban Player.”

Patch and Page Six, the New York Post’s gossip column, both reported on the litigation.

Player had a hit in 1978 with its song “Baby Come Back.”

“Defendants’ use of the trade name and trademark Player … are likely to deceive and will continue to deceive the consuming public,” the suit says.

A Dec. 15 trial date was set on the case in LA.

In a low blow, Beckett alleges that Urban associated his guitars with Player’s name because “if not for his marriage to Nicole Kidman and if not for his appearance as a judge on the tail end of the now-cancelled ‘American Idol,’ defendant Urban’s fame would be limited to country fans for just a few more years.”

QVC Plannng 1.1 Million-Square-Foot West Coast Warehouse In California

June 23, 2015

Many thanks to the kind tipster who clued us into this: QVC is planning to build a 1.1 million-square-foot warehouse/distribution center on the Left Coast, in Cali.

The news was first reported in the Daily Bulletin, which said that the massive project, which would create 900 jobs, is planned for Ontario. That is Ontario in California, 35 miles east of LA, not Canada.

We were also kindly sent a copy of the agreement that the No. 1 home shopping network has with Ontario.

Click to access qvc_inc._operating_covenant_agreement.pdf

QVC is getting a sweet financial deal from the city, a sizable sales-tax rebate.

The news comes in the wake of the network recently announcing it was closing its call center in Port St. Lucie, Fla., which will lead to 800 employees losing their jobs.

Evine Live Does A Day Of Turquoise, Whoppee

June 22, 2015

We must have died and gone to heaven: Evine Live is doing a whole day of turquoise jewelry!


Paul Deasy has the network’s Today’s Top Value, a line bracelet with Sleeping Beauty turquoise and gemstones, including our favorite, white topaz. We find it a little pricey at $250, though.

But we have always loved the combination of opaque turquoise with gemstones.

There are about 100 new items airing on this Turquoise Obsession event.

HSN Vendor Microderm360’s Kelley West sues partners for fraud

June 21, 2015

Kelley West, who appears on HSN as the spokeswoman for Microderm 360, is not a happy camper. She has stepped down as the rep for the micro-dermabrasion device, and is suing her business partners for fraud and “civil theft.”

West posted her tale of woe on Facebook, along with a link to her lawsuit against Ira Smolens and Mark Presser.

Kelley West and Microderm360

Kelley West and Microderm360

“I am sad to announce that I am the victim of a fraudulent scheme by my former business partners that makes it necessary to cancel all appearances on HSN and resign as a spokesperson for my brand, at least temporarily,” West wrote.

“In late May, 2015 I filed a nine count lawsuit in Florida against my partners that includes claims for fraud and civil theft relating to the micro-dermabrasion machine I invented, the Microderm360.”

Here is the complaint:

Click to access WestComplaint.pdf

West, a licensed medical aesthetician, formed a company with Smolens and his cousin Presser. Since being launched on HSN in 2013, Microderm360 has generated $7.5 million in sales, according to the lawsuit.

West claims that she hasn’t received the royalties that she is due, and that her partners funneled money from her company.

And to add some sex to the litigation, the suit claims that Smolens “was engaged in fraudulent activity, namely a ‘casting call’ scam in which he improperly induced lingerie models into his home in Boca Raton, Fla.” Maybe he wanted to show them his etchings.

Smolens, its seems, also had been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for credit-card fraud, according to West’s lawsuit.

She also charges that Presser has filed a patent application for her machine.

There are also plenty of other allegations in the lawsuit.

“To those of you who have been so loyal to me, thank you for your support!” West wrote on Facebook.

“You’ve bought every product I’ve ever created or endorsed, you’ve followed me from one network to another and I want you to know how much that means to me. My goal has always been to create great skincare devices that actually work and to encourage women (especially those of us over 40!!) to embrace their age and celebrate their beauty. I am so proud of my Microderm360 device and the fact that I can’t sell it makes this situation so difficult.”

A few days later, West had more to say.

“Last year at this time I was so excited about the success of my company and here I am, a year later, fighting these bullies for the machine I created! Wtf?,” she wrote. “My ex business partners threatened me yesterday and demanded that I stop posting about my lawsuit. They stole my patent, funneled all the revenue through their company not mine, lied to me over and over and they’re now making demands that I stop posting on my social media??”

And we love her response to their demand.

“I’m reposting the lawsuit and I’m going to continue reposting every freaking day!” West wrote. “Ira Smolens/Smolev/Molens (name changes) and Mark Presser, you can both kiss my ass. God bless and have a great day, everyone!”


We wish you luck with your lawsuit, girlfriend!

HSN Closing Roanoke Distribution Center, 350 To Lose Jobs

June 17, 2015

First QVC said it was closing a facility and laying off employees, now it’s HSN.

The No. 2 home shopping network told federal regulators Tuesday that next year it will consolidate two of its distribution centers, resulting in 350 people losing their jobs.

In its SEC filing, HSN said that as part of its “supply-chain optimization initiative designed to increase operational efficiencies,” it will close its distribution center in Roanoke, Va., and move its operations to its to its distribution center in Piney Flats, Tenn.

“The consolidation will involve the eventual elimination of approximately 350 positions at the Roanoke distribution center,” the home shopping channel said. “HSNi expects the closure and consolidation efforts to occur in accordance with an 18-month transition plan and be substantially completed by the end of 2016.”

Earlier this month, QVC said it was closing its call center in Port St. Lucie, Fla., which will result in about 800 employees being laid off.

As a result of its consolidation, HSN said its expects to incur from $4 million to $5 million in total charges, “almost all of which will result in future cash expenditures.”

Those charges include roughly $3 million to $4 million in employee-related expenses, including retention incentives and severance payments.

Other exit-related costs are expected to be about $1 million. HSN expects to record roughly $3 million of the exit costs in the second quarter this year.

HSNi will exclude these exit costs from its Adjusted EBITDA results.

According to the Herald Courier, HSN will be adding 40 jobs to its Piney Flats fulfillment center and investing $48 million in it.

“The decision to transition HSN’s fulfillment operations is based on a multi-year initiative to enhance the company’s fulfillment capabilities and maximize efficiencies through automation,” HSN said in a statement published by the Herald Courier.

“The retail industry continues to evolve and customer expectations are more demanding than ever. As such, we are always identifying ways to innovate and optimize our operations to deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

“We sincerely thank our colleagues in the Roanoke facility for their hard work and dedication to HSN and appreciate the support of the Roanoke community at large,” the company’s statement said. “We are committed to assisting our employees during this time of transition.”

HSN continued, “We will assist in the transition by ensuring that any employee affected by this consolidation will be aware of other available career opportunities with HSN, including those at the Tennessee facility.”

QVC Founder Joe Segel Launches Hair Care Company

June 11, 2015

We don’t quite understand what he’s selling, but QVC founder, Joseph Segel has come out of retirement to launch a new company with several other veterans of the No. 1 home shopping network.

The press release on the new hair care company, ProfilePRO, was a lot of hype.

“One of the earliest ‘serial entrepreneurs,’ Segel has created over 20 businesses over the past 60 years — including QVC, The Franklin Mint, National Business Services, Le Mirador Resort, etc. — with each new business totally different and innovative in a major way,” the press release said. “Will Segel now disrupt that hair care business similar to the way he has had a significant influence on other industries? Stay tuned.”

ProfilePRO, which isn’t affiliated with QVC, is described as a hair care system “enabling hundreds of millions of people around the world to have an individually customized shampoo and conditioner, based on each person’s personal hair characteristics and personal scent preference.”

It will be sold exclusively through online websites, the first of which is the company’s own website —

Segel’s cohorts in in this venture include several retired QVC executives. The CEO is Harold Poliskin; the vice president of operations is Chuck Pulcini; and the vice president of marketing is Karen Adams, all QVC veterans. Poliskin and Pulcini were two of the original team of QVC executives.

In addition, two former QVC presidents, Mike Boyd (1987-1995) and Doug Briggs (1995-2006), have agreed to serve on ProfilePRO’s board of advisors.

“We are delighted to introduce what we believe will become the most significant new hair care system in years,” Segel said in a canned statement. “We’re starting off with national distribution online, and plan to expand our distribution within the next two years to England, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, India, China and Japan, and several additional countries soon thereafter.”

ProfilePRO is starting with more than 100 formulas to supposedly serve people with almost every type of hair and hair condition. To select the right formula for each person, ProfilePRO asks a series of key questions on their website, and each order is entirely customized. The company has filed for a patent on the ProfilePRO process, and their trademark is being registered internationally.

“We believe hair is personal and in many ways defines you,” Poliskin said. “There isn’t anything like ProfilePRO on the hair care market that offers optimum customization and such a personalized experience.”

The ProfilePRO system was co-invented by Florida entrepreneur Jodi Dery and Joe Segel.

To create a personal hair profile, anyone can now visit to answer several key questions about his or her hair type, hair texture, hair behavior, and scalp condition.

Each customer also selects their preferred scent and specifies the personal name to appear on their bottles. A completely customized travel-size set is initially available at an introductory price of $10. Full-size bottles are priced between $19 and $29 each, depending on how they are ordered.