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QVC’s Shawn Killinger Makes Page Six

August 24, 2017

Imagine our surprise a few days ago when we were doing our morning ritual, reading the New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six, when we saw a name from QVC pop up.

One of the items talked about a fancy clambake in the Hamptons for a local magazine.

The final line said, “Also in attendance were Jill Martin and QVC’s Shawn Killinger, who showed off her adopted 2-month-old baby girl Jagger Jude.”

Of course, Martin is on QVC with a product line, and Killinger is off spending time with her infant. We’re not quite sure how she warranted a mention in Page Six.

QVC Furrier Dennis Basso Lands In ‘Ocean’s Eight’

February 17, 2017

Dennis Basso, the chichi Manhattan furrier and QVC vendor, will be coming to a movie screen near you.

Basso, who hails from Morris County, N.J.,(where we grew up), will have a cameo role in “Ocean’s Eight,” Page Six reported on Thursday.

The New York Post gossip column did an item on Ivana Trump, our president’s ex-, skipping Basso’s show at New York Fashion Week. Lisa Rinna, a QVC vendor like Basso, was in the house.

In that item, Page Six told of Basso’s bit part in the movie, and said that he has also designed some of the dresses for a scene in the flick that recreates the Met Gala.

Dr. Sevinor Off HSN After Crack Arrest, Says N.Y. Post

September 28, 2016

According to Page Six, one of HSN’s skincare vendors is in hot water — and off the network.

The New York Post’s gossip column reported that Dr. Sheldon Sevinor, a well-known plastic surgeon, was recently arrested in Massachusetts on charges of possession of crack cocaine.

Sevinor has also surrendered his medical license.

Frankly, we are not familiar with him or the line he does for HSN, Sevinor Skincare Solutions. But now, according to Page Six, his products are no longer on That’s no surprise after his arrest.

Selvinor was a frequent guest on national talk shows, including Oprah and “The View.”

Drug addiction is a tragic affliction, so we feel sympathy for him and all involved.

Serena Williams’ HSN Fashion Show Flap Makes Page Six

September 17, 2015

HSN made quite a splash during Fashion Week in the Big Apple, with Serena Williams’ beau making a scene at the show her apparel line for the home shopping network, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

According the the paper’s Page Six gossip column, rapper Drake caused a scene at Serena’s show because he was upset with the music that the DJ was playing.

HSN has gotten some high-profile press for Serena’s collection by trotting it out during Fashion Week. We recently did a blog talking about HSN’s plans to stream the show live.

Williams is dating Drake, who some blame with distracting her and causing her to blow the US Open. He was at her fashion show Tuesday, which also attracted Vogue Editor Anna Wintour.

The DJ played one of Drake’s songs, “Back to Back,” and the singer got upset because the wrong mix was played. Page Six said that the version that was played “was packed with curse words and went out live to HSN viewers.”

And apparently there were worries that Wintour’s virgin ears would be offended by the song, according to the gossip column.

Drake chided the DJ and “stormed out,” Page Six said.

Temper, temper.

BTW, the New York Daily News story on the show doesn’t mention any problem between the DJ and Drake.

Todd English’s Shenanigans Cost Him Control Of Olives, Post Reports

March 20, 2014

Not to beat a dead horse, but there’s more news on celebrity chef Todd English, a former HSN vendor.

We recently blogged some gossip on English from the New York Post’s Page Six. It was about the handsome but randy restaurateur being spotted groping two very willing women at a Manhattan eatery, embarrassing other patrons.

That was followed by Page Six showing a photo of English, looking inebriated, in a hot tub with three topless women.

Page Six had a folo on Wednesday, an item with the headline “Antics Cost Todd His Eatery.” The story said that English has “lost control” of his Manhattan restaurant, Olives, at the W Union Square Hotel. The Gerber Group was called in to take over management of the eatery because of English’s “erratic” behavior, Page Sis reported.

That item several times referred to English as “going off the rails,” the exact language we had used to described the chef’s sexy shenanigans.

Randy One-Time HSN Vendor Todd English Cooks Up A Threesome

March 9, 2014

Here’s one chef you won’t see on HSN’s 24-hour cooking special Sunday: playboy restaurateur Todd English, a one-time vendor on the home shopping network.

English, whose romantic — and we use the term “romantic” loosely — romps would put the young Warren Beatty to shame, was a headline several times last week in Page Six, the New York Post’s much-read gossip column.

In fact, English’s tacky, drunken antics have been so frequent, there is actually a tab “Todd English” on the Post’s website.

Todd English, out of the hot tub

Todd English, out of the hot tub

In a nutshell, it looks like English has gone off the rails. Early last week, Page’s Six headline on the randy chef was “Todd English has ‘threesome’ at Provocateur.'” It seems that English was spotted at a Manhattan Meatpacking club pawing two women in a booth.

Page Six reported that English and the babes — one Asian, the chef’s frequent romantic choice, and one white — were a very merry threesome. English’s tongue was all over both chicks, and their tops were loosened as they fooled around, Page Six said. The gossip column claimed that the club’s patrons could “see one of the girl’s boobs” during all this canoodling.

Apparently, English’s ex-girlfriend, Candice Sonneman, threw a drink in his face when she saw him at the Provocateur club with the two half-dressed women, the Post later reported.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Later in the week, the Post ran a photo of English, looking very inebriated, in a hot tub with three topless babes. In true tabloid style, the headline was “Star chef’s recipe for fun? 1 hot tub, 3 topless girls.”

Please check out the link from the Post, because it includes a photo of English in the hot tub with the trio of women. As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words.

We don’t know if any of the hot tub women were the one’s from the Provocateur incident.

English had been a vendor of green-friendly cookware on HSN, but we looked at the network’s website tonight and couldn’t find any of his merchandise.

Maybe we just missed it. Otherwise, it looks like English’s partnership with HSN has ended.

English’s prior claim-to-shame was when he left his fiancee Erica Wang at the altar the day they were supposed to wed in Manhattan. A real class act.

Celeb Stylist June Ambrose To Expand HSN Line

January 4, 2014

June Ambrose

June Ambrose

HSN is leaking news to the New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six, again.

The Post reported Friday that celebrity stylist June Ambrose has closed a deal to expand her HSN shoe line and add items such as apparel, coats and accessories.

We never saw her or her show collection on HSN, but here is a link what she has offered so far.

Caroline Kennedy, Not QVC, Is Shameless ‘Shill,’ Post Says Now

September 25, 2013

Last month we wrote a blog about a New York Post gossip item that blasted QVC for selling a costume jewelry replicas of pieces that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis owned. The nasty Page Six blurb called the baubles “tacky,” “sleazy” and “a ripoff.”

The Post also wrote that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg had forced the line’s manufacturer, Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J., to run a disclaimer saying that the Kennedy family didn’t endorse the collection.

In this particular case, we actually defended QVC. And now it seems that the Post has changed its tune.

The Post changed its tune on QVC Jackie Kennedy jewelry

Last Sunday the paper wrote a brutal story about Caroline, our new ambassador to Japan, headlined “Selling Out Camelot: Caroline Kennedy shamelessly shills her family as she trots off to another non-job.”

“The most shameless huckster of Kennedy’s mythology and memorabilia is Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg,”
the story claimed.

The article charges that Caroline’s public image as the “classy, quiet keeper of the Kennedy legacy” is fake.

“She is a profit-minded serial holder of non-jobs. culminating in her appointment to one of our ultimate non-jobs, ambassador to Japan,” the story said.

The article described in excruciating detail how Caroline and her now-deceased brother, John Jr., auctioned virtually every item in their mom’s estate — event the doors from her White House dressing room. The sale generated a hefty $34.5 million.

Caroline also tried to put the kibosh on sales of Kennedy items put on the marker by other collectors.

And in what seemed like one of the most greedy acts, according to the Post Caroline sold the recorded interviews that historian Arthur Schlesinger conducted with Jackie after JFK’s murder. Those tapes has been sealed, only to be opened 50 years after Jackie’s death.

“The implication was these recordings were part of American history — that they belonged to all of us and would be released for free,” the Post wrote. “But Caroline took those tapes and sold them to her publisher, Hyperion, only 17 years after her mother’s death. The transcripts were packaged with CDs, and Caroline also sold the rights to ABC for a TV special.”

The Post story then talks about the item it ran about Caroline being displeased with the “sleazy” QVC Jackie jewelry line. But the spin is quite different than it was back in August, with Caroline cast s the villain.

The article said that in August, a friend of Caroline’s told the Post that she couldn’t believe that the home shopping network was selling the reproductions.

“Never mind that QVC was able to make copies because Caroline auctioned off Jackie’s jewelry, or that you could buy the stuff at the Kennedy Center’s gift shop, or one of Jackie’s favorite pieces was a fake, three-strand pearl necklace — clearly, peons should not have such easy access to her replicas of her mother’s fakes,” the Post wrote.

The Post accused Caroline of “crying foul whenever she can’t control the narrative or turn a profit herself.”


Kennedy Folo, Audrey Hepburn Jewelry Line Coming To QVC

August 20, 2013

We figured we’d wait awhile and let the dust settle until we did a follow-up on the New York Post’s item skewering QVC for selling “tacky” jewelry based on pieces that Jacqueline Kennedy owned.

To refresh your memory, the Post’s Page Six gossip column reported that that Kennedy daughter Caroline believed that the jewelry line was exploiting her deceased mom. The item said that the collection’s manufacturer, Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J., had been asked to say a disclaimer on-air that the line was not endorsed by the Kennedy family or the John F. Kennedy Library.

We learned plenty after writing that blog. Many thanks to those who took the time to write long posts about your experience with, and love of, the collection sold on QVC. We learned a lot from you all.

Most agreed with us that the collection was tastefully presented by its on-air rep, Phil Katz, who offers the fascinating history behind the Jackie jewelry pieces that are being replicated. Readers said that the line was actually an homage to Jackie.

Other readers pointed us to video clips that showed the line’s representative, Katz, saying the disclaimer recently on QVC. Another person posted that she remembered Katz saying that the line had been sanctioned by the Kennedy family.

Other reader noted that crosses, our favorites in the line, had been discontinued at Caroline’s request. That same reader also pointed out that Katz said at one point that his company was no longer allowed to reproduce state gifts received by Mrs. Kennedy during the her White House years.

The Post chided QVC for selling costume-jewelry duplicates of Jackie’s stuff, and readers pointed out that Jackie in fact wore fashion jewelry, including a very famous three-strand necklace of fake pearls.

One of our friends blasted Caroline for, with all her wealth, trying to crack down on this jewelry line. Caroline is, in fact, quite rich. Page Six did an item Monday that reported that Caroline, nominated as ambassador to Japan, had to filed financial documents that show she is worth from $250 million to $500 million.

Our savvy and knowledgeable readers also tipped us off that Katz earlier this month said that his company is bringing an Audrey Hepburn jewelry line to QVC soon. The jewelry will apparently be based on pieces that the actress (a Taurus like us) had in her collection. We look forward to that.

Is QVC’s Jackie O Jewelry Line ‘Tacky,’ ‘Sleazy’ And ‘A Ripoff’?

August 12, 2013

The New York Post’s gossip column, Page Six, blasted QVC Sunday over — of all things — its collection of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis jewelry.

Say what?

We’re dying to hear your thoughts about this brouhaha. After all, this collection has been sold on the home shopping network for years without any flap that we knew of.

The headline on the item was “QVC’s Jackie O Cheap Show.”  It reported that Kennedy daughter Caroline (whose own daughter worked as a reporter at our current place of employment) “isn’t happy that the name and likeness of her mother, who died in 1994, is being exploited,” the Post reported.

The Post wrote that Caroline, our new ambassador to Japan, made the jewelry collection’s maker, Camrose & Kross of Boonton, N.J. (we once dated a guy from there) put a disclaimer on its website. It says that the Kennedy family and the John F. Kennedy Library don’t endorse and are not associated with the jewelry venture.

QVC Jackie O jewelry line puts Caroline in a snit

QVC Jackie O jewelry line puts Caroline in a snit

But QVC doesn’t run this disclaimer, and the Post slams the home shopping network for not airing it.

We have seen many of the Jackie jewelry shows on QVC, and we never really assumed that the stuff was endorsed by the family.

The pieces are fashion jewelry replicas of necklaces, crosses, earrings, bracelets, etc., that were in the First Lady’s collection. The host, Phil Katz, shows photos of Jackie wearing the pieces the line has copied. Katz then explains who gave Jackie a particular piece, on what occasions she wore it, who it was made by, what it was made of, etc.

We would watch just to learn about the jewelry. We never bought anything (we’re not into fashion jewelry), but we thought the presentations were very informative and tastefully done.

But the Post item, perhaps planted by a Caroline crony, chided that the Jackie QVC line isn’t authorized, and called it “a ripoff” and “sleazy.”

One of the 'tacky' Kennedy pieces, Jackie's 'paperclip' necklace

One of the ‘tacky’ Kennedy pieces, Jackie’s ‘paperclip’ necklace

After all, the Post said, Jackie “would not be caught dead in ‘gold tone'” costume jewelry .

Well, excuse us poor peons who can’t afford to buy 14K jewelry and real diamonds. We were not all to the manor born, like the Kennedys and Bouviers.

Jewelry makers have been creating replicas of movie star jewelry, including Jewelry Television’s line of Marilyn Monroe goodies, as well as copying pieces done by designers like Coco Chanel, for years. Get over it, Caroline.

Here is the disclaimer that Camrose & Kross has on its website:

The John F. Kennedy Library is a division of the National Archives and Records Administration, and therefore, a division of the US Government. Neither the Kennedy Family nor the Presidential Library authorizes, sponsors, endorses, or recommends any products… including these Jewelry renderings of materials in the public domain. Camrose & Kross is an independent corporate entity.

Camrose & Kross is a leading jeweler that is customer-focused and works to provide superior service to all our customers around the world. We are driven to deliver services that are differentiated not only by our technical expertise, but by our awareness of your needs. We are unique in having developed an intimate knowledge of Ms. Jacqueline Kennedy through intensive research and original scholarships. Therefore, we are happy to help celebrate the life of one of the 20th century’s great ladies, with the highest quality jewels.